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Finished and onto the next one

So I finished For Better, For Broke. And here's the cover.

The cover has once again been done by Carol's Cover Designs. Check out the link on my page.

Anyway, the chapters are being looked at by my beta so the draft version worked out to just under 50,000 words. Not bad really. The story is a straight romance.


Kate is struggling financially when her best friend Nick offers what he thinks is the perfect solution: Marriage!

Maybe perfect in his head, she thinks, but to her it's a marriage of convenience, no matter how 'real' he wants it to be. How can she possibly go through with it despite the fact she's in love with him?

Simple enough story I guess. I wrote it as a fanfic but the finished product, despite containing a few similar scenarios, in no way resembles the fic.

So, for my next project, I'm going to need a little help. This one is a sequel to my first book, Phoenix. Given how many books there are with the title of Phoenix in them I want to do something unique. I haven't totally worked out the synopsis, but here's what I've come up with so far.

Now that the man who destroyed her life is in jail awaiting trial, Abby can now being to put her life back together. Offered the chance to work with the agency which led her to the man she loves, Abby feels finally free to put Phoenix, the personality she created, behind her.

But an old acquaintance reappears in her life, threatening her new-found peace. At the same time, there is a new threat rising as the organisation she helped weaken attempts to regain its hold on organised crime.

Phoenix rises again when Abby's dreams of a new life are shattered once more.

A title I thought of is Phoenix: Rising From the Ashes - the title is of course a metaphor for the ashes of her old life. The other possibility is Phoenix: Rebirth, but I don't know if I want basically a copy of a title from a novel based on a television series from 20 years ago (Pretender: Rebirth).

I don't know. What do you guys think? Let me know or give me some ideas in your comments.

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