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Kryptonian Consort 5/?


Kryptonian Consort
Genre: Drama, romance, old school Clois, AU
Rating: NC17 (overall)
Pairing: Clark/Lois, Kal-El/Lois
Spoilers: Season Four on
Feedback: Would make my day
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, or the scripts which are used liberally here, but if I did, oh boy would I have some fun!

Summary: Clark returns from the matrix where he has spent his summer only to meet the girl he decides is his destiny. And nobody better get in his way. 

a/n: The truth about Kal and his destiny comes to light in this chapter. And it can only mean trouble for our heroine. 

a/n: Banner once again designed by the lovely and talented miss [info]ctbn60 



Chapter Five

Kal-El hadn’t wanted to leave her. Even now the bond was pulling him back to her. But he also felt a pull toward the home where he had spent his childhood. As if the ghost of something was calling him back. It was not his home now and would never be again. Nevertheless, he needed to go.

As he landed in the yard, he could see the house was quiet. Dark. He turned away from the dark building and strode to the barn. Last time he had seen what he needed, it was here. Opening the door, ignoring the creak of the old hinges, he scanned using his x-ray vision. It had once nestled in the metal toolbox, but it wasn’t there now.

He had to find the key. He just couldn’t remember what had happened to it. He was so sure that Jonathan Kent must have found it after it had vanished in the caves. But he couldn’t ask the farmer, who was lying in a coma in the hospital. That much his father had told him.

Kal-El began turning the barn upside down, cursing Jonathan Kent for his human stupidity. If Jonathan hadn’t gone down to the caves in the first place and taken the key with him, it would never have vanished.

He picked up a framed photograph of Jonathan Kent, which had been sitting on the desk in the loft. He stared at it for a long moment.


He turned and faced Martha Kent. He realised she must have heard him ferreting around out here and had come to investigate. She was holding a shotgun.

“Oh Clark,” she said, letting the gun fall and going to him. He pulled himself away from her embrace.

“Clark Kent is dead,” he told her coldly. “Where is the key, Martha Kent?”

“Key? That’s all you came back for? The key is gone, Clark.”

“I am not Clark.”

“You are my son,” she told him sternly.

“You are not my mother,” he told her.

Martha grabbed his arm and pulled him around to face her. “You are my son, Clark Jerome Kent. What has gotten into you? Where have you been the last three months.”

“Learning my destiny. Now I must fulfil it.”

She stared at him, incredulous. “Destiny! That’s Jor-El talking. He did this to you.” She pounded ineffectually on his chest. “I want my son back,” she said, but it was almost as if she was talking to the ghost of Jor-El, rather than Kal-El himself. “Give me my son back.”

“Clark Kent is dead,” he told her, his words dripping like ice off his tongue. “And unless you tell me where the key is, you will join him.”

Kal-El had to admire the human woman. She showed no fear as she looked at him, equally as cold.

“Then you’ll have to kill me,” she said. “Your father too. Because we don’t know where the key is. It vanished.”

Kal-El pushed past her. She spoke the truth. The key had vanished. He must go to Jor-El and try to uncover the truth of the key’s disappearance. She was nothing to him. He would not waste any more time on her.

Kal-El flew into the air, ignoring the shocked gasp of the redheaded human. He would discover the whereabouts of the key and return to his consort and together they would continue his quest. A small smile played upon his lips as he thought of the things he would do with her once he had what he wanted.


Lois didn’t know when Kal-El would return and she wanted to get a head-start on finding out what had happened to Chloe. There was only one place she could go, since Chloe’s last message had been for Clark Kent. The other night she had tried to find the farmhouse in the dark, relying on the directions of inept operators who couldn’t find their way out of their asses. This time she was smart, going into town first and asking for directions from one of the local stores. She noticed a coffee shop that was boarded up and wondered what had happened.

Half an hour later found her driving down the dusty driveway to the yellow farmhouse. She stepped up to the porch, hearing a woman speaking on the phone.

“Listen, I don’t care if he’s unavailable. I need to talk to him. Tell him it’s about my son. No, listen to me. Just give him the message that Clark is in danger and I need his help. Just tell him that Kal-El has Clark. He’ll understand.”

Lois frowned. Kal-El had Clark Kent? He hadn’t mentioned anything about that. And surely he wouldn’t have done anything like kidnapping. Not the man who had made love to her only yesterday.

