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I joined wish_list this year and I just wanted to post something similar on my journal.

I'm not going to repeat what I said on my WishList, but these are my hopes for the upcoming year:

1. A way to live the next year without stress so I can try to improve my health. It would be nice if I could win the Lotto, enough to see me over the next year and help me move into a nice place near my Mum so that I could be there if anything happens. My greatest fear is that something could happen to her and I can't be there. It hurts to be all alone in another city and not close to her. I lost my Dad and I'm not willing to let my Mum go yet.

Anyway, I calculate I would need about $40,000 to see me through the next year (without working full-time), which would include getting a little car, and moving expenses. I admit I'm pretty high maintenance, but I think the depression I suffer from is more a result of bad diet and bad environment than anything else, and a part of my wish is for someone to sponsor me over the next year or so with the expectation of a daily blog, video or written, charting my progress. It would be an experiment of a sort, I guess, making me a guinea pig testing various theories on diet and mental health. *shrug*

2. Fandom stories. I don't need Christmas presents, but it would be really nice to have stories. I mean, I love writing stories for other people, as it helps put a smile on their faces, so I'd love it if someone would do the same for me. My favourite fandoms are as follows: Smallville, Supernatural, NCIS, The Pretender. Pairings: Clark/Lex, Clark/Lois, Chloe/Lex, Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Bruce. I don't mind Dean/Sam, or J2 Slash, but I can't write them together. Sorry. For NCIS, het pairings or general - maybe even a mystery to solve. No slash, please. The Pretender - Jarod/Parker or general. I know the guys who created the show, so be nice.

Or if art is your thing, any manips with the same ideas as above in mind, or you can take one of my old stories which doesn't already have a cover and create one.

I don't mind if the stories have a Christmas theme, or a general one. And in turn, if anyone wants a story written for them, send me some prompts. I will write anything from the above fandoms, with the above provisos. Or if someone wants to read a chapter from any of my WIPs, let me know here. My current WIPs are as follows: Luthor & Luthor, Alias Wayne & Kent, Kryptonian Consort, Bed of Roses, Superman & the Illuminati, Pretender 459, Nightwing Chronicles.

3. My last wish is for my friends to have a better year and for those facing various problems, financial or otherwise, for something better for them. Either with a small windfall or just something to ease their burden. I have met many people through my nearly six years as a member on LJ and I love them all dearly. You all support me when I'm down and have a way of making me smile. I wish I could do the same in return.

To everyone: I know it's just under three weeks to Christmas but I wish for all of you to have a safe and happy holiday season. Lots of hugs to you all.


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