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The Seduction Plan 3/21

seduction plan 
Pairing: Kal/Lois
Rating: NC17 (eventually)
Characters: Perry, Lex, Kal, Lois
Feedback: Yes please
Genre: Drama, romance, AU
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters. Just taking off a few parts and changing them around and giving them new ones. Will put them back when I'm done.

Summary: Total AU where Kal grows up a Luthor and becomes publisher of the Daily Planet only to meet and decide to seduce its star reporter, Lois Lane.



Part Three

Lois clearly had a bee in her bonnet about the fire at the tenement, and she wasn’t going to let it go. She kept up a steady stream of chatter about the whole issue from the moment they left the city.

“I mean, don’t you think there should be like bylaws to stop this sort of thing from happening? Sooner or later someone’s going to be killed because these idiot landlords are all out to make a quick buck.”

 Secretly, Kal agreed with her. But he couldn’t do so outwardly. Not with Lexcorp’s reputation for the hard sell. Perry had already accused him of bias where Lexcorp was concerned, simply because he’d vetoed a story involving Lex. Until he’d presented Perry with hard facts stating the truth. Perry had backed down in that argument, but the point was made.

“You know, maybe Lex could do something. Petition the city council or something. It would make good PR for Lexcorp, don’t you think?”

Now that would be something Lex would go for. There were only two reasons why Lex would consider such an option. One, it was good business. The other, good PR.

Kal loved his brother dearly. But he didn’t always agree with Lex’s way of doing business, learned at the knee of their father. And it had made for a few clashes between them.

Lois stretched.

“This is really a great car, Kal. Built for speed.”

Kal grinned at her. “Yeah, and at least I’ve never crashed a car,” he said sardonically.

“Let me guess. Lex?” she said, cocking an eyebrow.

“Dad used to complain about the insurance premiums every time Lex totalled one of his cars. I think he’s up to about seven now.”

“Lives or cars?” she smirked.

“Both,” Kal returned and she laughed.

“You two do like to live dangerously,” she said.

“We’re Luthors,” he shrugged. “People expect us to live on the edge.”

She looked at him curiously. “You know, I’ve read a lot about Lex’s exploits, or maybe I should say sexploits, when he was way younger than you are now. How come I never read anything like that with you?”

Kal shrugged. Lex’s hard-living reputation had bored him. It didn’t help that he could drink as much booze as he liked, or snort as much coke as he wanted, but he would still never get high. Not that he was going to tell her that. And he’d never been caught at it. He’d tried marijuana, then coke, then ecstasy, his first year of senior school at Excelsior. But since they’d never affected him, the novelty had quickly worn off. He’d stayed out of trouble ever since.

“The only thing I could find on you,” Lois said smugly, “was your last girlfriend. And I use the term loosely. Because from what she claimed in the gossip column it was one night of hot, mind-blowing sex and then it was sayonara sweetheart. I heard you sent her a pair of diamond earrings. Not that she minded. I hear there’s quite a few women who would give their eye-teeth for a night in the sack with you.”

“Are you going somewhere with this, Lois?” Kal asked, taking his eyes briefly off the road to look at her.

She grinned at him and pointed ahead. “There’s the turn off to the Luthor mansion,” she said.

“How would you know that?” he asked. “I thought you’d never been to Smallville.”

“I googled it,” she said with a shrug. “Plus I have a cousin who lived here for a couple of years. Apparently the mansion is quite the landmark.”

Kal turned his gaze back to the road and made a fast turn into the road leading to the mansion. The car fish-tailed slightly with the speed of the turn, but he quickly managed to get it under control.

“So, as I was saying, Lane ...”

“I just wanted you to know that I’m on to you, Luthor. So don’t try any of your games or any of those cheap moves you use to get me into bed. I’m not as easy as some women.”

“You’re telling me,” he muttered. He knew she was going to be a tough nut to crack but he hadn’t known she’d already been on to his game. Damn those society columns. Mind you, he thought, I’m surprised none of my exes have written a tell-all book already.

Kal decided he’d better distract Lois, letting her think he was giving up on the game.

“So, tell me about this cousin of yours?”

“Chloe? Well, she got into journalism – actually, she was the one who got me into journalism. See, I didn’t have enough credits to finish high school and I got left back. Quite the humiliation, but my Dad wouldn’t pull any strings. Anyway, Chloe and I spent senior year at Metropolis High. Her Dad, who’s actually my mom’s brother-in-law, got a promotion at Luthorcorp and, well that meant moving to Metropolis, which Chloe loved. I mean, she’s a city kid, not some hayseed raised out in the sticks. So, she practically ran the Smallville High paper single-handed the two years she was there. Of course, when she got to Met High, she was like a small fish in a way bigger pond and she wasn’t editor, but she still managed to scoop all the other reporters there.”

