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I'm at it again - *sigh*

It's no wonder my BFF nicknamed me the Energiser Bunny because I get so many ideas in my head it's like I just keep going and going and going ... Mind you, I feel like I'm a bit scatter-brained at the moment with the way I keep flitting from one thing to the next.

So, I am supposed to be working on my detective story, but I've instead got the urge to adapt a fanfic I did about three years ago. If anyone remembers, it's a Chloe/Lex story called Time Heals All Wounds. I would be changing the title to: Second Time Around.

Of course, the characters wouldn't be called Chloe and Lex and it's just the general plot I would use, taking out any mention of Superman etc, since the plot itself is the original part of the story and has little to do with Smallville canon. The Lois and Clark background characters would just be close friends rather than relatives, but other elements, like the male character being widowed with a teenage daughter and the female character having a two year old son, would remain the same. Only the wife's death would be from a car accident.

It would be a romance all the way, but 'sweet' more than 'sexy'. I know I've written some 'adult' stuff, but I'm not that confident in my ability to write smut so I'd rather leave it alone for the pro fics.

I have a couple of other fanfics where I want to take certain elements and adapt them. One of them I'd actually started to write long before I adapted it as a fanfic and I still want to complete that, only I'm thinking more along the lines of writing it as a Regency novel. The only problem is, I've never read Pride and Prejudice (the closest I've come to it is reading Persuasion for English Lit and I never finished it), so if anyone has any ideas on where I can find info or a guide on writing Regency, I'd love to know.

In other news, I have an interview with a recruitment agency tomorrow and with any luck they will have a temping job for me to do. I don't mind temping as it gives me insight into other industries and I think it's good for me to meet people from outside my own sphere of influence. I also have been appointed as the PR chair for New Zealand for Zonta (an international women's advocacy organisation). I met with the governor on Saturday and it turns out I knew her, or knew of her as she used to be a police officer and when I was working for the community paper she was the boss of that particular district. She was absolutely lovely on Saturday and it's going to be great working with her, as well as a challenging job. Should look good on the resume too :)


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