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The Truth About Men and Women 24/74

Author: phoenixnz
Fandom: Smallville
Genre: Romcom,Drama, movie knock-off, AU
Rating: R (for innuendo, although there may be smut later)
Pairing: Clark Luthor/Lois Lane
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, not even the AU ones, or the movie this one is based on. Some situations from the movie The Ugly Truth are borrowed for effect, but with a Smallville spin on them.
Feedback: Yesh pleash
Art: dream_infinity0

Summary: Lois Lane is a dedicated journalist. So dedicated in fact that she has trouble with relationships. She is mortified when cable show host and womaniser Clark Luthor joins the Daily Planet as a columnist and he begins teaching her the truth about male/female relationships. From his angle anyway.


Chapter Twenty-Four

Driving home to his apartment was an exercise in torture. His pants were still uncomfortably tight. Clark shifted in the seat, wanting to find some way to relieve the pressure, without messing his pants.

He’d been tempted, so very tempted, when he’d been kissing her. But he was determined to make this relationship work, and if that meant taking things slowly, then he was going to stick by that. Too many times he had let his own bitterness toward his father be an excuse to close himself off to anyone else. He wasn’t going to do that with Lois.

He drove into the underground parking and got out of the car, using his keycard to access the lift to his penthouse apartment. But just as he closed the door of his apartment in the hopes of getting some much-needed privacy, his intercom buzzed.


It was security from the lobby.

“Apologies for the lateness, sir, but you have a visitor. She has been waiting here for the last fifteen minutes.”

Typical that security would be alerted the moment he used his keycard. But who could his visitor be, at this time of night?

“Who is it?” he asked.

“A Miss Lang, sir.”

Lana? The last he’d heard, she’d decided to go to some art school in Paris. What was she doing here?

Curiosity got the best of him and he advised security to let her up. So much for getting some ‘privacy’, he thought as he poured himself a glass of juice. He took a deep, cleansing breath, hoping he wasn’t in for a fight.

The door buzzed a few minutes later and he opened it. Lana Lang had changed a lot in the years since he’d seen her. Before she had been the good girl, dressing in pastel colours. Now she looked sleek and sophisticated, wearing a black sheer top over a silver singlet, and tailored pants.

Her hair, down to her waist in those days, was now cut short in a layered bob which suited her face.

“I’m sorry to call on you so late,” she said, “but you’ve been a hard man to reach the last couple of days.”

“I’ve, uh, been working.”

“So I hear,” she said.

He frowned at her.

“I called Lex when I came here yesterday and couldn’t reach you. He told me you were working as a reporter now.”

“Oh. So, would you like some juice? I only have beer, otherwise.”

“Thank you. Juice would be great.”

Clark was aware of an uncomfortable silence between them but he didn’t know how to fix it. He looked her over as he poured the juice.

“You look good, Lana. Paris must have agreed with you.”

“It did. I, uh, made a lot of changes in my life.”

He passed the glass to her, looking away, trying to avoid her gaze.

“Why did you come, Lana?”

“I guess I felt we had some unfinished business between us,” she said. “Clark, when you ... when we ... broke up, I said some things.”

Clark raised a hand. “No, Lana, you don’t have to apologise for the things you said. You were right. I was self-centred and arrogant and a complete bastard with you. It’s me who owes you the apology. I had my reasons for acting the way I did. I know it’s little comfort, but ...”

“I know. You were trying to insulate yourself. Lionel taught you that love was a wasted emotion. And I think in your own way, you did imagine yourself in love with me. But you were wrong. I can see that now.”

“I treated you like shit,” he said.

“Clark, it’s okay. I came to terms with that a long time ago. And in a small way, you did me a favour. Both you and Lex, actually. It made me grow up.” She looked hesitant. “I ... Clark, I came here tonight because I ... I needed closure. I just needed to close the book on that part of my life. Does that make sense?”

Clark nodded. “Lana ...”

“No, Clark. Don’t. You know, back then, I would have done anything for you. What I felt for you was more than I’d ever felt for anyone. But I don’t have those feelings anymore. I let you go a long time ago.”

“I don’t have those feelings either,” he admitted.

“But there is someone who does make you feel that way?” Lana prompted.