“Wait a minute. Chloe Sullivan’s your cousin?” Kal asked.

“Yeah. How’d you know?”

“A friend of ours knows her. She’s a reporter at the Star City Sentinel.”

“Yeah, that’s her. Who’s your friend?”

“Oliver Queen?”

“You know Oliver Queen?” Lois looked suitably impressed.

“Yeah, well he and Lex went to Excelsior together.”

The first two years, Oliver had bullied Lex mercilessly. But then Lex had taken lessons in martial arts from their chauffeur, who had been a Navy Seal. And then Lionel had proceeded to lecture Lex in embracing his differences, to stand proud rather than cry about it.

Kal pulled into the driveway and noticed Lex’s Porsche sitting outside. Lex was just getting out. He glanced at the Napoleon Franc watch their mother had given him before she’d died.

“Late, Kal?” he smirked.

“Lois had a deadline to meet,” Kal told him as he got out. “Lois Lane, Lex Luthor.”

Lex looked over Lois as she got out of the car, his look appraising.

“Hello Lois. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“All good I hope,” Lois joked.

Lionel chose that moment to come out of the mansion. He enveloped Kal in a hug which had Kal wondering what on Earth the man had been smoking.

“Good to see you, son,” he said.

He then turned to Lex and did the same thing. Lex looked like a deer caught in headlights, his eyes huge.

“Good to see you too, Dad.”

Lionel then smiled at Lois. “I see you’ve brought a guest,” he said.

“Lois Lane, Mr Luthor.”

Lionel nodded. “Ah yes, the famous reporter at the Daily Planet. I hope my son isn’t working you too hard.”

“Oh, he cracks the whip now and again, but I can take it,” she said with a wink at Kal.

“All right, all right,” he said, putting an arm around her waist. “Let’s get you inside before you say something else I might regret.”

Lionel studied them thoughtfully as they turned to go inside the house, laughing. He rubbed the hair on his chin and smiled beneath the beard. If he didn’t know better, he decided, he would have said his son had met his match in the feisty brunette. This was going to be an interesting weekend.

Lois quickly unpacked and looked around the room she had been given. It was huge, almost as big as her entire apartment, which was a shoebox at best. It had been decorated in warm hues of brown and gold, with a pretty comforter in the same colours on the bed. A woman had decorated this room, she decided, running her hands down the rich velvet drapes. And it appeared to have been done quite recently.

From what she knew about Lionel, he hadn’t dated another woman since his wife had died, except for the occasional escort to the usual obligatory functions. She’d heard rumours he had had another son illegitimately, although people didn’t care much about that these days, and there’d been an infant that had died of SIDS when he was three months old. She hadn’t asked Kal about that and she wasn’t going to. And Kal hadn’t volunteered the information.

Kal knocked on the door.

“Lois? You coming to dinner?”

“Coming,” she said, turning away from the window and going out to join him.

At dinner, Lionel asked her what exciting stories she had been working on and she started telling him about the Congressman and her ‘Pulitzer’ winning story. Lionel listened with interest, offering little comment, but then surprised her.

“I know someone you may be interested in talking to,” he told her.


“I have a few connections,” Lionel said.

“Dad, come on,” Kal said. “Enough shop talk.” He sent Lois a warning look, but she was already off on another tangent.

“There’s this other story I’m working on. Actually, it was kind of my fault we were late. See, there was this fire at a tenement, and, well the Blur got them all out so they were really lucky but my source says it could have been caused by an electrical fault and ...”

Both Lex and Kal began coughing, while Lionel suddenly looked very uncomfortable.

“What did I say?” Lois asked, perplexed.

“My, uh, my parents were killed in a tenement fire. Over thirty years ago,” Lionel said.

Lois looked at him sympathetically, reaching out to him.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know.”

So much for research, she told herself. She should have known about that.

Lionel glanced at Kal, who just raised his eyebrows at his father. One thing about being this rich, he decided, was having the ability to bury any negative stories about him. Maybe he couldn’t get everything, but that was why he’d allowed his son to take on the job as publisher of the Daily Planet. So he could control how much information got out there. And young Lois didn’t need to know that he’d once stood accused of his own parents’ murders.

Lois was looking upset and Lionel didn’t know what to say to ease her mind.

“Sorry Dad,” Kal said. “Lois has this little disease called ‘foot in mouth’. She has a bad habit of talking without thinking.”

Lois glared at him and kicked him under the table.

“No, no,” Lionel said. “I admire Lois’ enthusiasm for her job.”

