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The Return of Lex Luthor 85/?

The Return of Lex Luthor

Genre: Drama
Characters: Clark, Lois, Lex, OC, Perry White, Justice League

Pairings: Clois, Lex/OC
Rating: Mostly PG but some chapters R
Disclaimer: The characters of Smallville and the DC comic universe belong to the producers, writers etc. The original character is mine but is not, I repeat, not a real person, although they are drawn from real life for the sake of realism. Any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is coincidence.

Summary: Lex Luthor returns with a few surprises. And he seems to be a changed man. Can Clark trust him? Should he?

a/n: Banner by the lovely and extremely talented [info]ctbn60 

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Chapter Eighty-Five

Clark went back out to join his friends, still unable to believe that he was now a father. Oliver clapped him on the back.

“Congratulations, Dad,” he said. “Oh and Dinah sent her congrats too.”

Clark grinned tiredly at his friend. “So when are you going to make an honest woman of her?” he asked.

“Uh ... You know, I think we could all use a drink. You know, to wet the baby’s head. I think that’s the tradition.”

They chose a bar about a block from the hospital. Martha and Sam bowed out, saying they were just going to go to the house and get some dinner, then turn in. Julia glared at Ollie. “Any excuse, huh, Ollie?”

He looked back at her innocently. “What did I do?” he said.

Julia said nothing, just continuing to glare. As Clark walked along the corridor with his friend, he glanced at Julia. Then he turned back to his best friend and whispered to him.

“What’s up with Jules?” he asked.

“She had another fight with Bruce. Apparently he’s planning on suing her for custody of the baby. Before he’s even born.”

“What?” It seemed Bruce had suddenly turned into an asshole and he was hurting Julia in the process. “He knows how much this means to Jules, right?” he said. “I mean, she didn’t think she’d ...”

“Yeah, I know,” Oliver whispered back. “But I think he got jealous of how close she’s been getting with Lex lately.”

“I know you guys are whispering about me,” Julia said, turning on them. “My problems with Bruce are my concern. Not yours.”

Clark put an arm around her shoulder. “Jules, you’re our friend. And we don’t like seeing you get hurt.”

They found a small bar a block from the hospital. Julia sunk down on the scratched vinyl covered cushion of the back booth while Clark and Oliver went to get drinks. They were back five minutes later with juice for her. Clark was drinking coke and Oliver was holding a glass of what looked like orange juice. Julia cocked an eyebrow at him.

“I did say a drink,” he said. “I didn’t say what kind.”

Julia laughed, then she looked at both men apologetically. “I’m sorry guys. It’s just, this whole thing with Bruce is wearing me down. And the pregnancy I guess is making me a little nuts. The thing is, I know Lex is manipulating the situation, just to get a rise out of Bruce, and it’s working.”

Clark looked at her, puzzled. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well, remember the, uh, night I got pregnant? You know how Bruce and I started fighting again the next day? You and Lex and Lois came in right in the middle of it?”

Clark had noticed how Lex had immediately hugged her, right in front of Bruce. He’d noticed that Lex had been trying to keep a close relationship with her, and it was making Bruce jealous as hell.

“I know he’s only doing it because he loves me and wants to protect me, but sometimes I just wish he’d back off a little. He knows I won’t go back to him.”

“I kind of understand how he feels though,” Clark told her. “It must hurt him to know that you’re in love with someone else.”

“Someone who can’t see past his own stupid issues to be with me,” she said darkly.

“Jules,” Oliver began, putting a hand over hers. “Much as I hate to say this about Bruce, considering what we’ve all been fighting for in the past few months, he’s an asshole who doesn’t deserve you. You could do so much better than him.”

Julia looked at him with such warmth and affection that he almost blushed. “Yeah, but you’re already taken Ollie,” she said.

Oliver laughed and kissed her on the cheek. “I love you too, Jules,” he said, grinning. “Just not enough to risk life and limb.”

“Bite me,” she answered cheekily.

Oliver turned back to Clark. “So what happened in the Zone?”

Clark quickly filled the two of them in on what had happened with Darkseid.

“So the Zone collapsed. Any idea what might have happened to it?”

“I don’t know. But I’m wondering if it affected anything on Earth.”

“The only one who can really answer that is you, Clark,” Julia said. “Since we were here, if there were any changes to the reality, then we won’t remember them. Our minds will have adjusted to the change.”

“Nothing feels different?” Oliver said.

Clark shook his head. “Mind you, I’ve been fairly preoccupied since I got back. What with the baby and everything.” He smacked his forehead. “Ahh, Perry.”

“What about him?” Julia asked.

“Mom will probably have called him and told him Mara’s arrived. He was expecting a full report from me.”

“Not to mention Jor-El,” Oliver said. “I mean, I know he’s just a memory download, but don’t you think he’d want to know about her?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I think Jor-El might also know if anything’s changed.”

“You should talk to Lex, too,” Julia said.

“Yeah. He did say something about an explosion in the stratosphere,” Oliver reminded Clark.

“You think it’s possible some of the inmates escaped to Earth? Like last time?” Clark asked.

“Only you can answer that,” Oliver told him.

Clark left his friends shortly after that, heading first to Perry’s office. As expected, the editor was still working, despite the late hour.

“Well, news never sleeps,” he often told his reporters.

Clark knocked on his door. Perry looked up and grinned.

“I hear congratulations are in order. Martha tells me she’s a beauty.”

“Like her mom,” Clark returned.

“Spoken like a true new father. I take it you also know what happened with Darkseid?”

Clark knew that Perry knew the truth about his being Superman, but continued to maintain the illusion, for appearances’ sake, or so his mother had told him.