Clark smiled, thinking of Lois. It was more than just attraction. She made him feel weak and strong at the same time. If Lois asked him for the moon, he would fly there just to capture it for her. Or a piece of it. She made him feel like he could do anything.

Lana snickered. “I can tell from your face that it’s true. I’m glad, Clark.”

He looked at her.

“Lana ...”

“I’m engaged, Clark. I’m getting married.”

“Who is he?”

“You might remember him from Smallville High. His name’s Pete Ross. He’s a lawyer – well, he will be once he passes the bar. He just started working for a firm here in Metropolis.”

“Congratulations. You must be very happy.”

For the first time, Clark noticed a diamond ring on her finger. It wasn’t hugely expensive, by Luthorian standards, but her fiancé must have saved a month’s salary to buy it.

And he was happy for her. After everything he’d put her through, Lana deserved to be happy.

“I’m glad, Lana. I don’t remember Pete, but I can tell he makes you happy.”

“He does,” Lana said, her smile almost blinding as she thought of her fiancé. The love was as clear as day.

They sat at the counter and began to talk over old times.

When Clark made it into work next morning, he bumped into Lex.

“Lana came to see me last night,” he told his brother.

“I thought she might. What happened?”

“She’s getting married. He’s a lawyer.”

“How do you feel about it?”

Clark looked at Lex. “I feel fine about it, actually. We had a long talk over what happened between us and we’ve put the past behind us.”

Lex studied him thoughtfully.

“You know, Clark, I have to say that I’m a little surprised, but I’m glad that Lois has had such a good influence on you. In terms of your attitude, anyway. I’m still not so sure about the investigative journalism part.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Yeah, but if Lucas has done his homework with Dad’s files, he’ll know about your powers.”

Clark stretched. “I’m kind of surprised Dad never told him about me.”

“I think he trusted Lucas less than we did; which isn’t saying much.”

Clark followed Lex into his office. “So, you’re saying I should watch my back.”

“Exactly. How did the dinner go last night?”

“Well, let’s see, the general hates me, and not because I’m a Luthor. But because I’m dating his daughter. Although, technically, we haven’t even been out on the first date yet.”

Lex cocked an eyebrow at him, then laughed.

“Yeah, you seem to be doing this backwards.”

“I haven’t slept with her yet, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Good. Take your time. Get to know her. What else did the general say?”

“Oh, well, he compared the old man to a Great White.”

Lex laughed again. “Ha. Now whenever I hear the Jaws theme, I’ll be thinking of Lionel. Classic!”

“He gave us the name of someone he figured might be interested in 33.1.”

“Good.” Lex looked up toward the doorway. “Morning Lois,” he said, smiling.

Clark turned and looked at Lois. She was wearing a belted red blouse and black skirt with high heels. Her hair was loose, falling down her back in dark chestnut waves. She really was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

“Hi,” he said softly. “How did you sleep?”

“Like a log,” she smiled. “We have a meeting with Perry’s friend at nine.”

“Oh, right,” he said.

Since Perry had set it up, he’d arranged for the meeting to be in his office. Clark was looking forward to meeting with, as Perry called him, the old warhorse. He was sure the man had a lot of stories to tell.

He followed Lois down to Perry’s office at five minutes to nine and waited while she knocked on his door.

“Enter,” Perry barked. He looked up at them. “Lane, Luthor. Good. I’d like you to meet Bob Sanford. Bob’s the reason I became a newspaperman himself.”

“Ah, you flatter me Perry,” the man said, getting up to shake hands with them.

Clark found himself the subject of the older man’s scrutiny. Sanford was probably in his seventies, but his eyes were still as sharp as if he was in his thirties. His grip was strong, and if Clark had been only a human, he was sure the man could have broken a bone or two. He squeezed back.

“Whoa, watch that grip there son,” the elder journalist chuckled.

He turned his gaze on Lois.

“Well, they sure do make ‘em prettier these days,” he said, winking at Lois.

Lois laughed. “Thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Sanford settled back into his seat. “It sure ain’t like the old days,” he said. “Back when I started, there weren’t a lot of women in the job.”

“Well, times change Bob. And you’re looking at the best damned investigative reporter I’ve seen since, well, you,” Perry answered.

“And here I thought you would have snatched that title from me, Perry. You had the makings of one.”