Lois smiled at him. She picked up her fork again. “This is really delicious,” she said. “Beats the hell out of army food.”

“Oh, of course, your father is General Sam Lane,” Lionel said. “An interesting man.”

“You’ve met him?”

“Several years ago, when I was interested in developing technology for the military.”

“I suppose he talked your ear off about military strategy? He isn’t much of a conversationalist, the general.”

“I found it quite fascinating myself. I have always been interested in military strategy. There are certain parallels within business. In fact, both my sons were well-educated in the works of the great leaders of old.”

“Like who?” Lois was fascinated in spite of herself.

“Alexander the Great, Sun Tzu,” Lex began.

“Machiavelli, Julius Caesar,” Kal added, rolling his eyes.

Lionel glared at his sons, waving his fork at them. “You could learn a lot from them,” he told them.

“Spare us the lecture Dad. And I don’t think Lois needs to hear this as well. Since it appears she was brought up with it.”

“I can make up my own mind about things like that, Kal,” she told him. “Stop being such a party pooper.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “You do realise I could fire you,” he threaatened smartly.

“Oh, you and what army?” she retorted.

Lionel watched as the two of them bantered back and forth and glanced at Lex, who was hiding a grin behind his napkin.

After dinner, Kal took Lois out into the grounds to show her around while Lex relaxed with his father in the den with a glass of brandy.

“She’s certainly spirited,” Lionel commented. “And Kal seems very taken with her.”

“Yeah, I know. He’s talked about nothing else for the past week. He says he plans to seduce her, take her to bed, the usual.”

“They’re not sleeping together yet?” Lionel said, surprised. His son was a much faster worker than that.

Lex shook his head. “Lois is proving a much greater challenge.”

“I’ve no doubt,” Lionel said wryly. “Seems to me Kal has got himself a tiger by the tail with that one.”

“You’re not wrong, Dad. I have to admit, I wasn’t totally on board when Kal started talking about her, considering her reputation, but I like her.”

“As do I,” Lionel commented.

The sounds of laughter drifted up from the garden and Lionel smiled.

“I haven’t heard Kal laugh like that in years.”

“The last few years haven’t been easy on him,” Lex answered. “What with the training at the fortress, and becoming the Blur.”

“I take it he hasn’t revealed that to Lois?”

“No. But Kal admitted she seems to have a thing for the Blur. He played devil’s advocate and she was vehement in her defence of him.”

“Interesting,” Lionel said, scratching at his beard. “When Kal first mentioned he was bringing her this weekend, I read a few of her articles. She has written a few in defence of him.”

“Yeah, so Kal was saying before we came down to dinner. They actually had a fight about and he wasn’t sure if she was going to come after that.”

“Tell me, how did he convince her to come with him?”

“Told her you’d try to matchmake. I feel almost sorry for him,” Lex grinned. “Especially when Lois finds out what a blatant lie it is.”

Lionel roared with laughter. “I’m almost tempted to try it,” he chuckled, “just to see his reaction.”

“Kal has always gone his own way. I envy that sometimes.”

Lionel clapped a hand on his shoulder. “You have no reason to envy your brother Lex. I’m extremely proud of all you have accomplished at Lexcorp.”

And there it was again. That odd feeling that Kal had spoken of. That Lionel was up to something. He was never this congenial.

“Is everything okay, Dad?”

“Everything is fine son. Absolutely fine.” He looked out toward the darkening garden. “Why don’t we go out and join your brother.”

Lois loved this place. The gardens were magnificent and the mansion itself reminded her of a castle she’d once explored on a rare trip to Europe. The castle hadn’t been in nearly as good a condition as this huge house, but it had still been fascinating. She could almost picture herself as an eighteenth century lady of the manor. With Kal as her lord, of course.

What am I thinking? she thought. She was seriously starting to fall for Kal. She loved his smile, his laugh, his way of listening as if whatever she was saying was the most important thing in the world to him. Yes, he was arrogant, but that was something that had been taught – drummed into him from the moment he’d been adopted into the family.

There was something different about him that set him apart from all the other men she had ever known. And she had known a few. Wes in high school, Oliver – and Kal would probably have a fit if he knew she’d briefly dated his friend.

They continued walking through the grounds, talking about trivial things.

“My mother designed this garden,” Kal said. “She was very artistic, my mom. She spent hours, days even, poring over pages and pages of drawings. It’s a shame she didn’t get to see the end result. She died before it was finished.”

“I’m sorry,” Lois said. “You must miss her terribly. I know I miss my mom sometimes.”

Kal nodded. Great one, Luthor. You’ll be damn near crying next. But it was gaining sympathy, which was the goal.

