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30 Days of Fanfic Meme - Day Twenty Nine

29 – What is your current project or projects?

Far too many to count.

Let's see:

Alias Wayne & Kent - a Bruce/Clark slash fic where the two are outlaws in the old west given amnesty to work for the governor rounding up their old gang

A Different Corner - a Clois fic where Clark is a widower with three children who hires Lois to be his nanny only to fall in love with her. It's up to the point where they're married with a son on the way.

Bed of Roses - a Clois fic where Clark isn't Superman and has spent most of his life hiding from his destiny. His wife (Lana) dies and he slowly begins to use his powers to help people. Then one cold night he's walking the streets when he sees Lois crying alone in her apartment.

Superman and the Illuminati - a Clois post-show fic where they are married with a baby, only the baby is now the target of a mysterious organisation out to take over the entire world.

Conspiracy - an NCIS episodal fic where a gunnery sergeant is shot in DC and the only link to his murder is a woman he called right before his death. The gang must figure out who killed him before she too is killed.

The Chronicles of Martha & Jonathan - a oneshot series exploring the lives of the elder Kents from their first meeting to the show finale

Nightwing Chronicles - a oneshot slash series where Clark is only three years younger than Lex and they meet at Excelsior. Bruce is there too. The trio embark on a serious relationship.

Starman - movie/tv adaptation. Clark is Kal, sent to Earth on a rite of passage, and meets Lois, falling for her. Things are about to take a sinister turn involving a certain bald-headed billionaire's son.

Clexmas Bingo - clex oneshots - the challenge is over but I kind of like creating a series from the prompts, so I do intend to write more.


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