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Kryptonian Consort 28/?

Kryptonian Consort
Genre: Drama, romance, old school Clois, AU
Rating: NC17 (overall)
Pairing: Clark/Lois, Kal-El/Lois
Spoilers: Season Four on
Feedback: Would make my day
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, or the scripts which are used liberally here, but if I did, oh boy would I have some fun!

Summary: Clark returns from the matrix where he has spent his summer only to meet the girl he decides is his destiny. And nobody better get in his way.

a/n: Banner once again designed by the lovely and talented miss ctbn60


Chapter Twenty-Eight

Clark was dressing for his usual weekend date with Lois, putting on a shirt that she’d told him was her favourite. He added a dash of cologne.

“Clark! Phone!”

Clark frowned. If Lois called, she would do so on his cellphone.

“Who is it, Mom?” he yelled.

“It’s Lana,” she yelled back.

Clark sighed. He quickly finished dressing and ran down the stairs to grab the phone.

“Lana?” he said.

“It’s Jason.” She sounded upset. “He ... I ... we were going to go out to lunch and, he ... collapsed. He’s in the hospital.”

How was this his problem? he asked himself. But it seemed like Lana really needed a friend right now. He quickly called Lois and told her about the call.

“Why would Lana call you?” she asked, sounding puzzled.

Clark shrugged. “I don’t know. But I might be a little late to pick you up.”

“Why don’t I drive down and meet you?” she said.

“Lo, it’s a three hour drive!”

“Not the way I drive,” she said, chuckling. “I’ll see you soon, honey, okay?”

Clark chuckled, shaking his head. She would never change.

He made his way to Smallville Medical Centre, only to find Lana had also called Chloe. She frowned at him.

“I thought you had a date with Lois?” she asked.

“Yeah, she’s going to meet me later.”

Chloe shrugged. “Still the same old Clark. Lana crooks her finger and you come running.”

He scowled at her. “I do not! Besides, Lana and I are way over.”

“Tell that to Lana. I mean, who did she call when she needed someone?”

“She called us both, Chloe. Because we’re her friends. That’s what friends do.”

“Even at the expense of dates with their significant others?” Chloe snarked.

Clark just shook his head, walking in long strides down the corridor so Chloe had to walk twice as fast to keep up. He got the feeling that Chloe was jealous of him and Lois together. She tried to cover it up but he realised now that it bothered her more than she let on.

He found Lana in the room, sitting by Jason’s bedside. The heart monitor was beeping at a frantic pace.

“Lana,” he said softly.

She turned, her face stricken. He could see she’d been crying.

“What happened?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t know. He came to take me out for lunch. I ran upstairs to grab a jacket and next thing I know I heard a crash and they told me he’d fallen from the top of the stairs onto a table.”

“What do the doctors say?” Clark asked, keeping a safe distance from the young brunette.

“His heart’s beating a mile a minute and they can’t get his blood pressure down. They say it’s like he’s in some sort of panic mode and they don’t have any answers why.”

“Can we do anything to help?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah, would you mind stopping by the apartment? They need his insurance card. I don’t want to leave him in case he wakes up.”

Clark nodded, glancing at the young man in the bed. He appeared to be flushed and sweating, his dark blonde hair looking darker than normal with the rivulets of sweat dripping down into the roots.

Lana looked at him intensely. “I’m sorry you had to break your date for this,” she said softly, but her gaze was saying something else. Clark felt a little taken aback by the intensity of that gaze. What was she trying to say? Then she looked apologetic. “I’m sorry. Your mom let it slip that you were going to go to Metropolis to see Lois.” She smiled softly. “I’m really glad you have someone like Lois, Clark. She makes you happy.”

Why did Clark get the feeling she wasn’t being sincere? As he drove with Chloe over to the Talon, he pondered the question. It seemed that Lana was never happy unless she was being pursued by every red-blooded heterosexual male in the county. Or maybe it was just that she was territorial when it came to her exes.

He’d been thinking for a while now that while Lana seemed to have publicly accepted his relationship with Lois, privately it was another matter. Or maybe it was just the way she had been acting since she’d come back from Paris. But there were too many maybes. Too many what ifs. It was doing his head in.

Chloe parked outside the Talon and they went up to the apartment. Clark found Jason’s backpack straight away and pulled out his wallet, putting the backpack on the counter. Chloe grabbed it and pulled out Jason’s Blackberry.

“Chloe, that’s ...”

He was going to say private, but then again, Chloe had always walked the fine line when it came to pursuing anything that might be a story. He’d had far too much experience on the other side of it.

“Don’t you want to know what’s caused this? Maybe he’s doing drugs or something.”

