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Moving - a bit ranty

I'm moving again. This is actually more stressful than the last move, not only because I'm moving to a city more than five hours' drive away, but because I have only a short timeframe in which to do it.

I got a new job. It's only temping, until March, but it's still a job. I have been away from home, staying in my hometown for the last few weeks recovering from surgery and I contacted recruitment agencies while I was down there to see if any jobs were available. I went for an interview on the Monday and had the job on the Tuesday. I guess that's a testament to my skills and experience.

Anyway, I went for training for two days and then had to return home to start packing as I also found a flat and got that a couple of days before Christmas. I don't officially move in until the 15th of January (giving my landlord the requisite three weeks' notice).

The company I'm working for opens up again on the 4th of January. Here we have a system where if a public holiday like Christmas and New Year fall on a weekend, we get an extra day. So, for example, the 1st of January is a Sunday, so we not only get Monday off (as the 2nd of Jan is a public holiday here), we also get Tuesday off. What this means is that most businesses close for the Christmas break. Some are closed until the 4th and some until the 9th. This is where it's stressful for me because I have to go to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and somehow get a truck and drive from the city where I'm working to my flat in Hamilton and pick up my stuff. In two days!

I don't have the money to get in a mover. Not at such short notice anyway. I'm having to borrow money from my stepdad, which I don't want to do, but I can't get a loan because the job I'm doing is only temping and they consider it casual because I get holiday pay as well. He's wavering between driving the truck and not driving the truck. I don't want him to but there isn't anyone else who can do it. While it is the kind of truck you don't need a truck driving licence for, I don't think I can handle it. The thing is, my stepdad is 73 years old. I told my mum I didn't want him doing it because it's too much. He took that to mean I think he's feeble. That is not it at all. For goodness' sake, it's too much for me to handle. It's not so much the driving as negotiating the road. Between here and the other place, there is a road with a lot of hairpin bends where you have to drive really slowly. I hate driving them in the car, never mind doing it in a truck! Plus there's the thought of driving up here, loading the truck and driving back again in two days. Ok, he drives buses but while he used to do that eight or more hours a day, it's a different thing when you're driving a furniture truck. That would be exhausting for anyone. And I have to go to be at work on the Monday.

I'm starting to wish I'd never done this. I feel like I can't be around my family right now, thinking of all the issues this is causing. I love my mum and she's the main reason I'm moving, even though part of it is I miss my friends and other family there. But I just don't want this hassle. I'm so stressed right now it's not funny. I can't talk to my mum about how I'm feeling. She'll take it the wrong way and she's not well enough to take this kind of stress. She's having a lot of trouble with her breathing and has been put off twice from some clinic she's supposed to attend. They have a machine which is supposed to help her with her breathing, but twice now they've cancelled the appointment saying the machine is broken, yet won't let her get it at the hospital. I'm worried she's going to have a serious asthma attack and end up in hospital. Again.

I don't know what to do. I wish I had the money to do all this myself, but I don't. I've entered competition after competition, but as usual I get nowhere. As I often say, if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.


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Jan. 2nd, 2017 12:33 am (UTC)
*so many hugs* I'm so sorry that the stress is eating you alive, sweetie. Moving is always bad. And moving so suddenly with so little time to prepare, that's worse. At least you have a job? Temporary though it is. And you will be closer to home, too. *more hugs*

I really hope that this is your break and that 2017 is your best year ever.

*all the hugs*
Jan. 3rd, 2017 06:33 am (UTC)
Yeah. I haven't been able to do much writing because of everything that's been happening and I need to get cracking on the next book. I can see myself feeling really tired over the next couple of weeks at least, or until I'm in my new place and everything is sorted.
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