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I stayed home from work yesterday because I had a migraine. It wasn't just one of those ones where I take my meds and sleep for a bit and it goes away. Oh no, this one had to be a doozy! Vomiting, light sensitivity, you name it, plus some other things that I won't mention. I could barely lift my head off the pillow.

Yesterday was Tuesday and Monday was a public holiday. Basically our provincial anniversary. So of course our office was closed. I get to work today and there's about forty emails waiting for me and almost as many voicemails.

Being the worrywart I am, I had an anxiety attack on my way to work, worrying about what the customers might say. It was all for nothing. They were all pretty understanding and sympathetic when I told them exactly why I was off sick.

I hate that I still get these little moments sometimes. I wish I could stop stressing out about things.

But it does occur to me that there must be something wrong in a job where I can have an anxiety attack because I'm away sick for one day and worrying about the reception I might get. I've never had it in this job before.

Oh, and only two of my colleagues asked me how I was feeling even though an email was sent round yesterday telling people I was off sick. (They do that). Mind you, it was pretty obvious I still wasn't 100 percent as I was quite shaky and apparently very pale. This was one of those migraines that will take me a few days to get over. Damn, I hate those kinds.

Anyway, I get home and all's ok, go out to the supermarket and see my friend and former neighbour and we had a good little chat and then I see one of the supermarket workers who has always been such a helpful guy. He grabs my basket off me and scans my stuff, in the self-checkout, mind you and we're just having a good old laugh. The rest of my day might have been sucky but he made up for it.



Jan. 29th, 2014 04:42 pm (UTC)
One I work directly with and the other is a very nice lady and I'm always chatting with them. The rest ... sigh. I don't know why it's changed in just the last few months.

Migraines definitely suck!

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