“Until Lionel Luthor,” Perry remarked.

Clark frowned at him. “What did he do?” he asked.

“Tried to ruin my career. Part of it was because of what I did when Lex was sixteen, but your old man knew I was digging into his past. Had me blacklisted from practically every news organisation in the state. Didn’t let it stop me though.”

“I didn’t know that, Perry. I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault, Clark. You’re not responsible for your old man. Hell, I have to admit I’m surprised you and Lex turned out as well as you did, considering.”

“Given different circumstances, maybe we would have become just like Lionel,” Clark said.

Or it could have been even worse. Given his powers, Clark knew that Lionel could have made him into anything he wanted. Even a killer. God knew, he’d certainly tried to beat that streak of morality out of Clark. But Clark would always remember the look of fear on his mother’s face the day he’d witnessed what his father had done. And he’d never wanted to disappoint his mother.

Lillian’s death had hit him hard. But the day before she died, Lillian had called him to her side.

“Clark, I want you to always be a good boy. You don’t have to be what your father wants. You’re my strong little man and I just know that one day you’re going to grow up and help people, the way you always do for me. And no matter what happens to me, just know I’ll always be watching over you.”

Her words had been almost prophetic, as if she’d known she would never have left the hospital.

Lois nudged him. “You okay?” she whispered.

He nodded and turned his attention back to the matter at hand.

“So, Bob, I’m betting you would have been one of the reporters on the paper when Lionel first started Luthorcorp.”

“And a few years before that, Clark. Lionel was not the mogul you were raised by. You know he grew up in poverty?”

“It was one of his lesser known secrets, but yeah, we knew.”

“What about his parents?” Bob asked.

Clark frowned. He’d never met his grandparents and Lionel had never talked about it.

“I didn’t know them.”

“Well, of course not, son, they died a long time before you were born. Lachlan Luthor was a Scottish immigrant, but a real piece of work, I can tell you that. I knew this cop from the local precinct down in Suicide Slums. The Luthors lived in a tenement building there. Lionel’s father was a violent criminal. Got arrested a few times for armed robbery.”

“Why wasn’t he locked up permanently?” Lois asked, frowning.

“Well, he never killed anyone. That they knew of. Never did an honest day’s work in his life, that much I can tell you. And he was a drunk. Beat up his wife and kid – that was Lionel. Eliza wasn’t much better. Too fond of the gin. Practically bathed in it.”

Hmm, so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, Clark thought. He caught a look from Lois and realised she was thinking it too. He offered her a small smile and a shrug.

“So what happened to the elder Luthors?” Perry asked.

“An explosion. Blew the windows out of two city blocks. Let’s see, that was back in ... ’73, I think. The tenement stood where Edgecliff Condos were built.”

“Weren’t those owned by Luthorcorp?” Clark asked, getting a sinking feeling.

“They were, until they were bought out six months ago.”

“By Marionette Ventures!” Lois said breathlessly.

Bob continued. “I knew a detective in that precinct. But they were forced to drop the investigation into the fire.”

“Why? I mean, surely it would have sounded suspicious enough to ...”

“The slumlords controlled City Hall in those days, Lois.”

“What are you saying? That the slumlord that owned the tenement ...”

“Not just the slumlord. There were traces of ammonium nitrate.”

“Which is an agent used to oxidise explosives,” Clark finished.

“The cops could never prove it, but they believed Morgan Edge set up the explosion that killed your grandparents. And he was in cahoots with Lionel. They split the insurance money. That was how Lionel started the company. Of course, then he met your mother. And she gave him a much-needed boost to get into Metropolis society.”

“But if they thought Lionel ...”

“Lionel had an airtight alibi. He was moonlighting at a print shop at the time of the explosion.”

Clark walked out of the meeting feeling as if he’d been hit by a train. Without his powers. Lois touched his arm.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Lionel killed my grandparents. And it sounds like he had evidence proving Morgan Edge had a hand in it.”

“Which gives Edge a motive for killing Lionel. But why wait thirty years? It doesn’t make sense.”

“I don’t know. Maybe up until last year there was no need to. I mean, it sounds to me like they each had their separate territories.”