“Chloe, Jason wouldn’t do drugs.”

“Well, it’s just a thought,” she said, looking down at the screen. “Hey, he had a meeting at LuthorCorp this morning. Lana didn’t say anything about it.”

“Maybe Lana didn’t know,” he answered reasonably.

“He was supposedly studying. I asked Lana if she wanted to have lunch with me yesterday and she told me she and Jason were going to lunch after he’d finished studying for a history mid-term.”

“Why would he lie to her?”

The blonde shrugged. “Beats me.”

Clark called the mansion to see if he could talk to Lex, hoping he might shed some light on things, but was told Lex was at the plant. He and Chloe decided to head over to Plant Number Three. But when they got there, there was no guard on the gate and no apparent activity inside. There were cars in the parking lot, but not enough to indicate a full complement of staff.

“This place seems dead,” Clark commented to Chloe.

He watched as she took a swipe card from her pocket and frowned. Hang on, hadn’t her father lost his job? How would she have a security card? Especially one with a code that worked, he mused.

“Chloe, how did you ...”

“It’s called contacts, Clark,” she said, with a grin.

Clark shook his head in exasperation, even as Chloe gazed around.

“This lot should be full by now,” she commented.

“I wonder where everyone is,” Clark said.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you go see if you can talk to Lex while I take a backstage tour.”

“Chloe ...”

She turned and looked at him. “What?”

“I just ... look, uh, me and Lois ...”

“Can we just skip the soap opera of your life for one day, Clark? I don’t care about you and Lois. But I’ll tell you this ... if you ever hurt my cousin, I’ll hurt you.”

Yeah, that threat would have worked a lot better if she hadn’t been almost a foot shorter than him. Clark smirked at her. But Chloe just smiled back.

“You think I can’t, Clark? I’ve known you for nearly five years. Believe me, I have plenty of ways to hurt you without it being physical.”

“Okay, okay,” he said, holding up his hands in mock surrender. “And trust me, I’m not going to hurt her.”

“Yeah, you say that now. But look what happened with Lana.”

“What happened between Lana and I is not going to happen with Lois. We don’t have any secrets from each other.” But Chloe looked sceptical.

“Oh really? Why do I find that hard to believe?”

Clark wasn’t prepared to get into any discussion with her over his secrets. Lois knew everything and that was all that mattered to him. He watched as she headed off in one direction while he headed to the office. He knew the layout of the plant fairly well, having explored much of it when he’d been trying to stop Earl Jenkins three years earlier.

As he went to turn down one corridor, he heard Lex exclaiming angrily.

“Clark! How the hell did you get in here?”

He opted for the standard excuse. “The gate was open.”

Lex strode past him, down the corridor. Clark followed.

“Your security seems a little MIA lately.”

It was ironic really, since Lex’s security at the mansion was severely lacking, In fact, it had become something of a joke between them. Lex never asked him how he got through security and Clark never had to lie about it. And they never speculated on the number of attacks targeting Lex over the years. Or how they too had got through security. Lex just had them replaced every time they screwed up.

Lex wasn’t buying it.

“This is a restricted area.”

“I just need a minute,” Clark said. “They told me at the mansion you were here. I needed to talk to you about ...”

Lex stopped at a security phone and he spoke harshly into it.

“I need someone to escort a guest out.” He then turned back to Clark as he slammed the phone back in its cradle. “Look, Clark, I’m sorry.” But he didn’t look sorry at all. “I just got in from Metropolis and I have a lot to do.”

Clark frowned at him. “I thought you had a meeting with Jason this morning?”

Lex shook his head. “No. He was meeting with the head of my H. R. Department.”

“Are you giving him a job?”

Lex stopped and looked at him. “Just some leads,” he explained, a lot less abruptly. “I felt guilty for getting Jason fired from the school. He didn’t even want Lana to know about it. I’m surprised he told you.”

Clark shook his head. “He didn’t. Jason’s lying unconscious in the hospital. Some sort of neurological stress.”

Lex’s expression turned to one of concern and ... Clark couldn’t quite tell what it was.

“Do they know what happened?”

“No, but your HR guy might have been the last person to talk to him.”

“I’ll track him down, Clark, but there could be a lot of reasons for Jason’s condition,” Lex said dismissively.

“There could also be a lot of reasons why this place is deserted halfway through Saturday’s shift.”

Lex bristled visibly. Clark heard the security guard’s buggy coming up the corridor and the radio squawking. Lex turned away again.

“I’ll call in a specialist from Metropolis to take a look at him.” And Clark wanted to believe that Lex was just doing it because Jason was the boyfriend of a friend, but he couldn’t help wondering if there was more to it. “Tell Lana I’ll do everything I can,” Lex promised.

