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I found out last night that one of my work colleagues at the company I've been working at for nearly a year had what sounds like a heart attack on Wednesday. This man has been absolutely lovely to me since I started working there and it was a shock to find out what had happened. He has had a stent put in and seems to be doing ok. I feel for his wife and his family though.

The past year has been tough on him. He's managed to get bad colds and respiratory infections about four times in a year, mostly picking them up from his grandchildren. Recently we learned that our positions may be disestablished and of course the impact on him has been huge. He has bills to pay and other worries.

I've been stressed too, but I've been able to talk about it. I think part of it is he's kept most of his worries to himself and that has made it worse.

I'm praying he will be okay. If I can get his address later in the week, I might pop around to his place and see how he is.

On that note, we still have yet to learn what the fate of our team will be. They allowed for a consultation process to give some of our guys a chance to put forward proposals and we get the decision next week. I'm only casual, which probably means I'll be finishing earlier than the others. So far it's okay, for two reasons.

One, I just scored a full-time job for four months. Okay, it's out of town (about half an hour drive on the highway), but it's still a job. I am still working as a casual as well, even though it will be a struggle to maintain the pace, but I will do it as long as possible so I can save a little bit of money.

Two, I am slowly finishing writing my second book and hope to meet my deadline of the end of the month. We'll see how that goes. I don't plan on getting anyone to read it as I have been editing as I go and I think it's okay. Because it's first person p.o.v I think a little rambling is acceptable. But I will say it's a lot more detailed than some early versions I showed some friends on this site. I've really worked hard to write in details which provide a better picture of the characters.

I've put fanfics on hold for now, although I did find out something interesting. Apparently there is a character on Supergirl who is anti-alien and a senator and her name is, get this: Miranda. In one of my fanfics (Superman and the Illuminati) we have a senator, who is xenophobic, whose name is: Miranda. Different last name, but has the writer been reading fanfics I wonder? Hmmm.

On another subject, I went to see someone who is a fashion consultant. They had an event at our local mall. This guy was absolutely lovely to talk to and I told him about my book. He was so encouraging. He just made me feel so good, and it's not often I get to feel that way. I know, I shouldn't be negative or so hard on myself but it's like Julia says in Pretty Woman. The bad stuff is easier to believe.

The weight loss is fluctuating at the moment, but I've been falling into bad habits again. Having said that, now that I've started this other job, I'm doing my best to get some exercise before I go to work and in my lunchbreak I go for a twenty minute walk, even though I don't exactly feel very safe walking around the little town. I don't want to be unkind but the place is a dump.

Not much else news wise. Just thought I'd drop in. I've kind of been conspicuous by my absence lately, but I'm still here. Still reading.


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