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And we're live ...

Sharp Steele is now up on all sites:


All Amanda Steele ever wanted to be was a cop, like her detective father. The trouble is, at nineteen, she's been sheltered by an over-protective parent.

Forced to work as a Girl Friday for a private investigator, Amanda is surprised to get the opportunity of a lifetime. To go undercover at a local high school to investigate a drug problem.

Jim Andersen is a detective, new to the area. When he meets Amanda, his boss' daughter, sparks fly. He considers her to be a spoiled 'princess' and a little too arrogant for her own good.

When Amanda's father asks him to liaise with her on the high school case, Jim just knows he's going to regret it.

Amanda soon learns she has bitten off more than she can chew and gets herself into trouble when a student is murdered. She is forced to turn to Jim, a man she can't stand, for help.

Amazon Paperback $12.50 US

Amazon Kindle $5.74 US

Kobo$4.99 US


I do have one small request. If you want to buy the paperback, please make sure that it is the one sold by Amazon. If you buy it through other sellers, I get a royalty of about 30 cents.

If you're in NZ or Australia and want the paperback, please let me know. I have copies on order and should get them in a couple of weeks. It'll be cheaper than getting them shipped from the US.

For more info on my books, check out my website: E M Richmond


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