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Kryptonian Consort 49/?

Kryptonian Consort
Genre: Drama, romance, old school Clois, AU
Rating: NC17 (overall)
Pairing: Clark/Lois, Kal-El/Lois
Spoilers: Season Four on
Feedback: Would make my day
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, or the scripts which are used liberally here, but if I did, oh boy would I have some fun!
Art: ctbn60

Summary: Clark returns from the matrix where he has spent his summer only to meet the girl he decides is his destiny. And nobody better get in his way.


a/n: Jor-El is going to be less rigid from here on in. You'll also notice a more decisive Clark than in the show. The way I'm setting this up is, the situation will make Clark more mature - I suppose the prospect of becoming a parent can change a person's perspective.

Chapter Forty-Nine

Clark entered the fortress and stood in the centre.

“You have returned as promised, Kal-El.”


“And all is well with your consort?”

Clark bit his lip. He’d paused long enough to hear Lois crying over the distance and had wanted to turn back. Lois was tough and it took a lot to make her cry. Knowing that he was responsible for that tore at his heart.

“I sense ambivalence, my son. You must realise that if you choose not to commit to your training, you will never become the savior the Earth needs.”

“I know that, but she needs me too.”

“I understand how deeply you feel for this human, for the mother of your child. I too, feared for the mother of my child. Your mother.”

“Tell me about her,” Clark said, softening. In spite of the cool tones of the artificial intelligence, it still had his father’s memories.

“Lara Lor-Van was gifted with charm and intelligence that would have made her the envy of all the women on Krypton.”

“You loved her very much, didn’t you?”

“I begged her to allow me to build a lifepod that would contain her as well, so that she could come to Earth with you and protect you, but she would not leave my side.”

“Then you understand why I did not want to leave Lois. I hurt her.”

“She will come to understand one day.”

Clark wasn’t so sure about that, but he had still returned to the fortress for a reason.

“I will submit to the training, Father, but I cannot put my life on hold. My consort will need me in the coming months and I will not abandon her.”

“Then we must ensure that you receive all that you require to defeat the coming threat. Are you ready, my son?”

“I guess so,” he said uncertainly.

“My son, you cannot commit to training if your mind and heart are not as one. If there is any uncertainty ...”

Clark was suddenly reminded of a movie he’d once seen as a kid where a teenager was being trained in karate. His teacher had asked the student something similar and the boy’s response had been ‘guess so’, to which the man had answered: “Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later, get squished just like grape.”

“Yes, I’m ready. I just have one question.”

“Yes, Kal-El.”

Despite the impassive tone, Clark could almost sense the sigh.

“Am I going to come out of this training as myself, or Kal-El?”

“I do not understand.”

“I won’t compromise my principles, the ones I was raised to understand, just to fall in with Kryptonian philosophy. That’s not who I am.”

“Understand, my son, that there may be times when you must choose between your principles and the lives of those you love.”

“I understand that, but I will not take the easy way out. Not if there are other options. Just because the path appears more difficult does not make it the wrong path.”

Clark was surprised by the answer.

“You remind me very much of a young Kryptonian many years ago who held the same beliefs you do.”

“Who was that?” Clark asked.

“Myself.” Clark could even hear the grin in that statement. “I accept your terms. Step into the chamber.”

Clark took a deep breath, then took a step into his future.


Lois stepped out of the bathroom, wiping her face. She hated throwing up at the best of times and this was the worst. She glanced over at the bed where Martha was sleeping. Jonathan was dozing in the chair next to his wife.

She debated whether to go out and get a cup of coffee or to stay and read. Jonathan hadn’t said anything to Martha yet about the baby, but she knew he had a lot of other things on his mind. While Martha had been sleeping overnight, Lois had gone with him to check on the house and assess the damage. They wouldn’t be staying there for at least a few days, not until much of the debris was cleared.

“You all right, sweetie?”

Lois looked over at Martha, who patted the bed beside her.

“I think we all need to have a talk, don’t you?” she said.

“Um ...”

“Lois, I know the symptoms. I was pregnant once too.”

“I’m not ...” she began, trying to cover up, thinking she could just tell Martha it was something she ate, but the look on her mother-in-law’s face told her she wasn’t going to buy any of it for a second. “Okay, I am.”

“Have you been to see a doctor yet?”

She shook her head. “Uh, this pretty much confirms it,” she said, pulling at the neck of her top and turning so Martha could see the mark on her shoulder.

“You still need to talk to a doctor,” Martha told her. “You’ll need pre-natal vitamins for a start.”

“I’m not even sure I want this baby,” Lois answered, sighing as she sat down.

