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The Seduction Plan 8/21

seduction plan Pairing: Kal/Lois
Rating: NC17 (eventually)
Characters: Perry, Lex, Kal, Lois
Feedback: Yes please
Genre: Drama, romance, AU
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters. Just taking off a few parts and changing them around and giving them new ones. Will put them back when I'm done.

Summary: Total AU where Kal grows up a Luthor and becomes publisher of the Daily Planet only to meet and decide to seduce its star reporter, Lois Lane.



Part Eight

Kal let go of her wrist and let her open the door. He followed her in before she could close the door on him.

“Lex told me about your lunch date.”

Lois turned on him. “Jealous?”

“Of you and Lex? I know my brother. And he told me what you were doing. Lois, I don’t want you covering this story.”

“You came down here to take me off the story?”

Kal wasn’t sure how he could answer that. He’d called Lex after the lunch date and asked him for details. He’d been immediately worried when Lex told him Lois was investigating Intergang and their father’s past dealings with Morgan Edge. He knew Lionel wouldn’t do anything, but Morgan Edge was another story. And he hadn’t known how to approach this without making it seem like he was doing it because he had something to hide. His concern was genuine.

“So, tell me, Kal, why do you want me off the story?” Lois asked, impatient with his silence. “Afraid I’ll dig up some nasty little skeletons you Luthors thought you had buried?”

“No,” he protested. “I’m worried about you. Tangling with Intergang is dangerous.”

“I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.”

“Lois, please,” he said, grabbing her hand.

“No,” she told him, shaking him off. “First things first. You are not my boyfriend, so you don’t have the right to be concerned about me. And second, just because you’re my boss, it doesn’t mean you get to dictate what stories I investigate. I’m an investigative reporter, and it’s my beat. So back off.”

She was wrong about that. The fact was, he was her boss and he did have the right to tell her to drop a story. He knew her well enough though that that wouldn’t work. Lois would chase the story anyway, with or without his approval.

Lois had crossed the room and was taking a pitcher of juice from the refrigerator. Kal crossed the distance between her, grabbing her arm and forcing her to look at him.

“Lois, I’m asking you, please, do not investigate this. You could get seriously hurt.”

She tried pushing him away, but he stood there, with just enough strength so her push would have no effect.

“I refuse to back down just because something is dangerous.”

“I bet if the Blur asked you to, you’d back down.”

Lois pulled away. “No, I wouldn’t,” she said. “Because you know the difference between you and the Blur?”


“He at least inspires people to get out there and do something rather than stand back and wait for someone else to help. And he certainly doesn’t wait for an opportunity for good PR!”

Ouch! It didn’t matter that he was the Blur. It was the Luthor name she was getting at. Maybe she was right. That Lex, and Lionel before him, didn’t always step up when others felt they should, but that was because it wasn’t good business to do so. Lex had his shareholders to think about.

Kal growled. “You know what? You want to talk about me not having the right to tell you what to do. Well, you don’t have the right to continue to criticise me or my family when you know nothing about the Luthors. All you know is what you’ve read in the tabloids and most of the time all they write is nothing but slander and conjecture. And believe me, Lois Lane, you are far from perfect! So save the holier-than-thou attitude for someone who cares!”

“You bastard,” she shot back, her eyes huge with indignation. “You break into my building and then proceed to lecture me about my attitude? You’re the womanising asshole who decided to drop me rather than take a chance on something good.”

She started beating her fists against his chest and he decided to grab her wrists before she could hurt herself. She struggled against his hold.

“For your information, Lane, I didn’t break in. I just waited until someone let me in. I’m not a complete jerk. And by the way, you’re the one who assumed I wanted to break it off when you had a temper tantrum in my car.”

Maybe he had been going to break it off, but she was the one who had made that move first, not him. Lois stopped struggling for a moment, his words sinking in.

They both stood there, staring at each other, not moving. Kal wasn’t sure who made the first move, but suddenly his lips were on hers and he was kissing her as if she was his lifeline. And Lois wasn’t resisting. Her mouth opened under his, letting him thrust his tongue in. But she was giving as good as she was getting and their tongues battled for dominance.

