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The Truth About Men and Women 44/74

Author: Phoenixnz
Fandom: Smallville
Genre: Romcom,Drama, movie knock-off, AU
Rating: R (for innuendo, although there may be smut later)
Pairing: Clark Luthor/Lois Lane
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, not even the AU ones, or the movie this one is based on. Some situations from the movie The Ugly Truth are borrowed for effect, but with a Smallville spin on them.
Feedback: Yesh pleash
Art: dream_infinity0

Summary: Lois Lane is a dedicated journalist. So dedicated in fact that she has trouble with relationships. She is mortified when cable show host and womaniser Clark Luthor joins the Daily Planet as a columnist and he begins teaching her the truth about male/female relationships. From his angle anyway.


Chapter Forty-Four

Clark knew as soon as Mayson mentioned The Blur that Lois would bring up the subject of him outing himself again. And he had been thinking about it. After all, it was one of the reasons why he was giving up the cable show. Another reason, of course, was that the show just didn’t appeal to him anymore. It had been a stopgap. A way to defy his father until he could get into serious journalism. Now that he was a published reporter, he didn’t need the show anymore.

The big problem about allowing The Blur to come out of the shadows was the fact that he would be instantly recognisable. Well, perhaps only to the ten percent of the population that actually watched his cable show, or the other maybe forty percent of the population that read the gossip columns and had seen his photograph. The Luthor name was prominent in the city, notorious even, and with the events of the last few days it would be even more so.

Clark had spent much of his teenage years barely able to go anywhere without the paparazzi trying to get a photo. Of course, Clark had done little to prevent it, even though he could have just used his superspeed to get in and out of clubs, and his antics had made good copy. Lionel had had to spend millions on damage control.

It was a dilemma. But both Mayson and Lois had a point. The public wanted someone they could look up to. Someone they could trust. And they couldn’t trust someone who kept to the shadows.
Mayson and Lex were quietly chatting and Lois was sending him looks, suggesting they give Lex some privacy. He knew what she was trying to do and it was definitely about time Lex took an interest in dating. Whether Mayson Drake would turn out to be the right match was not for him to decide.

He canted his head and nodded toward the gamesroom. Lois followed him out. As soon as she entered the room, he turned around, taking her in his arms and pushing her against the pool table, kissing her deeply. Lois moaned softly.

“What was that for?” she asked breathlessly when he finally let her go.

“Felt like it,” he said with a shrug.

He moved around the table and began setting up the balls. Lois took one of the sticks from the rack and tested its balance. He glanced at her. He hadn’t quite believed that she could play, but she seemed to know what she was doing.

“So? Are you gonna put your money where your mouth is?” he asked.

“Afraid to take me, Luthor?” she challenged.

He trapped her against the table, wrapping his arms around her and grinning at her wickedly.

“Hell no. Care to make a wager?”

“What do I get if I win?” she asked.

“Who says you’re going to win?” he returned.

Lois ran a finger down his chest, making him shiver at the brief contact.

“Try me,” she whispered.

“Okay,” he answered, “if you win, you get to do anything you want to me in bed tonight.”

“Anything?” she asked, with a gleam in her eye.

Clark looked at her wondering if he might regret his words. Then again, she hadn’t won yet.

“And if I win,” he continued, “I get to do the same thing to you.”

“You haven’t won yet, Luthor,” she told him. “But you’ve got yourself a deal.”

To seal it, he took her mouth with his, pulling her tight up against his body, his hands on her butt. He squeezed her cheeks, eliciting a whimper from her. His nose caught a whiff of the shampoo she’d used to wash her hair that morning; a delicate, hint of citrus, which instantly had him hardening in his pants. And judging from the way Lois’ whimpered again, she had felt it.

When he pulled away, she glowered at him.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing,” she said. “But it’ll take more than that to distract me.”

He grinned at her. “We’ll see.”

Lois’ grin was almost feral as she slid her gaze up and down his body.

“We will, won’t we?”

Lois bent over to pick up the cue she’d dropped when he’d kissed her, giving him a nice view of her shapely ass, her thong peeking out from under the band of the tight jeans she was wearing. Clark’s mouth watered. He’d love to mould himself to the curves of that ass, caress the cheeks, feel her heat ...


Clark looked up, startled to find he’d been caught fantasising. Lois was grinning at him, waiting at the business end of the table.

“Get your mind out of gutterville, Luthor. I’ve got a game to win.”

Not if I can help it, he told himself.

Lois ended up winning the toss and she chose to break. Clark bit his lip as she bent over the table to take her first shot. Focus, Luthor, he told himself, unable to take his eyes off her sexy figure. Perfect ass, perfect breasts. God, she was just ... perfect.

The distraction cost him. Lois sunk the fifteen on the break, then the twelve on the next shot. She missed the eleven and the cue ball ended up just on the edge of the corner pocket, blocked by another stripe, making it a tricky shot for Clark.

