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Writing Tally for October and other stuff

This month I wrote 41,000 words.

I finished a WIP I started in September. It's funny that lately I've been obsessed with finishing certain stories.

I wrote four chapters, I think, for the Illuminati story. I'm not sure how many chapters are left but as I've written in episode type format with four parts being acts ... Anyway, I sort of think maybe episode twelve will be the last, so that will be 48 chapters. I've sort of got it planned out. Episode ten will include one doozy of a twist, and that's all I'm saying about that.

I've been trying lately to write at least two chapters of a WIP and posting one so that I have another chapter to fall back on. It's working okay so far, although I haven't been able to write much in the past week or so, hence the lower total than what I've been writing in previous months.

Last week I just got so physically exhausted ... it's my job. I mean, I'm trying not to complain but it's really hard at my age and my level of health to work six hours, finish at midnight, then have to get up the next morning to start work at 1.30pm. My body clock just isn't used to waking up later and then not having that nap in the afternoon. I still tend to wake up around seven or eight if I'm lucky.

I'm going to talk to my doctor about the stress I'm feeling and I'm going to talk to my TL when he gets back from his time off and tell him how physically exhausting it is. It's not helping when my mother's calling me at nine in the morning either, but no matter how many times I tell her not to call me so early she still does it.

I'm also going to talk to him about putting me on to a nutritionist. I need to go on a diet, but I need to know what food issues I have, ie, sensitivity to certain foods. I also need a diet plan to follow, at least for a few weeks. He'll probably say, oh you don't need that you just need to eat everything in moderation. Screw that, it's my body and my decision, so I'm going to insist on it. And not a hospital nutritionist either, because they'll most likely tell me, 'oh stick to the food pyramid'. Their education is so screwed up.

I've been thinking about some things people have said to me and I know I need to get out more, but what bugs me is most of the social activities are at night or on weekends. Considering I'm working these crazy hours on weekends, or nights, I don't have time to go to these activities. I guess I'm screwed no matter what. I mean, sorry, but I don't feel like going out at ten on a Sunday morning for brunch or whatever if I'm going to be starting work at 1.30 pm for eight hours. Yet these are the only hours I can get.

Rock - me - hard place.



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Nov. 1st, 2015 01:23 pm (UTC)
Well done for attempting to finish WIPs. I have the thought but not the discipline to actually do that. I keep saying one day, and don't start another series or story until you finish a WIP...

Sorry to hear that your mum still calls you to early. I have that. My in laws always call at dinner time or the kids bed time. Drives me nuts but usually it's only to ask for something so the call doesn't take long.

I haven't done the course personally but a lot of friends and family have and even if they don't continue with all the principals they learned, the ones they did adopt the changes have really improved their health and daily wellbeing. http://www.chiphealth.com/About-CHIP/about-chip/
Personally I adopted the try to eliminate processed foods. And monitoring sugar & additives content of the pre-packaged products I do buy. It's made a big difference in how well I can fight germs going around.
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