“And maybe Morgan got tired of sharing the keys to the kingdom,” Lois mused. “Maybe he wanted to be king all by himself.”

“It’s all supposition, though. We don’t know for sure that that’s the murder Lionel was talking about.”

“But it is the one thing that proves a connection between them. And it would make sense for Edge to use Lucas.”

“Not if Lionel didn’t trust Lucas,” Clark argued.

“We both know that Lucas is working for Edge now. That memo we found the other night proves it.”

“It only really proves that Edge has ordered Lucas to stop Lex getting in the way.”

“By threatening Lena? It just shows that Lucas isn’t one of the great thinkers of our time.”

“You’re right, he’s not.”

Lois flopped down into her chair.

“So, where to next? I mean, it’s a pretty good bet that whatever evidence Lionel had on Edge, it’s long gone.”

Clark sat down in front of the computer and started typing.

“I think we need to find out as much as we can about Morgan Edge.”

Lois brought her chair around to his side as Clark began researching. Edge owned several small businesses and one of them was a nightclub called Atlantis. Another was a ‘gentleman’s club’ called The Windgate. Edge’s main office was rumoured to be in one of those clubs. Clark glanced at Lois, seeing her thoughtful expression.

“Oh no you don’t,” he said.

Lois stared at him. “What?”

“Don’t even think about going undercover. You promised Lex.”

“You’d still be there to keep an eye on things. Clark, you want to get the dirt on Edge, this is the only way to do it.”

“No, Lois. Absolutely not.”

“Listen, Luthor, if you’re ever going to be an investigative reporter, you’ve gotta learn to take some risks.”

“I’d rather keep my head on my neck, because we both know that if Lex finds out, it’s both our heads on the chopping block.”

“Oh you are such a drama queen.”

“I’m a drama queen? Who’s the one who has had to be rescued by the Blur, say I don’t know, four times? Maybe more?”

“The Blur didn’t save me the other night. I saved myself. I had it all in hand.”

“Right. And those guards The Blur took out? What were they, chopped liver?”

“Hey, I could have handled them.”

“Before or after they shot you?”

“Let’s face it, Luthor. The only reason we’re even having this argument is because you’re mister over-protective.”

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt. Is that a crime? Damn it, Lois, I care about you!”

Lois opened her mouth to respond, then seemed to change her mind.

“I ... okay, okay, you’re right.”

“Ooh, ouch, I bet that hurt.”


“Admitting I’m right,” he grinned.

Lois scowled and punched him in the shoulder. “Ow!” he said, clutching his shoulder. It hadn’t hurt at all, of course, but he had to keep up the pretence.

They had a message later that morning from Slade Wilson. The three-star general had given them clearance to see him at his office at Fort Ryan that afternoon. As Clark waited with Lois in the office, he spotted a bulletin board with several sketches. As the Blur, he’d left a mark whenever he’d made a save – the El family crest. And the general had a sketch of it. He also had sketches of each member of the team. There was Green Arrow, Bart, or Impulse as he’d been called, Aquaman, Cyborg. It seemed the general had a lot more information about them than he realised. Even Batman was there.

He needed to talk to Lex. And Oliver. This was worrying.

“I wonder who these guys are,” Lois mused, studying the sketches.

Clark shrugged, hoping to get her off the scent. “I don’t know.”

“Well, it looks to me like the military brass are interested in more than Lucas’ project.”

Clark didn’t have a chance to answer as the door opened and a man a little older than Sam Lane walked in. He was about five ten, aged in his late fifties or early sixties, with a bald spot on his crown and short white hair on the back and sides. His uniform was the same as Lois’ father had worn the evening before.

Slade Wilson appeared to have a kind face, but Clark could see a shrewdness in the man’s eyes. He was definitely a man not to be crossed.

Lois approached the general.

“Lois ...”

“Lane. You’re Sam Lane’s daughter. Always do my homework.”

“I guess you wouldn’t have given us clearance otherwise,” Clark said.

Slade looked him over, his gaze disapproving.

“Clark Luthor, I presume. Let’s hope you have bit more sense than your old man.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Lionel never did know when to back off,” the general commented. “As for you, Miss Lane, I hear you’re quite the reporter.”

“I’m not just a pretty face,” she returned.

“A Lane in name and attitude,” Slade smiled.