“Thanks,” he told her, voice dripping with sarcasm.

“I did warn you.”

“Think you’re so clever, Lane.”

He crouched down to examine his options. Of which there were few. Lois grinned at him from above.

“You can’t cheat, you know.”

“As if I would.”

“You did with Lex.”

“He started it.”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“What are you? Five?”

Clark rolled his eyes at her, standing up and giving her a quick peck on the nose.

“All right, Miss Smartass. You get one.”

“One what?” she chuckled.

Clark ignored that and turned back to the game. She’d boxed him in. There was no way he could hit the cue ball without hitting one of hers. But he could make it harder for her to win. Having decided on his strategy, Clark took his shot. Sure enough, the ball hit the stripe, but it knocked it away from the pocket, which had been his aim. Clark had lost a turn, but he was far from losing the game.

Lex came in about halfway through the game, watching with a grin on his face. Lois had sunk almost all of hers, but the last two remained elusive. Clark glanced up at his brother, then winked, sinking another ball. He was on a roll now, he decided.

He heard Lois’ growl of annoyance as he sunk his last one, then turned to the eight ball. It was a pretty safe bet she was regretting making the deal with him. But she should have known he would be that competitive.

With a smirk, Clark sunk the last ball.

“Damn!” Lois exclaimed.

“Sorry babe,” he said. “I did warn you.”

“I want a rematch,” she returned.

He shook his head. “A bet’s a bet, Lois.”

“Fine!” she said, looking as if she wanted to stamp her foot.

Lex glanced at him and nodded his head in the direction of the kitchen. Clark glanced at Lois, but she was busy setting up the table again. He followed his brother out.

“What’s up?”

“Are you two planning on staying here tonight?” Lex asked. “I notice Lois packed.”

“And corrupt your seven year old daughter? Not if I wanna live.”

Lex grinned. Clark chuckled.

“So, how did things go with Mayson?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you ask her out?”

“Clark, come on. We were talking about the case. Not socialising.”

“Did you, or didn’t you?”

“I’m meeting her for dinner next Saturday,” Lex grinned.

Clark smirked at him. “So I guess that means I’m babysitting?”

“You need to ask?” Lex sobered. “Mayson did say we need to watch our backs. She has a feeling there will be all sorts of dirty dealing going on.”

“Did she say why the judge is concerned about Green Arrow and Batman?”

“No, but I think you need to talk to Ollie and Bruce anyway. Mayson thinks the defence may try to use them to damage our credibility.”


Clark thought about that for a moment. There were some people who considered The Blur and Green Arrow to be vigilantes and knowing the defence attorneys, they would use that to try to discredit the DA’s case. An attorney could ask a potential juror the right questions to gauge their feelings toward the superheroes, in which case they could pad the jury with hero-haters.

Not to mention the fact that in spite of all they did for the city, or their respective cities anyway, the defence could make it look as if they were creating more problems for the city, instead of helping keep law and order. This could get complicated.

Back when Clark had first come up with the idea for The Blur, he’d called Lex to discuss it with him. Lex had played devil’s advocate, pretending they were enemies rather than brothers, and that he didn’t know Clark’s feelings on the whole ‘rule the world’ issue. Lex had gone from the angle of someone who would not trust the evidence of Clark’s saves and consider that he might have a hidden agenda. That all his efforts were really just a way of lulling people into a false sense of security.

Lex would have made a formidable enemy, Clark had thought at the time.

Lena cried out in her sleep and Lex went to check on his daughter.

Clark returned to the gamesroom to find Lois still playing pool. She was bent over the table, trying to execute a complicated shot. He moved behind her, gliding a hand smoothly down her back and over the globes of her ass.

“Your angle is wrong. I can help you with that,” he said softly in her ear.

“Really,” she said, refusing to straighten up.

Clark slid his hand over hers on the stick, his other arm moving around her body to cup her wrist. He pressed his body against hers, loving the little shiver he elicited from her. The game, or at least the pool game, was all but forgotten as he began to nibble on her earlobe.

Lois dropped the stick on the table, leaning her head back with a soft sigh as he began to kiss her neck. He laced his fingers through hers, nose taking in the subtle scent of her perfume as their bodies pressed close together.

“Clark,” she moaned. “God. Take me home and fuck me.”

“No,” he said. “But I will take you home and make love to you.”

“Yes!” she said, drawing out the last in a sibilant hiss.

They quickly said their goodbyes to Lex. Clark wanted to fly her back to his apartment, but he wanted to savour this. Lois was fidgeting in her seat as he drove and he knew she was feeling as aroused as he was. Driving was uncomfortable, to say the least, but sometimes drawing it out was the better option. He didn’t want instant gratification with Lois.