Clark was left to go with the security guard in the buggy. As they were headed toward the main gate, Chloe came running out of nowhere. Clark stared at her for a moment. She was screaming, stumbling from side to side. The guard stopped the buggy and started to get up. Clark quickly smacked him on the back of the head, hard enough to knock him out. He got out and grabbed Chloe, who was holding her arms awkwardly, still screaming.

Suddenly she collapsed in his arms. He gave her a cursory examination. She was feverish and her heart was beating incredibly fast. He sped off, leaving Chloe’s car at the side of the road, running with her to the hospital.

He deposited her with the doctors, hearing the panic in their voices.

“She’s the eighth one,” they said. “We better call in the CDC.”


As Lois drove through the centre of town, she could see something odd was going on. The streets, normally crowded, were almost deserted. She continued driving, frowning at the road in front of her. Clark hadn’t answered his cellphone either, which was unusual.

Flashing lights and the sound of a police siren came behind her and Lois pulled over to the side of the road. She hadn’t been speeding in town. If anything, she had been driving too slow.

Sheriff Adams stepped up to the driver’s side window.

“Afternoon Miss Lane.”

“Sheriff. Was I speeding?”

“No ma’am. But you got a busted tail light. I’ll let you off this time, because I’ve got bigger problems.”

“What’s going on?” Lois asked.

“Never you mind your pretty little head. You just get yourself on over to the Kents and stay out of trouble. And I’d get that tail light fixed if I were you.”

“I will, Sheriff. Thank you.”

The sheriff walked away leaving Lois with a puzzled frown. That had been ... well, weird was the only way to describe it. She waited for the sheriff to pull out then followed the road out to Hickory Lane, getting out of the car and walking up to the house. She could hear Clark inside.

“I heard them say eight people have come down with the same condition that Jason and Chloe have.”

She went in. “Clark? What’s wrong with Chloe?” she said, aware her voice had risen in concern for her cousin.

“The doctors aren’t sure,” he said, going to her and giving her a comforting hug. “But I’m sure Chloe will be okay.”

“The streets in town seemed deserted. What’s going on?”

“We think it may have something to do with LuthorCorp. Lex was being evasive when I talked to him.”

“Figures,” Lois snorted. Clark sent her a look. “Well, he’s always evasive when he’s done something wrong.”

“He’s stressed,” Clark said reasonably. “If whatever’s happening in town is happening at LuthorCorp then I’m not surprised he’s stressed.”

“That’s all very well, Smallville, but ... oh, you know what, never mind. I don’t want to get into an argument about Lex’s failings.”

“Do you really think Lex might have had something to do with this?”

Lois turned and looked at Lana, who had just come in the door. She looked upset. Then again, her boyfriend was in the hospital suffering from some mystery illness.

“Lana?” Martha said. “Are you all right?”

Lana shook her head. “One of the other victims just died. Old Mr Barrett.”

“Well, he was in his seventies,” Martha said. “And he wasn’t very well.”

Lana still looked upset. Lois glanced at Clark before turning back to the brunette.

“It’ll be okay,” she said. “I’m sure Jason ...”

Lana looked stricken at the mention of his name. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know where else to go. What were you saying about Lex?” she asked Clark.

“Both Jason and Chloe were at LuthorCorp when they were infected,” Jonathan told her.

“But that doesn’t explain some of the others,” Clark pointed out. “They weren’t at LuthorCorp. Whatever this is, it seems to be striking at random.”

“Maybe not,” Martha said. “It sounds like the contagion could be airborne, or in the water. Why don’t you and Lois go and see what you can find out?”

Lois looked at her boyfriend. “Hey, yeah, maybe it’ll show up in some environmental quality report.”

Clark nodded. “It’s worth a shot,” he said. “Come on.”

“I’m coming too,” Lana said. “I can’t sit in that hospital just waiting ...” She choked. “Waiting for Jason to ... the doctors said his heart can only take so much.”

Clark bit his lip and Lois nodded slightly. At least it might distract Lana from worrying about Jason.

Clark had a key to get into the school on weekends so that he and Chloe could work on the paper. He led them into the Torch office and switched on the computer, tapping his fingers impatiently on the desk as he waited for the computer to log on.

Lois watched Lana. She seemed to be acting awfully clingy to Clark, which was kind of rude, she thought. But she said nothing. Lana was probably doing it unconsciously.

“So, Jason was in town by nine o’clock,” Lana said, as Clark accessed the satellite images.

“And according to the hourly reports, we had clear skies all morning.”

