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Second Time Around

The new novel is published. For some weird reason it doesn't show as available on Amazon as softcover, which is odd because the other books showed as available straight away.

This is the short blurb:

Quinn lost his wife and the mother of his child in a tragic accident, leaving New Zealand for England. Georgia is a divorced mother of a two year old and an old friend of Quinn's. When Quinn, the CEO of a local company, returns to New Zealand, it's big news and Georgia is assigned the article. Quinn, however is reluctant. When Georgia and Quinn meet for the first time in years, neither of them expect the mutual attraction. As their relationship grows, they begin to find that love is lovelier the second time around.

Actual synopsis that appears on the back cover is on my website: E M Richmond.

On Amazon

Softcover: $16.99

If you want the softcover, they have an option for you to receive an email as soon as it's available.

Kindle: $6.49

Smashwords: $6.49

Kobo is being slow to publish but once it's ready I'll have the link on my website. I won't update my website yet until I know it's available on all channels.

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