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I Suck

 I'm having so many hassles with my ISP. Read more...Collapse )


Tom & Michael at Supanova

 A friend of mine who lives in Melbourne went along to Supanova and got to meet Tom and Michael. I'm so jealous. I'm still a bit gutted that Michael had to cancel NZ but I would have been even more gutted if he came and I couldn't go. *sigh* I guess it's just not meant to be.

It probably sounds dumb but I did want the chance to tell Michael, or Tom, what Smallville did for me. I think once I've done that I won't need to see them again, if that makes any sense. I mean, when I went to Armageddon to meet Richard Dean Anderson I didn't feel the need to go again.

Anyway, it's nice that Tom is now doing these conventions. He looks good for his age. So does Michael.

My Project on Depression

 So, I thought I'd just post about my current writing project. 

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Catch up

 I just realised it's nearly two months since my last post. Time flies! Read more...Collapse )


Another One Bites The Dust

I'm talking about fanfics. I finally finished one I started writing in 2013 and it is now complete. 25 chapters in all (including the epilogue). 

As sad as it is to see another fanfic bite the dust, so to speak, I'm glad too. 

So yeah, it's Alias Wayne & Kent - based on the 70s tv series, Alias Smith & Jones. Oh well, if you've read any of it, you'll understand. 

I should be working on my next book but I'm procrastinating. See? I can admit it. ;)



I'm all moved in to the new flat. It's okay. It's not going to be a long-term thing if I can get a job. 

Sadly, I don't have internet access there, so I have to go to the library to use their wi-fi or my mother's place and it means I won't be online as much. Probably a good thing in some respects. I think I was spending far too much time online. 

Applied for a few jobs but no replies as yet. Will have to see if anything comes of it. 

It's a bit cooler now. Not sure how long that will last. We had a bit of a storm across the country and a few slips on the roads and it has cooled things down somewhat. It's a bit of relief from the high temps we've been getting. Okay, we're not as bad as some places but anything over 30 deg Celsius is pretty high for us. 

Nothing else news-wise. Just thought I'd let you guys know I'm still around. 


This summer

 I don't know if it's been a record-breaking summer here but wow, is it hot. And humid. It's like we're in the tropics! 

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but we've had high temperatures for most of the last three months. November is usually spring here in Palmerston North and our temps usually tend to be around 18 to 20 deg (64 to 68) during that month. Not so this last November. We've had around 25 to 26 degrees. (Sorry, I'm not going to convert to Fahrenheit for every temp). January so far has been extremely hot and so humid I'm just about wringing wet. 

Next week it's supposed to get even hotter, if you can believe it. Like over 30 degrees. I've had inside temps of 32 degrees. 

What's making it worse is I'm moving house so it's just adding to the problem. 

This is so unlike my hometown. I mean, it's been hot all over New Zealand and we've had like 36 degrees in some places in the South Island but I cannot recall a time when I was growing up that it's been so hot. 

I don't mean to complain, but I'm reluctant to have a fan going at night so I can sleep and I don't have aircon. I think I would complain less if it was a dry heat rather than this humidity.

We've still got a month of summer to go. I think everyone will be looking forward to cooler temps for a while. 



So, I've been watching Lucifer. Sadly, season three is not being played here in NZ - stupid tv network isn't saying when or if it's going to be on. It's the same with season two of another favourite of mine (Justin H/SV's Green Arrow is in it). 

I got season one of the series on DVD and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. Tom Ellis as Lucifer is hilariously naughty. I know I'm being a total fangirl but hey, Tom Welling!!!!!! Unless you've been living under a rock, Tommy's in the third season. I won't give any spoilers but I did see something today that has me laughing my little ass off.

Apparently in an upcoming episode, Lucifer and Tommy's character go undercover, as a gay couple. When I first saw it, I was like .... WTF? Is this shit real? 

Well, unless it's an early April Fool's joke, which another site is fond of doing, it's real. And Tom and T-Dub (as our Tommy is apparently called on set) actually have to kiss! As somebody else said, Lex would be so jealous! LOL

I'm just .... there are no words. 

Oh, and Michael and Tommy are supposed to be appearing at the end of March at Awesome Con in Washington DC. So if you plan on going, please, please do me a huge favour and tell them to come to NZ. Please, pretty please with sprinkles on top? I can't afford to go to any other comic con (not when it would cost me about five grand to come back to the US - there would have to be another reason for me to come), so ask them to come to our Armageddon Expo. I'll let you in on a little secret. I want to give both of them a huge hug because if it wasn't for Smallville, I wouldn't have started writing again and I wouldn't have kept watching SV if they hadn't played their parts so well. Yes, you can tell them that if you get a chance to meet them. 

Some humour

I've been thinking about this for a bit. My mother always comes out with some funny sayings and I thought it would be really funny if I produced a book with a collection of them, along with some jokes I've been told over the years. Maybe with some little comic strip type illustrations. 

Here are some of the funny sayings and jokes. Some of them Mum got from her grandfather. A few I got from my grandmother. 

"See you in the soup next to the onion."

"What do you call a sheep? A meat mushroom."

"Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back."

"It wasn’t the cough that carried him off. It was the coffin they carried him off in."


A man stops by a farmer’s house and offers to buy the horse in the paddock.

“How much do you want for him?”

“He’s not lookin’ so good.”

“I’ll give you two hundred dollars for him.”

The farmer shakes his head. “He’s not lookin’ so good.”

“He looks fine. I’ll give you five hundred!”

“Naw. He’s not lookin’ so good.”

The man waves a handful of bills. “A thousand. I’ll give you a thousand dollars.”

The farmer gives in and takes the money and the man takes the horse away. A few days later he comes back angry.

“That horse you sold me is blind! You cheated me!”

“I told you he wa’n’t looking so good!”

So, what's your opinion? Do you think that's something people would enjoy? I've seen a lot of books with that type of humour. If you know of any other funny sayings, let me know and I'll add them to the collection. 

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