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Knight Rider 2008

I think I know why this reboot/continuation of the 80s series failed.

Firstly, the pilot. While it was great and full of action reminiscent of the series, the ending left something to be desired. I liked the appearance of the Hoff (even though I'm not a fan of his) because it felt like a passing of the torch.

It bugged me a little that Mike Traceur (who changed his name in the next couple of episodes) was Michael's son with a woman who wasn't Stevie Mason. It just didn't sit right. I mean, here was a guy who was supposedly so in love with Stevie that he spent all four seasons as someone else to protect her, letting her think he was dead for about a year, only to lose her in the end. Knight Rider (2008) was set 25 years after the original began. Why didn't they give more of an explanation into Michael (senior) and Jenny's (Traceur) relationship?

Anyway, the ending of the pilot, an FBI agent is talking about restarting FLAG (the Foundation for Law and Government) with Mike as the driver of KITT. Great, this'll be just like the original, but ... not.

Next episode you see them in the SSC (never did know what that stood for) and the whole operation is being run by the government. The original series was a lone wolf and didn't have government approval. So that didn't sit well.

About fifteen episodes in, KITT's creator is dead and the government is trying to resurrect an old project which failed in the very beginning and shuts down KITT. Dumb move, really dumb move.

I'm now up to the point in the series where they resurrect FLAG the way it should have been, but I haven't watched these episodes yet.

I've had the DVD for about two years now and this is my first time watching some of these episodes. Initially I think I watched a couple of eps before I stopped. For me to stop watching a series that had so much promise means there's definitely something missing.

I loved the original show as a kid. Okay, it was corny. I mean I look back at it now and cringe at some of the corniness. (It won't stop me getting the DVDs eventually, but whatever.) What was corny, you ask? Okay, when Michael activates the turbo boost when he lands he yells "Whoo, yeah!" Cringe, cringe. It sounds so stupid now. Especially when he does it almost every time.

I'm sure they must have picked up the car leaping over stuff concept from the Dukes of Hazzard as I think they did it first. And of course it never happens that way in real life considering the car gets totalled.

I loved the interaction between Michael and KITT and the same again between Michael and Devon, as well as the flirting that went on with Bonnie. Sure, there's the on again/off again stuff with Michael and Sarah, but there's none of the sarcastic 'I'm only putting up with you because I have to' that came from Devon (Edward Mulhare was an absolute gem of an actor), even though you just knew Devon and Michael really cared about each other a lot (in a father/son kind of way - get your mind out of the gutter!) I know they had to do it differently for the new show but sometimes I just don't feel the UST between Mike and Sarah.

Anyway, I think what was missing was the whole spirit of the show. I haven't seen the last disc yet so I don't know if they manage to recapture it but I kind of think if they did it was a little too late. I'm sure it would have slipped in the ratings with those first few episodes and they changed it because it was missing that spirit.

Well, that's my two cents worth. I'd love to explore this show more in fanfic, but I'd need to get inspired.


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