Kal lifted her in his arms, his passion overriding his common sense as he continued to kiss her. Her arms were around his neck as he carried her into what he hoped was her bedroom. She started to struggle and he put her down.

“We shouldn’t do this,” she said.

“Do what?” he asked.

She slapped his shoulder. “You know what.”

Kal backed her up against the wall of her bedroom, arms outstretched, his hands flat against the wall, either side of her head. She couldn’t escape, even if she’d wanted to. But the look on her face clearly showed she was fighting this. Fighting her attraction to him.

He leaned closer to her, his lips just a centimetre away from hers. He could feel her breath on the tiny hairs on his face.

“Stop it,” she whispered.

“I’m not doing anything,” he told her.

“You’re making me crazy.”

“You’ve been doing that to me the moment I met you, Lois,” he said.

“I hate you!”


“What do you want from me, Kal?” she whispered, so softly that if he hadn’t had super-hearing he might not have picked it up.

“Lois,” he whispered back, before claiming her lips with his once again. She closed her eyes, moaning, back against the wall. He felt her arms creep around his neck and he moved his hands down to her waist, seeking out the waistband of her skirt, slipping a finger inside so he could pull out the hem of her shirt. As his fingers touched the bare skin of her stomach, she shivered, then opened her eyes again.

Her arms moved from around his neck to his chest and she pushed back. Kal didn’t resist. He’d felt the change in her and knew the exact moment when she’d decided to give in to her passion. He let her push him back, her hand on his arm turning him so she could now push him against the wall. Standing on tip toe, she crashed her lips against his, her hands splayed against his chest.

Kal chose the path of least resistance as she pulled his shirt open with a practiced hand. Sometimes it just felt good to let go and let the woman make all the moves, and Lois was definitely doing all that. Maybe the morning after he’d regret this, but right now, all he could think about was the beautiful woman kissing him, the hands on his chest, feeling every contour of his pecs. His body bucked as her searching fingers found his nipple and Lois twisted it between thumb and forefinger.

“God, Lois!” he moaned.

She pulled away, moving down his body to lick and suck his nipples and he lifted his hands to her head, carding his fingers through her hair. As he felt her hands on his belt, he wondered if he should stop this before they both did something they might regret, but he was too caught up in his own passion, gasping as her hand brushed his erection through the wool trousers he wore. That had been deliberate, he decided. She was teasing him.

Cool air hit his erection and he was beginning to regret his habit of going commando. Today, at least. But instead of the air having a negative effect on his cock, it was making him harder. And Lois was on her knees, staring up at him. Anyone watching would have thought it was in submission, but the look on her face showed it was anything but. She was definitely the one in control here. She was licking her lips as if eyeing a delicious treat and he was helpless to stop her as she leaned forward and closed her mouth around the tip of his uncut cock. So much for being a super-powered alien, he thought wryly.

Her fingers were working his shaft, pulling the foreskin down so she could lick the bead of pre-cum gathering around the slit. He hit his head against the wall, barely conscious enough to remember to hold back on his strength so he didn’t dent it.

Kal fought to control himself, his eyes feeling hot. Oh no, he thought, not now. Lois paused, her mouth slipping off his cock with a faint pop and she looked up at him.

“Say something?” she said, almost teasingly.

Kal didn’t trust himself to say anything and she just shrugged and went back to licking his shaft, tracing the vein underneath, while he closed his eyes and fought against the heat. The trouble was, his whole body was beginning to feel like it was on fire and he was dripping wet with perspiration. He hadn’t felt like this since the first time he’d developed the heat vision.

He could feel wet heat engulfing him as Lois took him in her mouth, stopping just short of his full length. Kal didn’t dare thrust, worried he might lose control and hurt her, so he let her control it, her head bobbing as she fucked him with her mouth. The pressure was building and he tightened his fists, leaning against the wall for balance.

“Lois, I’m going to ...” he warned, but she didn’t withdraw, taking everything he had to give.