“Honey, that’s a decision that you and Clark need to make together.”

“Well how can I when he’s not here?” she asked, tears threatening once more.

Martha clutched her hand. “Sweetheart, I know this is difficult for you, but you know Clark would not have gone for his training if it hadn’t been important. Did you ever stop to think that maybe he’s doing this so he can protect you and your baby?”

“I have thought of that but I’m just so ... angry with him right now.”

“You have every right to be put out, but given what has happened, I think that Jor-El must have had his reasons for making Clark leave.”

“But why did it have to be now?” Lois wailed.

Martha shushed her, but Jonathan was already awake.

“Wha ...?” he mumbled.

“It’s all right, dear,” Martha said. “Lois and I were just talking about the baby.”

His eyes were downcast for a moment. “Martha ...”

“Not now, Jonathan. And don’t go acting like a mother hen, either,” she added when he started to fuss over her, checking to make sure she was comfortable and not stressed in any way. “I’m fine. Nothing a few days rest won’t fix.”

“Martha, you have a broken leg,” he told her.

“We will manage!” she told him firmly. “Now, Lois, have you talked to your father?”

She shook her head. “I tried to call him last night, but I guess he was busy. Managing the troops no doubt.”

“Of course. I imagine he’s still expecting you to go to Germany with him?”

“I guess so. I don’t know.”

“You know, I’m not sure it’s wise to fly in your condition,” Martha said. “Especially in the first trimester. How far along do you think you are?”

“I’m not sure. I missed my period about the same time Clark and I went away for that weekend.”

Martha looked thoughtful, obviously doing some calculations.

“Well, to me that sounds like you are about a month along at least.”

“Still, they just say it’s not recommended on those flight advisories, only because I might get sick.”

“Then, how are you getting to Geneva?” Jonathan asked.

“Now wait, I can’t just leave,” she said. “Not with all that’s happened.”

“Lois, don’t worry, we can take care of things at the farm. Your father needs you too.”

“First things first,” Martha said, “I want you to set up an appointment with the doctor to get some pre-natal vitamins and I’m sure he’ll be able to give you something for the morning sickness.”

Lois sighed. She knew there was no getting out of it. Martha could be forceful when she wanted to be. Sam Lane had nothing on Martha Kent.


Clark’s mind was being bombarded with images as Jor-El began to show him some of Krypton’s history. He learned about the clone wars and the fighting with insurgents. Krypton had begun to shut itself off from other systems by the time Jor-El returned from Earth on what his father, Seyg-El, had told him was his ‘rite of passage’. The less conservative members of the Kryptonian council had stressed it was an important part of a young man’s education to learn of other cultures. It was a little like the Earth science of anthropology. Except Jor-El had not expected to fall in love with a young Earth woman.

It had once seemed odd to Clark that the disembodied voice he knew as Jor-El, the father who had programmed his essence, so to speak, inside a ship and then demanded his son begin his training when Clark was not mature enough to handle it, had fallen almost instantly in love with a young Earth woman. It just didn’t fit with the cold, impassive image he had of his birth father. Until, of course, Clark had met a beautiful young woman in the middle of a cornfield on a dark night. He understood then.

Jor-El had gone on to explain that when he’d programmed the pod, he had omitted anything resembling emotions, thinking it would have been better, but he had not considered the idea that Clark would have preferred it the other way.

On his return to Krypton, Jor-El became friends with a young warrior, Dru-Zod. At first a good man, fighting a war with their enemy, the people of Black Zero, Zod had been drastically changed when the enemy warriors had destroyed the city of Kandor, killing Zod’s wife and son. Begging Jor-El to clone his son, using DNA from a strand of hair, he had been furious when Jor-El had refused, causing a rift between them that they were never able to recover from.

Becomingly increasingly power-hungry, Zod had decided to take on the Kryptonian council, convinced that a return to the old ways was the only way to save Krypton. He and his disciples attempted to take over the ruling council, igniting a war that would last for years.

Meanwhile, Jor-El and another scientist, Dax-Ur, had been working together to create an artificial intelligence, the Brain Interactive Construct, hoping to use its knowledge to help the council stop Zod. Instead, the Kandorian general managed to corrupt Brainiac and it joined him and his disciples.

As the war raged on, Jor-El’s brother, Zor-El began working with Zod in his attempt to take over the planet while mining from the planet’s core under the guise of giving the council the resources to fight Zod. The mining began to cause tremors, leaching radiation from the core itself, causing hundreds of deaths. The council had given the order for the population to retreat behind the shields over the cities, thinking they would protect them from the radiation.