“Superman and Darkseid were sucked into the Phantom Zone.”

“Which is?” Perry prompted.

“An inter-dimensional prison holding criminals from twenty-eight known galaxies. It also somehow strips any beings of any powers they might have.”

Clark filled him in on the rest. He still had to figure out what had happened in the Zone, but at least he was able to give his boss some idea.

Clearly, Brainiac’s prediction about the machine hadn’t come true. This reality still had Darkseid in it. So it was possible that very little had changed. Which came as a great relief. But he still needed to be sure. And the answer was at the Fortress, which was his next port of call.

“Congratulations, my son,” Jor-El told him as he entered the Fortress. “My only regret is that your mother and I are not there to share in your happiness.”

“Thank you, Father.”

“And now I sense you have questions. You are correct. Very little has changed. However, I must warn you that Darkseid may have been defeated, but his darkness has not. There are some, even in those you would call allies, who remain unbalanced. Their darkness may consume them.”

Clark thought back to Bruce and his behaviour of late.

“You’re talking about Bruce,” he said.

“Yes, my son. There is much darkness in the one known to Gotham, and the world, as Batman. You must help him to see the light, or he will continue down a dark path. You have a difficult journey ahead of you my son. The battle has been won, but the war is not over yet.”

Clark wondered too about Lex. He knew how it felt to have unrequited love, and he knew it could also turn bad. It seemed there was a constant power play over Julia between Lex and Bruce, and it had to be bad if even Julia had cottoned on to it.

By the time Clark made it back to the hospital, it was getting dark and Lois was awake. She was sitting up in bed, holding their daughter. It made such a perfect picture that he couldn’t help himself. He’d picked up the camera Oliver had given him for his birthday, which Julia had packed in Lois’ things before Oliver had picked her up and took a snapshot.

Lois looked up.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” he answered, sitting on the bed. “Sorry I was away so long. I went to the fortress to talk to Jor-El.” He smiled gently and stroked her thigh. “How are you?”

“Sore, but I forget all about that when I look at her face. She’s so perfect, Clark. I can’t believe we made this.”

Clark couldn’t wipe the smile off his face either as he looked down at his beautiful daughter. She had thick, dark, wavy locks, a pert little nose and rosy cheeks. Lois was stroking her daughter’s cheek and the little face turned toward her as if seeking out something.

“Looks like she’s hungry,” Clark said.

“Help me?” Lois asked, leaning forward so Clark could undo her hospital gown. “The nurse showed me how to breastfeed, but I still need a bit of help.”

Clark nodded, moving to support her as their daughter latched on to Lois’ breast. Lois winced.

“Ow. Nobody told me this was supposed to hurt at first.”

“Your breasts are probably still sensitive,” Clark told her. “And I don’t think it really hurts, just feels weird.”

“Been reading the Breastfeeding For Dummies book again?” Lois quipped, watching in fascination as the baby began to get the idea of suckling.

“You’re lucky you’re gorgeous, Lane,” he retorted. “And the mother of my child.”

“Right backatcha,” she murmured.

He rubbed her back soothingly, still watching as the baby continued to suckle, making small noises that seemed to mesmerise him. He would never admit it to anyone but Lois but he was already besotted with his tiny daughter. He could just never imagine anything so perfect.

Mara pulled away from her mother’s breast and started to cry. Lois shifted uncomfortably and Clark grabbed a wipe from the table beside her, helping her to gently clean around the nipple.

“Let me take her,” he said softly as Lois slumped back against the pillows. Mara was becoming fractious and he gently picked her up, supporting her head as he held her on his shoulder, gently rubbing her back. Lois did up her gown again and made herself more comfortable while Clark soothed his daughter. The baby began to make soft cooing noises once again as he settled her tummy and paced slowly across the room. The movements soon had the baby falling fast asleep.

Putting her down in the bassinet, Clark went back to his wife, sitting on the bed and holding her hand. Lois was still looking tired, but then again, she had just given birth a few short hours ago.

“Perry sends his love,” he said.

“Mm,” she said, relaxing as he stroked her hand. “So what happened in the Phantom Zone?”

For the third time that day, Clark told the story of Darkseid’s defeat. Then he told her what Jor-El had told him in the Fortress.

“He’s right, you know,” Lois said sleepily. “Bruce does have that darkness in him. So does Lex. I think the only thing that really keeps them both from slipping completely is Jules.”

“It’s a huge burden to place on her.”

“Yeah, it is,” Lois agreed. “And it’s not fair. But what can we do?”

“Julia’s always said she won’t be used as a crutch. By either of them.”

“I hate to say this, Smallville, but this is her problem. We can only do so much, but she’s the one who needs to deal with both of them. I mean, it sounds like she already knows what they’re doing.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

She gave him a small smile. “I’m always right.”


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Oct. 13th, 2010 06:21 pm (UTC)
So nice to see a return of this epic series again, and I'm just starting out with mine. O_o

Great new chapter honey! *hugs Leanne* Keep up the awesomeness!
Oct. 14th, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter hon.
Oct. 13th, 2010 11:49 pm (UTC)
Awesome to see this again. I don't understand about the darkness being in Bruce and Lex. Lex is trying to do better. I also can't see bruce trying to take the child. That will be the final nail in the coffin as far as Julia is concerned I'm afraid. I'd hold batman over his head if it was me. But I can be a bitch! Great continuation.
Oct. 14th, 2010 05:50 am (UTC)
Ah, but you notice Lex is still trying to come between Julia and Bruce by using the friendship for his own ends. As for Bruce turning into an asshole, well, it's the green-eyed monster. He's almost as bad as Lex when it comes to Julia. But Julia's on to both of them.
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