Clark really didn’t like the man. There was something about him that rubbed him up the wrong way. And it wasn’t totally because the man was investigating him, and his friends.

“So what can I do for you?” the general enquired.

“We heard you might be in talks with Lucas Dunleavy over a project called 33.1,” Clark said.

“Now that would be classified information, Mr Luthor,” Slade said, his wily gaze sweeping over Clark once more.

Clark fought an involuntary shiver at that gaze.

“Classified or not, is it true?”

“You’re very direct, aren’t you? No beating about the bush. Yeah, I like that in a reporter. But the answer to your question is, no comment.”

“Why no comment?” Lois asked.

“Your brass will only get you so far, Miss Lane. There are people higher up that I answer to. I will say this much. There are threats in this world that sometimes aren’t clear until they’re on your doorstep. And the military are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the citizens from those threats.”

“As in what?” Clark asked. “Give us an example.”

Slade glanced to the bulletin board. Clark frowned at him. He saw them as a threat?

Lois must have caught the glance as well.

“You think The Blur is a threat? The Blur helps people.”

“The Blur and his cohorts incite anarchy. We don’t take kindly to those who work outside the law.”

“And what do you expect them to do?” Clark asked. “Work for the government?”

“Why not? That way we’d have greater control over what they do.”

“In other words, you’d expect them to do your dirty work,” Clark returned. “You’d rather they be your puppets than allow them to make their own decisions.”

“Better that than having them run around doing as they please. There are greater things at stake than muggings.”

“You’d have them going off to fight your wars, stopping terrorists, never questioning.”

“Sounds to me like you’re a sympathiser, Luthor.”

“I’d rather be known as a Blur sympathiser than support policies which are morally questionable.”

“Huh, I guess the apple does fall far from the tree then. Your old man wouldn’t have questioned it.”

“Lionel Luthor would agree with anything as long as he could make a profit from it. And as for his morals, the man would stop at nothing, including murder, to get what he wanted.”

And that pretty much ended the conversation, Clark thought, fuming as they returned to the office.

“Clark, what was that all about?” Lois asked. “You were acting really defensive. I mean, I thought you didn’t like the Blur?”

“I never said that. I just think Slade has him pegged wrong, that’s all.”

“It’s just not like you to attack someone like that,” she said. “And I know you and your dad had your problems, but ...”

Clark turned, forcing her to meet his gaze.

“Would you rather I have turned out like Lionel? Be as immoral as him?”

“No, Clark. Don’t twist my words. I just think that attacking someone like Slade doesn’t help the situation either.”

Clark sighed. “You’re right. I guess I am a little defensive when it comes to Lionel.”

“Well, I can’t blame you for being defensive. You have a lot to be angry about. But ...”

“I know I acted unprofessionally,” he said. “I didn’t like the guy.”

“Neither did I,” Lois told him. “He made me feel ...”

Clark looked at her. “What?”

“Well, ever crawled in icy cold slime?”

Clark shuddered. He hadn’t but he could imagine it. Lois must have interpreted his expression.

“Yeah, me too.”

Clark glanced at his watch. It was almost six. He scratched at his upper lip.

“Uh, so we’re still on for tonight, right?”

Lois looked at him, her eyes glinting.

“If there’s one thing a Lane doesn’t do, it’s back out of a challenge. Or a bet.”

“I told you the bet was off,” he told her.

Lois grinned. “Relax, I’m just yanking your chain. But you still owe me dinner.”

For a moment, Clark let some of his old self come through as he leered at her.

“Well, you know, we could still have that bet,” he said. “Of course, that would mean I win.”

“Oh, you wish, Luthor,” Lois retorted with a snort. “There’s no way you’re getting me into bed with you anytime soon.”

Clark let out a long-suffering sigh. “Oh, well, I tried.”

“You’re cute, Luthor, but you’re not that cute.” She grinned. “And on that note, I’m going to go home and change. Unless you’re planning on taking me out to Benny’s Diner.”

It was Clark’s turn to snort.

“Please, I do have a bit more class than to take a beautiful woman to some cheesy diner.”

Lois blushed at the compliment, but said nothing. She grabbed her bag from the desk and started to walk past him out the door. Then she seemed to change her mind and stood on tiptoe to kiss him.

