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So far on Sharp Steele ...

This weekend I managed to do a bit of writing on my new book. It's got to the good part, where the murder has happened and now our investigators have to work together to solve the mystery. Okay, so one is a cop and the other is a p.i. who is very, very green, but they're going to have to put their heads together.

I just got to the part where the cops have showed up at the school Amanda's been investigating and are conducting locker searches. It's not going to go down well with the school board, especially when they find out the principal hired a p.i.

I'm loving the love/hate aspect of the relationship between Amanda and Jim, my two main characters. They still have their blow-ups and a big one is coming. Put it this way, Amanda has to deal with the thought that she might have just got someone killed and doesn't handle it very well, so she does something really stupid. Jim manages to find her before it really gets out of hand but he doesn't handle it well either, resulting in a big confrontation between them.

When this story first began, Jim just wasn't sure Amanda could handle herself. He still thinks she's a little naive but he has a sort of grudging admiration for her determination and tenacity. He does think she's in over her head, especially now that he's investigating a homicide and that doesn't go down well with Amanda.

Anyway, I'm not sure how many words it will be in the end. I have almost 37,000 words and eight and a half chapters. My favourite crime novelist wrote probably about 50,000 words, averaging about 200 to 250 pages with the book roughly 5x8 inches. So far I have roughly 148 pages in A5 size, which is slightly bigger.

Well, it doesn't matter about the size, but I thought I'd just put that out there. I'm really having fun with this story. I thought it would be hard at first, even though I had a general idea of where I wanted to go with it, but once I started writing, it just seems to flow.

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