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New book

Writing is going well on the new book. I'm almost 30,000 words in, averaging maybe 1000 words a day. That's kind of low right now but there's a reason for it. The temping job I have is just about in the centre of the city and it's about 2.5 kms from my flat. I have to start at 8am and finish at 4.30pm. I decided to walk to work and allowing time to change clothes it means I have to leave around 7am. It's dark at that time and really cold although not as freezing as some places that get snow. Anyway the walking is paying off even if it means an extra hour of my day that I could be doing other stuff but that's ok.

Anyway, I'm hoping once I finish the current book I will finally move on to the sequel to my first book. All I will say is that a character from the first book features in the sequel, but the character only had a small role in the first one. There will be problems between the two main characters.

Then my next project will be the second book in the Amanda Steele series. I already know what the case will entail.

All this adds up to a busy few months for me but I prefer it that way. If I'm busy I don't have time to dwell on things that depress me.

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