Zod was captured and put on trial, banished to the Phantom Zone, an inter-dimensional prison Jor-El had created, his essence ripped from his corporeal body.

It was at this time that Jor-El learned his beloved wife was pregnant with their miracle baby. They had been trying for years to have a child, without success. Their joy was short-lived as they learned that Krypton was on the verge of destruction. Zor-El had successfully ignited the core.

With a heavy heart, Jor-El had created a pod to carry his newborn son, barely two weeks old far across the galaxy in a lifepod which had been programmed to land near the Kent farm.

Head reeling, Clark rested as Jor-El finished the tale.


Lois helped Martha out of the truck, handing her the pair of crutches she had been given. Martha’s expression showed devastation as she saw the damage to the house, then surprise. Lois turned and looked in the direction of the house, her jaw dropping as she saw the trio of soldiers clearing the debris from the house.


Sam Lane turned, putting the broken cabinet he had been carrying down on the trailer, then approached her, giving her a hug.

“Hi sweetheart. I assigned some of the men from the base to help the town with the clean-up.” He smiled at Martha, who was struggling with the crutches. “Martha, how are you feeling?”

“I’ve been better,” Martha admitted. “God, our home.”

“It’s just wood and plaster, Martha,” Jonathan said. “The most important thing is that we’re alive.”

Sam frowned as he looked around. “I would have thought Clark would be here.”

“He was helping out a neighbour,” Jonathan said. “I’m sure he’ll be home soon.”

Sam nodded. He still looked sceptical but thankfully didn’t bring it up.

“Lo, I will be flying to Geneva tomorrow morning. Are you still coming? I know with everything that’s happened you’ll probably want to ...” He looked around, indicating the yard.

“Dad, it’s okay. We’ve already talked about this. I can meet you in Geneva day after tomorrow. There’s just something I have to do first.”

She’d made an appointment with the doctor as she had promised Martha, but hadn’t been able to get in to see one until the next day.

Her father smiled and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I’ll hold you to that,” he said.

Lois grinned at him. For the first time since the meteor shower, she actually felt like her world wasn’t falling apart. It was a nice feeling to know her father was standing by her. Of course, that might change, she thought, once she told him of his grandchild.

She hadn’t really given the situation much thought, but knew there was no way she could get rid of the foetus. For one thing, Clark would never forgive her. She had the feeling he wanted the baby. Secondly, she thought, she couldn’t do that to a child. Not after what had happened to Evan.

A hand shook her.

“Come on, sweetie, we have some work to do,” Jonathan said. “And being pregnant will not get you out of chores.”

Lois grinned at her father-in-law. He had a way of bringing her back down to Earth. She followed him to the porch, then stopped, overcome by nausea and a wave of dizziness. The last thing she remembered was the sound of something crashing and two men calling her name.

She came to realising she was lying on the grass. Martha was sitting on a chair next to her.

“Here, sweetie,” she said. “Try to sit up slowly and drink some water.”

Lois noticed her hand was trembling as she took the glass from Martha and sipped it. The water was too warm, but she didn’t care. It helped get rid of the sensation of cotton in her mouth.

“Lo, are you all right?”

“What happened?” she asked as her father knelt beside her.

“You fainted. Lo, you’re not sick are you? You can’t go with me if you’re sick.”

“I think it must be just some residuals from what happened at the hospital day before yesterday,” Jonathan spoke up. “She was attacked and almost strangled.”

Her father nodded. “Yes, of course. Rest up, sweetheart. Don’t worry about the house. I have it covered.”

Lois watched as her father went back inside the house, then looked up at Jonathan. He was frowning.

“I think I know what caused this,” he said. “There were meteor fragments scattered on the porch.”

“Meteor ... Kryptonite? Do you mean I’m vulnerable to it now?” Lois asked.

“Maybe you’re not, but the baby definitely is. Which means we’re going to have to be very careful.”

“Perhaps it’s a good thing you’re going with your father, honey,” Martha said. “It will give us time to try to clear some of the Kryptonite.”

Lois bit her lip. This complicated things. Would the baby have Clark’s powers? If so, what would happen when the baby first kicked, or moved inside her. Could it punch a hole in her stomach?

“You have a lot of ‘splaining to do, Clark Kent,” she said under her breath. “Just you wait until I see you again. I swear I’m going to kill you for this.”

The house was cleared within a couple of hours, thanks to the four men working and some temporary boards were put up to protect the damaged areas. Only one bedroom was usable and since Martha was on crutches, she insisted Lois take the bedroom, while she and Jonathan would put a bed in the parlour. She was going to be on crutches for at least six weeks, possibly two months, although the doctor had told her she could have a walking cast by then, and getting up and down stairs was going to be difficult at best.