“Hourly?” Lois asked. “Can’t you get more specific?”

“I can try,” Clark said, looking up at her and grinning fondly. She put a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it, pretending not to see the way Lana almost glared at her. Clark was hers and if she had to make that very non-subtle point to the girl he’d had a crush on then she was going to make it.

“I just don’t understand why Jason wouldn’t tell me he had a meeting with Lex.”

Clark still had his eyes on the computer. “It wasn’t with Lex. It was with his HR manager. Or so Lex told me. Anyway, it might have been a blow to his pride, accepting Lex’s offer.”

“Considering Lex was the one who got Jason fired in the first place,” Lois said snarkily.

“Lois, that’s really not helping.”

“Sorry. You’re right.”

“I don’t know. I’ve been getting this feeling lately there’s something he isn’t telling me.”

Clark shrugged. “Well, maybe he thought you’d see him differently if you found out.”

“Do I really strike you as that shallow, Clark?”

Lois bit back a retort. Yes, she did think Lana was that shallow. Clark glanced up at Lois before looking at Lana.

“No,” he said honestly. “It might just take him a while to get to know you as well as I do, that’s all.”

There was a beep and all three of them turned their attention back to the screen.

“What was that?” Lois asked, seeing some sort of disturbance in the atmosphere above the town.

“Looks like that cloud came out of nowhere,” he said.

“And it’s completely gone five minutes later,” Lana said, peering at the screen.

“It covered two miles before it dissipated.”

“Why would it just appear like that?” Lois said, frowning at Lana, who looked just as puzzled.

“What if it’s not a cloud. Maybe pollution, or smoke or something.”

Lana pointed on the screen. “That’s the county line. And Chloe’s house is right in the middle of it.”

“So is LuthorCorp.”

Lois watched as Clark selected the printer and got up to grab the printout. Lana, meanwhile, was acting very odd. As if she was scratching at something, then staring at nothing. Suddenly she began to scream. Lois moved fast, grabbing hold of Lana as she fell backwards. Lois looked up at Clark.

“What the hell’s going on, Smallville?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “Look, you take Lana’s car back to the farm.” He took Lana from her. “Go check on mom and dad. I’m going to take Lana to the hospital.”

Lois nodded. She leaned forward and kissed him, realising she hadn’t kissed him today.

“Be careful,” she said.

“I will. You too. We don’t really know what’s out there.”


Clark ran at speed to the hospital and yelled for one of the doctors. He saw Dr Scanlon talking to Lex. Then the doctor helped him get Lana onto a gurney. Clark grabbed Lex’s arm.

“Did you know how this when I talked to you earlier?”

Lex shook his head. “Clark, other than Jason, I had no idea anyone outside of LuthorCorp was exposed. You have to believe me.”

Clark nodded. “What is this stuff?” he asked.

Suddenly the main doors burst open and two ambulance officers rushed in with a stretcher. Clark stared at the woman on the stretcher.

“Car accident. Ran into a power pole. She’s not badly hurt, but she’s got the same symptoms as some of the others.”

“No! Lois!” Clark cried.

He followed them out as they took Lois on the stretcher to one of the few remaining beds, hooking her up quickly to a heart monitor. Her face was cut by glass but she looked otherwise okay. He sat with her, taking her hand.

“I’m here, Lois,” he said.

As if that wasn’t enough the building began to shake. Clark stared in horror as a huge meteor struck the outer wall, demolishing it in one fell swoop. This couldn’t be happening, he thought. This couldn’t be happening.

More meteors began to strike and Clark turned back to Lois, just as another meteor struck the outer wall of her room, crushing everything in its path. Including Lois’ bed.

“Nooooo!!!” he screamed. “Lois!”

Clark sat up, feeling disoriented. He was on a bed in one of the examining rooms. He could feel his heart pounding, then slowly settle into a normal rhythm. Jumping off the bed, he hurried out, running into Dr Scanlon.


“I need to find my parents,” he said, his voice rising in fear. “Where are they?”

The doctor tried to calm him. “They haven’t been admitted. Clark, you’re the first patient to come out of this. You better sit down.”

Clark pulled away. “No, I feel fine,” he said.

He ran out, speeding to the farm. Lois came running out, jumping into his arms.

“Lois, thank God you’re okay.”

“I’m fine, but Clark, your parents ...”

Fear caused his stomach to lurch as he followed her inside. The kitchen and dining room were a mess and the phone was off the hook. Dad was lying on the hardwood floor, unconscious. And mom was a few feet away, also unconscious.

“God,” he moaned.

Lois grabbed his arm. “Look, just let me worry about getting them to the hospital,” she said.