“Pick me up in an hour,” she said, before slipping past him. She turned in the doorway. “One hour, Luthor.”

Clark waited until Lois had got into the lift before he sped out of the building to Watchtower. Oliver was there, checking the monitors. Bruce and Chloe had returned to Gotham the night before, but had left the number of the Batcave.

“What’s up?” Oliver asked.

“One second,” Clark said. He called up the Batcave.

Bruce answered immediately, making it clear he’d been working on something in the cave.

“Clark? What’s going on?”

“Have you heard of a General Slade Wilson?”

Bruce frowned at him. “No. Should I have?”

“Well, he knows you. Batman, at any rate. He also knows about Impulse, Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Arrow and the Blur. And a few others as well.”

“Is this knowledge dangerous?”

“I think so,” Clark said. “The general refused to comment, but I think Lucas is trying to do a deal with him on 33.1.”

“To what end?” Oliver asked.

“That’s what we have to find out.”

Clark quickly brought them up to speed on what he and Lois had learned so far.

“So somewhere there is evidence linking Morgan Edge and Lionel to your grandparents’ murders?” Bruce asked.

“Unless it’s been destroyed by now. Lois has a plan ...”

Oliver frowned. “Yeah, I don’t know Lois that well, but from what I do know, plan plus Lois equals disaster. And Lex would never go for it.”

Bruce looked thoughtful.

“From what I’ve seen of Lois, she’s likely to go ahead and do it anyway. You’re better off working together on this. What’s her plan?”

“Edge owns a couple of clubs. One is a nightclub and the other is a gentleman’s club.”

“You mean a strip joint?” Oliver asked.

“They don’t call them strippers these days, Oliver. They call them exotic dancers.” And was that a smile from Bruce? Was he actually making a joke? Bruce went on. “Getting back to the general. What do you think he’s planning to do with 33.1?”

“If Lucas is following Lionel’s plan, build an army. Since the general can’t get the co-operation from us, he’d want someone he can control.”

“It seems to me that if the Joker is involved, then there is likely to be some sort of double dealing going on,” Bruce mused aloud.

“You think the Joker might be interested in 33.1 as well?”

“I don’t know. To be totally frank with you, you and Lois were right when you said the Joker wasn’t much of a team player. But there is evidence to suggest he’s trying to get a few of the local criminal fraternity together and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s trying to build his own criminal army.”

“Where is the Joker now?” Clark asked.

“He’s been keeping a low profile. Which, if he’s true to form, means he’s planning something big.”

Bruce picked something up from the table.

“I had these developed. They’re a little more sophisticated than what Oliver managed to come up with, and they have a greater range. They’re wired remotely to Watchtower communications. I left two in Watchtower for you and Oliver. If you need me, just buzz me.”

Clark nodded, seeing the communicators Bruce was talking about. They were as small as a hearing aid, designed to fit in the ear, and transparent.

He was starting to think he might have Bruce pegged wrong.

“Thanks Bruce. I’ll keep you posted. Clark out.”

He turned and looked at Oliver.

“I’ve gotta go.”

“The dinner date with Lois?” Oliver asked.

“How did you know about that?” Clark asked his friend.

“Lois let it slip about the bet,” Oliver chuckled. “You’re not really going through with that, are you?”

“The bet is off,” he said. “We’re just going to have dinner together and then see where it goes from there.”

“Gotta admit, Clark, I’m liking this new you. Now if you could just keep Lois out of trouble, we’ll all be happy.”

Clark cocked an eyebrow at him. “Keep Lois out of trouble? Something tells me that would be like Mission: Impossible.”

Oliver laughed. “Get out of here. Don’t want to keep the lady waiting.”

Clark mock-saluted his friend and left for his apartment. He quickly showered and changed, checking the clock. It was twenty minutes to seven as he stood in front of the mirror, checking his reflection.

He’d changed into charcoal pants and a dark blue sport coat. The effect was less formal, but not quite casual.

Clark whistled as he made his way downstairs to his car. He’d left it behind that morning, using his super-speed instead.

As soon as he knocked on Lois’ door, he heard her footsteps.

“You’re right on time,” she smiled as she opened the door.

Clark was speechless as he looked her over.

“Wow!” he said.



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