He slumped against the wall, panting for breath, as she finally stood up. Relieved that his eyes were no longer burning, he opened them and looked at her. Her eyes were blazing, but not with passion.

“You’ve got what you wanted,” she said. “Now get out.”

He stood at his full height, looking down at her, grabbing her arms and pulling her into him. She gasped.

“We’re not done by a long shot,” he growled.

Almost brutally, he crashed his lips on hers, kissing her roughly, but not too rough that it would hurt her. Lois whimpered as his fingers pulled at the buttons on her blouse. Impatient with the small fastenings, Kal gave up, tearing the fabric in his haste to get it off her.

“That’s my favourite shirt,” she told him indignantly.

“I’ll buy you a new one,” he muttered, before kissing her again, then walking her backwards to the bed. He then did the same with her skirt, uncaring as it ripped in two. Lois tried to push him away as he lowered her to the bed, before he took off his shoes and kicked off his pants. The bed dipped beneath him as he straddled her hips. He reached up, running a hand down her torso, between her breasts, lingering lightly on the apex of her thighs, before moving back up until her body arched in response.

Dipping his head to kiss her briefly, he lowered himself to lie beside her, his lips moving down to her throat. He sucked on the smooth skin, his tongue tasting her, while his nostrils filled with the light flowery scent of her perfume. He pulled her onto her side, his hand at her waist. Her skin was almost feverish and he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her at this moment.

He continued exploring with his mouth and hands, lips closing over her breast. He sucked the nipple into his mouth, hearing her gasp and delighting in her shudder in response. His hand brushed her sex and she moaned softly. But it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. He wanted to taste her, feel her come apart.

Lifting her so he was now on his back and she on top, he pulled her up so she sat with her thighs either side of his head. Kal put his hands on her ass, lifting her up slightly. He noticed Lois put her hands on the wall above her bed, guessing his intent as he used his hands to hold her in place while he buried his nose in her soft curls, tongue flicking out to lick her clit.

Her body rose and fell in an easy rhythm as he slowly fucked her with his tongue, alternating between licking the nub of her clit and burying his tongue inside her. She began mewing sounds of pleasure. Urged on by her response, Kal moved his hands to separate her thighs, giving him the room to push his thumbs in between, splitting the folds of skin as he thrust deep with his tongue.

“Oh god!” she cried out.

He could tell she was fighting for control and he sped up his thrusts, moving into almost super-speed. Her hand thumped against the wall as her own rhythm sped up, but he kept as tight a hold as he dared on her, ensuring she kept her balance.

“God, yes, yes, yes,” she cried out, punctuating each cry with a thump against the wall. Then exactly as he predicted, she came apart in his hands, head flung back, mouth open in silent wail of ecstasy. Before she could fall, he moved his hands back to her waist, supporting her as he lay her down on the bed.

She looked up at him, eyes glazed over with lust. She held out her arms for him.

“I don’t have anything,” he whispered. He hadn’t exactly planned this.

“It’s okay,” she whispered back. “Please Kal, I want you.”

He moved over her, careful not to squash her with his bulk. He looked deep into her eyes.

“Are you sure?”

Lois reached down between them, taking his cock, once more hard as steel, and guiding him. Levering himself up on his hands, he positioned himself at her entrance, the tip of him pushing just inside her. She continued to look up at him, her eyes begging. Decision made, he pushed, breaching her fully and her body arched against him.

Oh god, he thought. The feeling of being inside her, filling her, was incredible. As her body welcomed him, it really did feel as if they belonged together. As if they fit. It was destiny.

He pulled out and thrust back in again, a little harder this time, and her muscles stretched, then contracted, holding him almost like a vice grip. And Kal felt he had died and gone to heaven.

Early dawn brought the harsh reality of what he had done. Lois was sleeping beside him, looking so young and so vulnerable, and it killed him to think that he had hurt her. And that he was about to hurt her again. Nothing was resolved between them. He’d given in to his passion – they’d both given in. But she was still determined to follow the story and nothing he said would make any difference.