“Why aren’t you infected?” he asked. “Even I ...”

“I don’t know. Maybe because I wasn’t in town when it happened. Clark, you need to do something.”

“Lex!” Clark said. “He knows about this.”

“Then go talk to him. Hurry!”

Clark nodded, kissing her quickly, and ran to the plant. He sped through the corridors until his hearing picked up the sound of Lex’s voice. He was in the lab.

“Lex!” he called out. “You’re running out of time.”

The scientist who had been talking to Lex frowned at Clark. “How did you get past security?” he asked. Lex shook his head.

“It’s okay.” He frowned at Clark. “I don’t understand. I left you in the hospital. “What happened?”

“My parents are in there now.”

Lex looked stricken. “Clark ... I’m sorry.”

Clark shook his head. “Lana, Chloe, Jason ... they’re all going to die if you don’t do something.”

“What would you suggest I do?” Lex said. “Even I can’t perform miracles.”

Clark considered the situation for a moment. For all his parents’ warnings about keeping his secret, there was much more at stake here than that. If it could help ...

“Use me. I came out of it. There must be something in me that can help.”

Dr Ford scoffed. “Look, even if your immune system could offer us some sort of insight – those kinds of tests take months, even years to analyse.”

There was reluctance in Lex’s expression. As much as he wanted Clark’s secrets, he clearly realised that now was not the time.

“He’s right. Look, we have an antidote, which we can test in a few hours.”

“There’s no time,” Clark insisted.

Lex shook his head. “The antidote needs to be heated to a thousand degrees Calvin until it clears.” Clark followed his gaze and saw the small bottles of antidote containing a blue coloured liquid. “Otherwise it’s useless.”

Clark sighed, dejected. Lex turned away to talk to Dr Ford and Clark took the chance, using his heat vision to heat the antidote until the temperature gauge showed the correct temp. Then the cooling system kicked in.

Startled, Lex turned and took the antidote and the injector gun. Dr Ford tried to stop him. As Clark watched, Lex’s eyes rolled up in the back of his head and he fell. Clark caught him, lowering him to the floor. Within about a minute, Lex woke. He seemed okay.

“It worked,” Dr Ford said happily. “I’m going to get this to the hospital.”

Within hours, the antidote proved to be effective, curing all those infected. Fortunately, Lois was not infected. Clark wondered if the reason for that had been that the toxin had taken time to work its way into the immune system.

He followed his parents and Lois into the house and hesitated, seeing again the vision of his parents lying on the floor. Lois rubbed his arm.

“Okay there, Smallville?”

“It’s just going to take a few days before I can walk into that room and not get a flash of mom and dad unconscious on the floor.”

“Well, thanks for cleaning up,” Mom said.

Clark smiled. “Well, somebody did a number on that lamp back there,” he said, nodding in the direction of the corner. “It must have been some nightmare you had.”

“Then we woke up to find it had almost come true,” Dad said.

Lois shook her head. “Smallville, I can’t believe you walked right into Lex’s office and almost gave up your secret.”

“Who knows what they would have done to you?” Mom added.

“I just didn’t see that I had any other choice,” he answered.

“Well, we can honestly say we’re glad you didn’t have to in the end,” Dad said. “Now go on. Scram the two of you. It’s been quite an eventful couple of days and I’m guessing you two haven’t been able to spend much time together.”

“We do still have that date, Smallville,” Lois reminded him.

“Yeah, raincheck?” he asked his consort.

“It’s a good thing you’re good for it,” Lois answered.

Clark grinned and took her hand, walking out to the barn with her. They sat on the sofa together.

“What did you dream about?” Lois asked. “You didn’t say.”

“I dreamed that you got infected as well and were in a car crash. And then there was a meteor shower and you were ...” He tightened his hand on hers. “You were crushed. I couldn’t save you.”

Lois lifted his hand, pressing it to her chest.

“I’m right here,” she said softly. “And I promise. I’m not going anywhere.”

“But that’s the thing, Lois. My worst nightmare is that I can’t protect you. That I’ll end up alone. And that’s what scares me the most.”

“Clark, look at me.”

He turned his head to look into her beautiful hazel eyes.

“Lois, I ...”

“Clark, whatever happens, we are in this together, okay? We will face it together. And I promise that you will never be alone. Even if I have to come back from the dead and haunt your cute ass.”

“Cute, huh? So you’re saying that you’ll come back as a ghost just to drive me crazy.”

“You bet your cute ass,” she said, grinning, pressing her lips to his. And Clark put his arm around his beautiful consort, pulling her closer as their kiss became more heated. He slowly lowered her to the sofa cushions. Lois giggled. “Smallville!”


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