Editing Help

 Would anyone be willing to edit/proofread my book?

I can't pay right now, but I will pay what I can when I can. The first few chapters have already been edited but the lady who was doing it dropped out and another friend has some family issues which has made things difficult for her. 

I basically just need someone to check for spelling/grammatical errors and for anything that doesn't make sense. 

I just wanted to say ...

I don't know if the original intention of journal sites like this were to allow me (and plenty of others, I"m sure) to vent my frustrations at the world. But I'm grateful for its existence. It's hard sometimes, when you need to let out your emotions and no one is around to listen. Having this journal has helped me in so many ways and you, my friends, have always been there to listen. You don't even have to reply. It's knowing that you're still here. 

So, I just wanted to say thank you to all those who read my posts. I know I can go on a bit, but it really helps. So, thank you. Know that I appreciate all of you.