Her father left after making sure they were all settled. He was leaving for Geneva early the next morning, and needed to see to some things at the base before he left. Lois reiterated her promise to meet him. She went to bed that night and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Next morning, she rose early and helped Jonathan with the chores and make breakfast. Martha was still in bed, since Jonathan had insisted she get as much rest as possible. Lois had watched the couple over the past few days, seeing how tenderly Jonathan treated his wife. She could see where Clark had learned it from. She was still upset with him, both for getting her pregnant and for leaving, but there was little she could do about the latter.

Martha called for her.

“Is everything okay?” Lois asked.

“Everything’s fine, dear,” Martha said. “I’m more concerned about you.”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you? Because I sense you’re still upset with Clark.”

“It just ... hurts. I mean, I know he had no real choice in the matter, but I still wish he hadn’t left.”

“Honey, as much as I distrust Jor-El, I’m sure there is a good reason why Clark felt he had to leave. But that’s not the only reason you’re upset with Clark, is it? You’re upset about the baby.”

Lois sighed. “Yeah, I am. I mean, I know what you’re going to say; that he wasn’t the only one in this relationship, and you’re right. We probably should have used more protection, but ...” She shrugged.

“I’m not going to lecture you about it, considering the scare you had a few months ago, but yes, you should have,” Martha told her. “Having said that, you are a member of this family too and we will work this out as a family. No matter how long Clark is gone. Jonathan and I talked about this last night and when we are able to rebuild this house, we’ll convert one of the rooms upstairs into a nursery.”

“I still feel bad about leaving,” Lois admitted. “I mean, you need help here.”

“I will manage, sweetie. Believe me, working on a farm, there are always accidents. Don’t you remember when Jonathan broke his arm, when he was attacked by the dog?”

She nodded, remembering. Jonathan had *****ed for weeks until she and Clark had decided to mock him every time he complained. Only in a teasing way, of course. By the time Jonathan’s arm had healed enough for him to be able to use it, he was ready to smack them both. Accidents did happen all the time.

Shelby ran in and tried to jump on the bed and Lois shooed him away. Martha looked at her.

“You’re not sneezing,” she observed. Usually the moment Shelby came within two feet of her, it would set off a reaction. Lois hadn’t taken her anti-histamines from the moment she’d realised she was pregnant.

She automatically put a hand on her flat stomach.

“Well, I guess that’s one consolation,” she said. She glanced at the clock. “I have to get going for my appointment.”

The appointment itself didn’t take long. The doctor calculated that the baby was due some time in February. Lois realised that she would have to take part of a semester off at college; that was if their plan to even go to college hadn’t fallen over, since there was no way she was going to take on classes at A&M without Clark.

By the time she returned to the farm, she noticed they had a visitor.

“Chloe?” she said, hugging her cousin.

“Hi,” the blonde said, smiling. She looked a little pale.

“Where have you been?” she asked. She’d been trying to call Chloe since the meteor shower but hadn’t been able to get through.

“Would you believe in the Yukon?” Chloe told her. “I somehow ended up being teleported to the Arctic when Clark activated the crystal. I nearly froze to death and he got me to a hospital. Lex brought me home.”

Lois frowned. That didn’t bode well. “Lex did?”

“Yeah. I did something really stupid. I thought it was Clark. He was suspicious. I tried to cover it, but you know how Lex is.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I know. We’re going to have to be more careful.”

“So I guess Clark is doing his training?”

“You know about that?”

“I was there when Clark was arguing with Jor-El about doing it. He told his birth father he was needed at home and Jor-El let us leave only after making Clark promise he would return. I guess he kept his promise.” Her cousin looked her over. “I’m guessing you’re not exactly happy about that.”

“Not really, no.” They walked up the stairs to the bedroom. “So, uh, I just had an appointment at the hospital. The baby’s due in February.”

“How are you feeling about this?”

Lois shrugged. “Nothing I can really do about it. I can’t get rid of it. I just can’t do that to a kid, you know?”

“I know, but Lois, if you ... I mean, don’t you think Clark has a say in this too? It’s his baby.”

“Well, he’s not here, is he?” Lois snapped, then found herself bursting into tears. She felt Chloe wrapping her arms around her, holding her.

“It’ll be okay, Lo. We’ll get through this. I promise. We’ll work it out somehow.”



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Feb. 26th, 2013 10:24 am (UTC)
Amazing new chapter sweetie
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Thanks hon.
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