And there was still the problem of him being a Luthor. He knew the price he had to pay. With his being the Blur, he had agreed with his father a long time ago that it was better for him to stay out of the limelight. At least until their plans for the Blur could come to fruition. And if he allowed this to continue with Lois, she would become a target. Not only for every tabloid rag out there, determined to sully his name, but also for every crazy wanting to hurt the Luthors and anyone associated with them. He knew what she would choose. She was tough enough to say to hell with the lot of them and she wasn’t going to back down from any bullies. It was one of the things he loved about her. But he couldn’t allow her to make that choice. So he made it for her.

Slipping out of bed, Kal grabbed his clothes and moved out into the living room, putting his gear on at superspeed. He left quietly, not wanting to wake her.

Lois dumped her bag on the desk and sat down heavily. He’d done it to her again. Once again, they’d had an amazing night, and he’d left her. She was angry at him, but she was twice as angry at herself. How could she have been so stupid to fall for his bullshit once more?

As she logged on, she thought about the night. It truly had been amazing. She had never felt such a connection with anyone before. When he’d been making love to her, she had imagined for a moment that he’d felt that way too. As if the two of them fit. As if it was destiny.

Lost in her dreamworld, she didn’t see the courier standing beside her until he cleared his throat. She looked up at him. He was holding a huge package.

“Lois Lane?” he said. She nodded and he thrust the package at her, then what looked like a palm pilot. “Sign here,” he said, giving her the little pointer and showing her where to sign on the screen. Without another word, he turned and walked away.

Lois stared at his retreating back for a moment, wondering what a courier was doing coming in here, but she supposed he had been told to make sure the package was delivered personally to her hands. She turned back to the big box on her desk and opened it, pushing aside the delicate tissue paper. Inside the box was a blouse. It looked almost like the one Kal had torn to shreds the night before, except that it was the finest quality. It must have been expensive, she decided.

There was a note underneath and she read it. “I’m sorry,” was all it said.

But there was more. Kal must have figured he owed her a skirt too, since he’d ripped that as well. She pulled it out, staring at it, noting it was made by the same designer as the blouse.

Well, she thought, as apologies go, he certainly knows how to deliver. It didn’t get him off the hook though. He’d walked away from her twice now, and okay, so she had actually done the walking the first time. But he wasn’t going to get an opportunity a third time. She was done making a fool of herself over Kal Luthor.



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Oct. 13th, 2010 09:45 am (UTC)
Absolutely LOVE this new chapter honey! You are doing great! BTW, how are the responses on our fave site?
Oct. 13th, 2010 11:18 am (UTC)
Thanks, I'm so glad you liked the chapter.

A friend on that site just told me that everyone's talking about the fic. It's kind of snowballed.
Oct. 13th, 2010 01:26 pm (UTC)
Seems like there are a lot of comments in the thread.
Oct. 13th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
I'm amazed by the response actually.
BTW, I'm about to post a new chapter to The Return of Lex Luthor.
Oct. 13th, 2010 05:31 pm (UTC)
I was already wondering where that story had gone LOL.

Say, I posted a new (sad, that I'll spoil you) chapter for Glow In The Dark. :)
Oct. 13th, 2010 05:38 pm (UTC)
Would I forget my epic? *Running off to read your chapter*
Oct. 13th, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
I shouldn't be enjoying the angst this much.

Still can't wait for it to be fixed, lol.
Oct. 14th, 2010 06:19 am (UTC)
Nothing wrong with enjoying the angst. It what makes for the drama after all.
Oct. 13th, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
This chapter was really hot! Hot and full of angst. I'm really enjoying this one a lot. I'm seeing more of a glimpse into how kal thinks. Keeping people at arms length. He must really be scared in his feelings for lois.
Oct. 14th, 2010 06:20 am (UTC)
Yep, Kal would never admit to being scared, but you're right, he's terrified.
Oct. 14th, 2010 09:58 pm (UTC)
Oh Kal, why must you always cut and run? But at least he sent her replacement clothes and not diamond earrings!
Oct. 14th, 2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
He's running scared! Idiot!
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