He picked one of the flowers. He had no idea what it was called and didn’t much care. But flowers always worked. His first girlfriend had squealed in excitement when he’d given her flowers.

Kal presented the flower to Lois, who smiled and took it.

“Thank you,” she said. “It’s lovely.”

“Not half as lovely as you,” he said, and this he actually meant.

“Do women actually buy that line?” she said with a snicker.

No, Kal thought. Most women didn’t need the line since they’d already jumped into bed with him by this time. But Lois wasn’t most women.

“Lois, I ...” he began.

“Kal, I meant what I said. I’m not going to be like all those other women and jump in the sack with you.”

“I never ... Lois, that isn’t ...” he protested and she shushed him with a finger on his lips.

She stepped into his arms, tilting her head up and pressing her lips to his. Startled at first, he didn’t respond, but then she was pulling him closer, her tongue slipping between his lips, coaxing the response out of him. Kal found himself putting his arms around her waist as the kiss became deeper, their tongues battling for dominance as the kiss grew steadily more passionate.

Just then, the voices of Lionel and Lex, coming out to join them, broke through the haze of lust, and Lois pulled away. Her hazel eyes were huge, reminding him of a pet rabbit a friend had had when they were younger. Its eyes almost seemed to pop out of their sockets when it became startled or frightened.

As Lois turned away, Kal shook his head to clear it. Just who the hell was in control here, he thought.



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Oct. 8th, 2010 04:20 pm (UTC)
I'm REALLY loving this story. I can't wait to read more. I love the way you characterized all of the Luthor men, so much so that I really really hope they don't have a falling out or that Kal and Lex don't become enemies because I really buy this relationship between Kal, Lex, and Lionel. A little sibling rivalry is normal, but Lex and Kal seem to genuinely care about each other (and I love stories where Clark and Lex are brothers). Plus Lois is spot on but I still love that she can't resist Kal. Sometimes arrogance can be a turn off but the way Kal exhibits it is kind of hot and Lois obviously agrees, lol.
Oct. 8th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
I thought about how Kal would be and what his attitude would be if he was raised a Luthor and I'm glad that this is working for you. As for Lois, yeah, who could resist Kal at his arrogant best?
Oct. 8th, 2010 04:28 pm (UTC)
Great chapter honey. I adore your lois here. She wants things on her terms and I can respect that. Kal is so out of his league!

I have to say I don't like Kal and his attitude about women (the earrings) and drugs. (what's even funnier is I never minded when Lex did it! Hmmm says something bad about me I"m sure!!!) Growing up a luthor really did awful things to the Clark/Kal I love. That said I'm sure your lois will fix all that! Can't wait to see how.

But what the heck is up with LIonel? It has to be bad if both clark and lex are picking up on it. I'm glad they know about the blur thought. It's good Kal isn't alone on that one point.
Oct. 8th, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
Firstly, you will find out what is up with Lionel next chapter.

And yes, Kal's attitude toward women (and other things) would bother anyone, and Lois feels the same. But the reasons for his attitude will be explained in a couple of chapters.

As for Lois, yep, she knows what she wants and Kal is in a lot of trouble.
Oct. 8th, 2010 06:51 pm (UTC)
ooooh now I'm worried and my interest is peaked! It's not clear how bad lionel is yet. I'm curious to see how far you take him and where it all goes. This is one of my favorites right now. Wonder if i can come up with a cover. Hmmmmmm
Oct. 9th, 2010 06:40 am (UTC)
I'm glad your interest is piqued. As for Lionel, well, all will be revealed in the next chapter, I promise. Hey, am I that evil??? Don't answer that!
I'm glad I'm not in too much trouble with you for not working on the other fics, my friend. The plot bunnies just wouldn't leave me alone on this one. I'm already up to Part Seven.
And a cover?? *bats eyelashes* Please? Pretty please?
Oct. 8th, 2010 07:31 pm (UTC)

Once upon a time I sneakily went over to KryptonSite and read this part already, but I wanted to hold off on commenting until this chapter was up on LJ. I really loving this story honey!

Say, maybe after "Supergirl" you could have inspiration to continue a Kara & Jan story. *hugs Leanne*

Keep up the great work honey!
Oct. 8th, 2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
You are sneaky. Don't go giving the show away now, since if you've been reading K-site you know what comes next. This story's got me by the throat. But hopefully it won't turn out as epic as my others. *rolling eyes*
Oct. 8th, 2010 07:38 pm (UTC)
I hereby swear I won't give it away. It's been months since I was online there anyway under my friend's name. The purpose was to find stories which included Kara, but so far it's lacking on that site. :((
Oct. 9th, 2010 06:41 am (UTC)
I do notice a lack of Kara. Maybe episode three will prompt something.
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