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May Tally

I haven't quite reached 4,000,000 words in total since I started writing fanfics. I wrote just over 40,000 in May, which is still pretty good considering I started my new job and my hours were all over the place.

My fic tally is at 193 - that includes the oneshots in the Nightwing Chronicles series. If my word tally is to be believed, it's almost 7,000 short of the 4,000,000.

I completed one story (not a Smallville fandom) and about half my word total was focused on one story, which will be five years old next month (I think). It's also my longest story to date, totalling just over 320,000 words. That really is an epic. I want to wrap it up, but I'm not quite sure how to yet. It's not that I'm getting tired of it, it's just that it's got way too long.

Anyhoo, I only managed to write one oneshot for my Bingo challenge, making three in total, so I will need to get moving on that.

Other than that, I updated a couple of WIPs, neglected a few more WIPs. Sometimes I go where the muse takes me, which sometimes means focusing on one particular story, and other times I will look at my homework list and update whatever story's next on the list. It's not a perfect formula by any means, but I kind of like it that way as it means every story gets its fair share of time.

People often ask me how I can keep track of every story and the plot, and how do I manage to make them so different. Honestly, I'm not always sure myself. When I start a story, I have a germ of an idea where I want it to go. My stories do tend to go off the track a little and sometimes I look back at a chapter and think, okay, where was I going with this, or why did I go in that direction, but it works somehow.

Anyway, how I keep track is, if I've neglected the story for a while I will read it through and try to pick it up again in a logical way. While my method of giving each story a turn might sound weird to some, it's nice in some ways because if the last story I've been working on is angsty and the next one is lighter, it's a welcome relief from the angst. Well, that's how I see it.

I do have to stop comparing myself to other writers and selling myself short. I look at other work and think the writing is better than mine, but I have to step back and tell myself that it's not better, it's just different. I think every writer approaches their writing in a different way and tells the story in different ways. For myself, I'm kind of a visual writer. I picture the action in my head and tell it how I see it, putting myself in the character, so to speak.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to know my thoughts on my writing processes. So, that's it for me for now. See you in the funny pages.



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Jun. 1st, 2015 09:49 pm (UTC)
Very impressive word count, m'dear! :)

If I counted what I wrote each month that I haven't posted yet, I'd have a better count, but I go strictly by what's been posted.

I understand about epics! They consume you but the writing process is amazing!

I like your thoughts on the process. I visualize a lot of things, too.
Jun. 2nd, 2015 04:30 am (UTC)
My word count includes everything I've posted as I tend to post a chapter as soon as I've finished. That's why it seems to take so long for the next chapter to come up. The only thing I don't count is the novel writing.
Jun. 2nd, 2015 02:09 pm (UTC)

My original novel writing does not appear in these tallies, only what's been posted to LJ. Since I write primarily in my notebooks, it's way more difficult to get a word count until I type up what I've written. My word count is paltry these days but I wrote thousands of words when I first joined LJ. It all goes in cycles. :)
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