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Surgery and other stuff

I got a call this afternoon from a recruitment agency about a temping job for about four weeks from mid-September to mid-October. I had to tell her I didn't know if I could commit as I was waiting for news from the hospital about the surgery. Anyway, after talking with my mum, I rang the hospital and asked.

It's not likely to happen before the end of October, so I could still do the temping job. What happens after that I don't know, as I'm not sure how things will go. Still, from what the lady at the hospital said, it could happen before Christmas. Which is good.

With any luck I'll get the temping job, which will give me a little bit of money to see me through the next couple of months and allow me to focus on recovery if the surgery does go ahead.

Meantime, I will need to keep focusing on the weightloss and exercise. I've been going for walks every day this week with the goal of doing at least 10,000 steps and at least 5kms of walking. I am trying to train myself to be able to do the 5km lake walk without getting tired and improving my personal time. Eventually I hope to be able to move up to jogging, but want to get my stamina up a bit.

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