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Harry Potter Seven, Part Two



I have been waiting and waiting for this since November when I saw part one. Which probably says how boring my life is if I get excited waiting for a movie.

Anyway, I went to see it tonight – the late show, as it’s Friday night here (or as I’m writing this, just after midnight Saturday morning).

Some thoughts:

I didn’t see the first movie (Philosopher's Stone) in the theatre. I think I got the DVD when I heard how good it was and that was my first introduction to Harry Potter. I didn’t get the books until much, much later.

Personally, I think the whole world of witchcraft and wizardry had been much maligned before Harry Potter came along, although there are some who refuse to allow their kids to read the series for various reasons. And as much as I love a certain television show, I don’t appreciate the way they try to paint it as evil. But that’s my opinion, I suppose. I do know my pagan history, and some Christian history and I guess when it comes to both sides, as they say, ‘Never the twain shall meet.’

What I do like about this series is it has got children reading. There is something about the story that has captured the imagination, and encouraged kids to use their own imagination. It’s the classic theme of good vs evil, finding your own strengths and your own path.

And it feels like the end of an era, in a way. Eight movies based on the seven books have been released in ten years. And what a ride it has been!

I’ve already posted thoughts about the first part of Deathly Hallows and I’ve heard a few things since that movie was released. For one, many have criticised the way it drags in the middle. Here, I think, is where the movie let itself down just a bit. Mind you, in the book itself, this is more or less the part where you see more into the characters’ minds, including Dumbledore. And it’s hardly something that can be explored very well in the movie.

Part Two: The Verdict

As I said above, I was looking forward to this movie, and I was not disappointed. Except for the epilogue. I heard a few titters at the end and, rather than give it away, I will just say that in some respects those titters were justified. It wasn’t done all that believably, tbh.

Rather than review the movie, which will just spoil it for everyone else, I will just say a few things.

There were a few scenes that were very well done. Especially in terms of visual and special effects. The fight scenes were suitably climactic and had me on the edge of my seat. Which could be kind of embarrassing in a full theatre. But hey, as long as the girl sitting next to me didn’t mind me getting into the movie, I don’t mind either.

Voldemort looked even more monstrous, and the visual effects there were fantastic. The actor played his part incredibly well.

Kudos to two more actors. Firstly, to Helena Bonham Carter. She more or less played two parts in this movie and she did it extremely well. Maggie Smith was just delightful as McGonagall in one particular scene and I had a good chuckle at her line.

Alan Rickman was, once again, the consummate actor. I only have one quibble. In one scene, the make-up around his eyes was just too dark. His eyes looked extremely sunken and I have no idea what effect they were aiming for but it didn’t work for me.

I know the book has an epilogue, but I kind of think in the movie they should have finished it before the epilogue, or else used different actors for it. But that’s just my opinion.

All up, I’ll give it a nine out of ten rating. It was a fitting end to the series and while it did bug me that it had to be in two parts, I can see why they wanted to do the last book justice in this way.



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Jul. 16th, 2011 09:50 am (UTC)
Very nicely expressed thoughts without giving away any spoilers! I haven't read any of the books, and saw only the first three movies, all on television, none at the theater. Just from the previews and now also from your words, I think it will be well worth seeing this last one of the series on the BIG screen.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.
Jul. 16th, 2011 06:28 pm (UTC)
It is well worth seeing on the big screen. I haven't seen the 3D version so I don't know how well it translates in 3D but the 2D version is great. But if you haven't seen Part One, you would need to as this one is a continuation of that movie.
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