She knocked tentatively. The woman put the phone down and looked at her, frowning.


“Mrs Kent?” The woman nodded and opened the screen door.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m Lois,” she said, bounding inside, her ponytail flying. “Lois Lane. I was hoping to talk to your son, Clark.”

“Well, Clark isn’t here right now,” Martha Kent said, her eyes darting nervously.

“I guessed that.”

“Why do you need to see Clark?”

“Well, I thought he could help me. See, he knew my cousin. Chloe Sullivan.”

Martha looked grieved. “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Lois shrugged. “I really need to find out what happened to her, and I was hoping Clark could help me with that. She deserves justice, you know? The FBI closed the inquest last week and they’re ruling the explosion an accident. I mean, hello? It’s a safe house. How many accidental gas explosions have you heard of in ‘safe houses’,” she said, using air quotes to emphasise it.

She sighed. “In two weeks, Lionel Luthor’s going to walk free and Chloe’s death will have been for nothing.” She glanced around, hoping to find some clue as to what Martha had been saying on the phone. “Is Clark going to be home soon?”

“I’m not sure,” Martha said, sounding on edge. “But give me your phone number and I can have him call you when he returns.”

Lois peered at the woman. Chloe had left copious notes about the case, including various facts and figures on Lionel himself. And she remembered that Martha Kent had worked briefly for the elder Luthor.

“You used to work for Lionel? I’ve been trying to get in to see him, but he keeps refusing. Any advice?”

“Stay away,” Martha said firmly, leaving Lois in no doubt that she meant every word. Lois knew Lionel was dangerous, but she couldn’t help herself. “You really don’t want to get pulled into Lionel’s web.”

Lois nodded. She continued to glance around and spotted something on the fridge. She inched away from Martha, who seemed to be subtly trying to stop her going any further, and grabbed the photograph off the fridge. It was of Martha, a blonde man, who had to be Jonathan Kent, and Kal-El! He looked younger in the photo and was smiling broadly.

“That’s Clark,” Martha said, before Lois could ask.

Lois frowned. Had she misheard something Martha had said? Because Kal-El was Clark! Suddenly she had the urge to leave. To go and find Kal-El and find out what the hell was going on.

“Uh, well, I ... “ She wrote down her cellphone number on the pad on the counter. “If you hear from Clark, have him call me,” she said, handing Martha the photo.

“I will. Goodbye, Lois.”


Lois left the farmhouse, racking her brains. Since Kal-El had flown them to the caves, she had no idea where they were. She called Maggie who told her that Kal-El hadn’t been by.

“Listen, Mags, do you know anything about some Kawatche caves?”

Maggie’s voice crackled on the other end. “A little. Why?”

“I need to find them.”

“Sorry, honey. I don’t know where they are.”

Lois sighed. “That’s okay. Thanks anyway. I guess I’ll just go back into town and ask around.”

Doing just that, Lois managed to get a crude map drawn up. She drove to the location and left the car on the side of the road, walking through the brush to the caves.

As she walked down to the entrance, she heard voices in the cave.

“I cannot locate the key, father.”

“The key is vital to your destiny, Kal-El. It will help you locate the remaining stones. Only then will you be able to create the receptacle of knowledge.”

“And what of Martha Kent? Both she and Jonathan Kent have tried to keep me from my destiny.”

“Martha Kent is no longer your concern, Kal-El.”

Lois could hear the smile in Kal-El’s voice as he spoke.

“Then once I find the stones, there will be nothing standing between me and ruling this planet. With my consort.”

“You have found the one, then, Kal-El?”

“Yes, father. And she is beautiful. I knew the moment I met her she would be mine.”

“You have bonded. That is good news, my son.”

Lois was reeling. Kal-El was sent to rule? But Kal-El was Clark Kent. And was she supposed to rule at his side? She was confused. Dizzy. She stumbled, wanting to turn and go back outside. But Kal-El must have picked up the movement and he was by her side in an instant.

“Lois,” he said, joy in his voice.

“Kal-El, I don’t understand. What’s this about ruling the planet?”

“That is my destiny. That is the reason I was sent here.”

“What is this, some kind of Independence Day crap? What happens to the people?”

“You need not concern yourself with them, Lois. As my consort, you will be their queen.”

