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I haven't done much writing this weekend but that's okay. At the moment I'm still focusing on Second Time Around. Carol (ctbn60) has given me a choice of covers and I've picked my fave. I will post that when I'm ready to make the publication announcement. So far, I've written about 40,000 words (or a bit more than that) and there's still quite a bit of story to go.

I went into the welfare office (sigh) as I've run out of money. Would love it if anyone reading would be able to lend a helping hand as I owe Carol for the work she's done on the covers I've asked for and I will need to pay for some copies to be sent over from the States. I'll need at least ten copies, I think. Two for the National Library, three to take to the local bookstore - that's if they agree to stock them like they've done the other two books, and five spare in case people here want to buy them. The cost will depend on weight etc and shipping from the US to here is really expensive. Unless I get them shipped to a US address and they send them on. Dunno. I figure I'll need around $200 NZ just for that. $2000 NZ (about $1500 US) would cover everything I think. I've thought about one of those crowdfunding sties, but most of them are only there for people raising money for things like cancer treatments or whatever, not for people who can't get a job.

Anyway, Mum and my stepdad seem to be doing all right in Feilding. Mum's health seems to be improving so it sounds like the move has been good for her. They're talking about buying a smaller property to rent out (to me). I think Mum still worries about me being so far away. They went to look at some places today, but didn't like what they saw. I do want to move, but can't do anything about it just yet. I'm still waiting to hear from the hospital about the surgery and I still have a month.

Went for a long walk this morning and yesterday. I really need to get back on the exercise routine and watch my eating as I need to keep losing weight. My aim at the moment is to be able to walk five kilometres without getting tired and try to do 10,000 steps a day. I use my Fitbit to keep track.

I figure about 1.5kg of fat would be taken when I have the surgery but considering my goal weight is 55kgs that means I still have a lot to lose. From what I know about the surgery, I'll be in hospital two days and then pretty much down for the count for about a week - that's if they let me stay at home alone. They might make me stay longer if they know I don't have anyone to look after me. Who knows? Anyway, they told me it's at least four weeks recovery - no heavy lifting etc, so I don't even know if I'll be allowed to get on the computer. Still, it's all mootville until I get a date.

Anyway, that's pretty much me at the moment. Trying to stay as focused as I can and not dwell too much on the fact that I'm broke and struggling once again.

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