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October 14th, 2017

Going from bad to worse

 Why is it that when I ask for help I never seem to get it? 

I posted asking people to help me find someone who can do an assessment on the flat I rent. I posted a simple message asking for a contact as I don't want the owner of the property to find out what I'm doing. I've been told this place is badly neglected and needs a lot of work, which I already knew, but I wanted someone to give me a written report and an estimate on what actually needs to be done and the cost. Then I want to take that f***ing bitch to court. If she wants to raise my rent, then she's in for a fight. She's let this place go and refuses to spend money to maintain it or to make it secure. I live in am area known for high crime and previous gang activity and if that stupid woman thinks she can base the rent on the value of other properties without taking these things into account then I'm going to fight her tooth and nail. The trouble is, I can't afford to pay a builder anything and there is no way I can pay for any of the maintenance work to be done. 

I'm so angry at the world right now. No one seems to give a shit.

Oh, and I am still waiting on my goddamn royalty cheque from Amazon. According to my stats, I reached the threshold at the end of July and they were supposed to have sent the cheque at the end of August. That was six f***ing weeks ago! You cannot tell me it takes more than six weeks for something to get to New Zealand from the US! Especially just an envelope. Unless customs have decided to hold it up, but for what? JFC it's $100 not thousands of dollars. 


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