Lois tried to push him away. “Maybe I don’t want to be a queen. Kal-El, you can’t just take over the planet. That’s just ... wrong.”

“Humans are destroying this planet by their own stupidity.” Kal-El frowned. “Lois, I am saving them.”

“You save them by teaching them, not by conquering them,” she told him. “I won’t be a part of this.”

“It is too late to change your mind, Lois. We have bonded. By Kryptonian law, we are married.”

“I don’t care about Kryptonian law,” she snapped. “And on Earth, they have this little thing called a divorce.”

Kal-El grabbed her, kissing her forcefully. Lois struggled against him.

“Let go of me. You’re hurting me.”

“You cannot leave me,” he told her. “You are bonded to me.”

“No,” she screamed at him. “I don’t want this. Just stay away from me you creep.”

Somehow, Lois managed to get away from him, running back along the path she had taken, managing to hold off the tears until she was safely in the car. She knew, somehow, that he wouldn’t come after her. She didn’t know how. But it was like her heart had been pierced by a thousand knives.

She made it back to the base without incident, which surprised her, since she was crying so hard. She fell into Maggie’s arms, crying harder than ever.


Kal-El had watched her go, but did nothing. He turned back to talk to Jor-El. Together they would have to solve the mystery of the missing key. But as he started to walk back into the hidden chamber, he heard footsteps. He turned, hoping it was Lois, but growling in annoyance when he saw it was Martha Kent.

“You should not have come here, Martha Kent.”

Martha was carrying what looked like a lead box. Kal-El confirmed it when he tried to x-ray the box. He hissed in pain when she took out a small rock and pressed it to his chest.

“Clark, if you’re still in there, I love you.”

“No,” Kal-El screamed, fighting the waves of pain and nausea. And something else. It felt as if he was splitting in two. Then he was split in two as the personage of Clark Kent seemed to erupt from his chest.

Clark fought, looking toward his mother. Trapped inside the body of Kal-El, he had been helpless, forced to watch Kal-El be so cold and callous toward the only mother he’d ever known. He’d feared for her, just as he’d feared for Lois a few moments earlier.

“Moom!” he cried out, reaching out for her. But Kal-El had him by the throat and his cries were quickly cut off.

“Clark!” Martha called, her love urging him to fight harder.

“Humanity has made you weak,” Kal-El sneered.

Clark fought harder, spinning around and around, caught in Kal-El’s strong grip. But Kal-El had it wrong. Humanity made him stronger. Love made him stronger. He thought of Martha, and his father, and of Lois. And suddenly Kal-El was gone. Shirtless, Clark collapsed to the cave floor, panting. He felt Martha’s arms go around him and pull his head into her lap.

“Clark,” she said softly.

“It’s me, Mom,” he said, smiling weakly. “I’m back.”

After a few minutes, he had the strength to get up and return with her to the farmhouse. He changed his clothes, determined to find Lois. Explain everything to her. But then Martha came up the stairs, shouting joyfully.


“It’s your father. He’s awake!”

Clark was torn. Lois would have to wait, he decided. She probably needed some time to calm down.

The reunion with his father was just as joyful as he’d hoped. He watched his parents hug each other. Part of him wanted to tell them about Lois. He felt sure that, once he sorted it out with Lois, he was going to have the same relationship with Lois that his parents had. But he said nothing. He wanted to keep this to himself for a little while.

Clark wasn’t sure he believed in love at first sight. He had known Lana for as long as he had lived at the farm, and thought he had loved her. But his feelings for Lana paled in comparison to what he felt for a girl he’d barely known two days. Two wonderful, amazing days. Okay, so there was the whole Kal-El thing, but it hadn’t been Kal-El who had felt those feelings, who had made love to her. It had been him. Clark.

Kal-El was all about power. About conquering. Yes, he’d wanted Lois too. As his consort. As his queen. As a vessel – to continue the El bloodline. But Kal-El, devoid of humanity, knew nothing about love. So when he’d laughed happily, it had been as himself. As Clark.

Jonathan was looking at him.

“Something on your mind son?”

Yeah, a beautiful girl named Lois, he thought. But he said none of that.

“What did the doctor say?” he asked.

“That your father is a walking, breathing miracle. And that’s thanks to you,” he smiled.

