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Well, that sucks, again

 I just went on to the EPIC page as I entered my book Letting Go in their competition last year. It's not even listed as a finalist. What bugs me is they don't even list the books that were entered. From what I can gather, they send the books to be judged to separate people, but they seem to rely on one person's judgement. Like how is that fair? Why can't they provide a list of the books entered, then let the members read a sample and vote on them? Then they have a panel of judges decide on the winners. I just think they have it the wrong way around. 

I'm never going to sell more books at this rate. I've sold four copies of my newest book. Just four! And I know who bought each one of them. The same people who buy the other books. I've had friends promise they will buy the books but they never do. I mean, if I had money, I would be buying books from all my friends who publish, but I just don't have hundreds of dollars to spare. 

Am I really that bad a writer that people just don't want to even look at my books? Do I suck that much? Am I just wasting my time with the writing? 

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