As soon as they were inside the lift, Lois was on him, kissing him hard, pushing him against the wall of the car. Her hands were hot as she pulled his shirt out of the waistband of his jeans, sliding them up over his torso. Her kiss was molten heat, setting him on fire. For the first time in years, Clark had to hold his breath and fight with every ounce of power he had to control his heat vision as her tongue demanded entry.

He swung her around, pressing her up against the cool interior, feeling her raise her leg to hook her knee around his waist. It immediately ratcheted up his arousal as the heat of her sex could be felt through their clothing.

“God, Lois,” he moaned, desperate to feel the heat of her skin next to his. His fingers were busy trying to undo the buttons of her blouse, but either the buttons weren’t co-operating or he was clumsier than normal in his desire for her.

The lift doors opened and they tumbled out. Lois gasped as he pushed her up against the wall next to his apartment door as he dug in his pocket for his keycard. He realised just barely in time that he’d slipped the keycard in her bag when he’d used it to operate the lift. And her bag was on the floor of the elevator car.

In a micro-second, he made it before the lift doors closed, grabbing the bag and the keycard, opening the door, just as Lois pounced on him again, her teeth closing on his earlobe. He felt the tug on his ear, thinking it was a good thing he was invulnerable.

Practically carrying her inside, Clark barely managed to close the door before he had her up against the wall again, ripping the buttons off her blouse in his haste to get to her creamy skin.

“Clark!” she gasped, looking down at the torn fabric. Then she shrugged. “Oh well, it wasn’t my favourite anyway.”

He pressed her against the wall, kissing her hard. Lois’ arms came around his neck. She was threading her fingers in his hair, her grip tightening on the strands as he lifted her legs up around his waist.

Her eyes shot wide open as she clearly felt his hardness.


Clark pulled off the, by now, torn remnants of her blouse, undoing the clasp of her bra and sliding the straps down, forcing Lois to let him go briefly. Her breasts, nipples peaked and hard, bobbled enticingly. Clark lifted her up a little so he could close his mouth around one of her peaks, his tongue tracing the hard nub.

Lois’ fingers closed once again around strands of his hair. Her legs tightened their grip around his waist, leaving him no doubt that if he hadn’t had the strength of ten humans altogether he might just have broken in half.

Clark wanted to get closer. His entire body was on fire with wanting her and he could feel a light sheen of sweat breaking out beneath his clothes. And therein lay the problem. He was still wearing clothes and Lois was only half-naked.

Reluctantly letting her down, Clark pulled away. Lois looked up at him, her expression showing disappointment. But she chuckled when Clark undressed at superspeed.

“Well, I guess there is a use for that other than getting from point A to point B in .03 seconds,” she quipped.

Clark ignored that, grabbing her and quickly pulling her jeans off, leaving her clad only in her thong. She looked squarely at him, her gaze daring him. He lifted her, carrying her over to the counter, planting her on the top. Then he slowly began to bend down, kissing her torso before moving on to her sex.

Her thong was wet with her own arousal, her scent permeating his senses. Clark nudged her with his nose, taking in the scent. Then he began licking her through the fabric, feeling her squirm beneath him. Glancing up, he saw his lover lay on her back on the counter, pushing her butt out over the edge to give him more room. She spread her thighs, opening herself up for him.

Clark grinned, sliding one finger beneath the leg strap of her thong and pulled roughly, snapping it. Lois said nothing. Well, she had dared him, he thought. And she needed to learn never to dare him.

Stroking her thighs, Clark let the now broken thong drop to the floor, returning to cover her sex with his mouth. He began to thrust inside her with his tongue, loving the way she responded with soft moans which slowly began to increase in volume.

He dove deeper, thrusting a little harder and Lois cried out in utter bliss, her body going rigid as he took her over the edge.

He stood, grinning as Lois looked up at him, her body almost a wrung-out mess. But it wasn’t over yet. Lifting her legs to his shoulders, he slowly began to push inside her. An agonising slowness that was torture for him and he hoped as equally torturous for her.

Lois pushed herself further over the edge of the counter, a clear sign that she wanted more. Clark set a hard rhythm, feeling her inner muscles squeezing, taking everything he had to give, and more. Until finally they both cried out in completion.

Standing on wobbly legs, Clark lifted her in his arms, carrying her through into his bedroom. Lois was still breathless, clinging to him. She nuzzled his neck as he lowered them both to the bed.

Lois sighed softly as he lay with her curled in his arms.

“Will it always be like this?” she asked.

He brushed the curls away from her face and kissed her nose.

“Like what, sweetheart?”

“Like heaven.”

“I hope so, baby. I don’t think I could ever get my fill of you. As long as I live.”

“Mm, me either,” she mumbled.



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Feb. 19th, 2012 04:51 pm (UTC)
Absolutely love this fic so much!

Feb. 19th, 2012 10:26 pm (UTC)
I'm glad honey.
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