Clark shook his head. “No, the real hero’s Mom. If it wasn’t for her, I’d still be Kal-El.”

Jonathan frowned. “Son ... do you remember anything that happened after you got pulled into that wall?”

Clark shook his head again. “I just remember the last couple of days. Even that’s a little jumbled,” he lied. Oh he remembered all right. He remembered everything about those two days.


Lois decided she was going to forget Kal-El. She was going to focus on the reason she’d come here in the first place. Which was to get justice for Chloe.

She walked in to the cell block at the prison where Lionel Luthor was being held. Lionel had agreed to see her. Well, actually, he’d agreed to see Martha Kent. Lois figured a little white lie wouldn’t hurt.

Lionel stared at her from behind the wire.

“You’re not Martha Kent.”

“Would you have seen me if I’d said I was Lois Lane?”

He studied her as she put her hand through the wire. “Lois Lane. Of course. Chloe Sullivan’s cousin. Such a loss.” He peered closer. “You bite your nails, bad girl.”

Yeah, I’m the epitome of a badass, she thought.

“But getting through the door doesn’t mean I’ll talk to you. Guard!” he called.

“I don’t believe that safe-house explosion was an accident.”

Lionel huffed. “Of course you don’t. You believe I’m responsible.” He tried to take on the long-suffering expression of a man who was innocent of the crimes he was accused of.

Lois shook her head. “No,” she said thoughtfully. “A stunt like that is ... thuggish and obvious. It smacks of desperation.” She looked him over. “All the things you aren’t,” she said coolly.

But despite her cool demeanour, Lois was seething inside. What she wouldn’t give to be able to strangle the man before her. Make him pay for the death of her cousin. As the conversation continued, she decided she hated this man with every core of her being. And she would fight with her last breath to make sure he paid dearly for what he’d done.

Back from the prison, she decided to visit Chloe’s grave.

“I’m sorry, Chlo,” she said. “I’m sorry it took me so long to get here. It’s just ... I hate funerals. Well, you know why. The last time was my mom and ... oh god, Chlo. This is so unfair. It’s so not right. And I swear I’m going to find out who did this to you. Even if I have to do it alone.”

“You’re not alone.”

Lois turned, startled to hear his voice. She glared at him, getting up.

“Stay away from me, Kal-El.”

“No, Lois. Not until you hear what I have to say.”

Lois started to walk away. But he stopped her, standing in front of her, grasping her arms.

“I’ll scream,” she warned.

“Lois, please, listen. I know he hurt you, but I can explain if you’ll just let me.”

“He?” Lois echoed. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s me. Clark. Kal-El’s gone. Well, not gone, but ... I promise, I’m not like him.”

“I don’t understand. Leave me alone, Kal-El, or Clark, or whatever the hell you want to call yourself now.”

“I can’t. Lois, don’t you feel it? The bond? Even now it’s calling out to me and I can’t keep away from you. I let you have a day to calm down, but no more. Lois, please!”

Lois struggled.

“I don’t know. I can’t ...”

But the bond was calling out to her too and she needed him as much as she could see he needed her from the expression on his face.

“I’m so confused,” she said. “I don’t understand.”

“Understand this,” he said, kissing her softly.

The kiss broke her resolve and she flung her arms around his neck. He lowered her to the ground and they sat there, kissing for a long time. Finally, they broke apart. Lois’ eyes were shining with unshed tears as she looked at him.

“You’re really Clark?” she asked.

“I’m really Clark,” he smiled. “And I know it sounds crazy. But I love you, Lois. You’re all I can think about.”

“You’re all I can think about too.” She smiled back. “And you’re not crazy. Although I was beginning to think I was for a while there.”

Clark pulled her up. He glanced over to Chloe’s grave, x-raying it.

“Lois, there’s no body.”

Lois frowned at him. “What?”

“Chloe’s not in her grave.”


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Aug. 15th, 2010 11:56 am (UTC)
Absolutely AWESOME honey!!!
Aug. 15th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
Glad you like
Aug. 15th, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
Yay!! Clark is back! Whoot! I do love a determined martha!! Sooo the hunt for Chloe's killer begins! Can't wait to see where you take this honey! It is so wonderful!
Aug. 15th, 2010 05:22 pm (UTC)
Hmm, well Martha is a redhead, so of course she'd be determined. And stubborn.
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