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You're The One That I Want (Clois) 14/16

 photo Smallville_Grease_zpsd8a46758.png
Fandom: Smallville
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Clark/Lois, Chloe/Jimmy, Lana/Whitney
Characters: Clark, Lois, Chloe, Jimmy, Lana, Whitney, Lucas, Tess
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters of Smallville and I don't own Grease either. I plan on using the song lyrics but hopefully not too much of the dialogue
Feedback: Could be Greased Lightnin'
Art: ctbn60

Summary: It's 1959 Smallville. Clark Luthor is the leader of the T-Birds, but he wants to break the mould of the bad-boy image.

Cast: Clark (Danny), Lois (Sandy), Whitney (Kenickie), Lana (Rizzo), Jimmy (Doody), Chloe (Frenchy), Lucas (Sonny), Tess (Marty)


a/n: Jor-El is not the pompous ass he was in the show.

Chapter Thirteen

The entire town was abuzz with the ‘scandal’ of Clark having been kidnapped by Lionel and it was talked about for days. Clark stayed away from school for the week after Lionel had been killed, just wanting to settle down in his new home.

Hannah, despite the way she had liked Clark in the beginning, had been unsure of her place in the Kent family, now that the so-called ‘prodigal son’ had returned and Clark had taken great pains to reassure his new little sister that nothing was going to change. Both Jonathan and Martha also continued to reassure their daughter that they loved her. Having Clark back where he belonged just meant there were more people to love.

Clark knew there was going to be an adjustment period for all of them. The farmhouse wasn’t that big and with the parents and the two girls living there, it was already full to bursting. Clark had suggested he sleep on the couch, until Jonathan had hit on the idea of turning the loft in the barn into a room for Clark. It was a project the two men worked on together, side by side.

There was also the added problem of the ship, which was now in the storm cellar. Clark had gone with Jonathan while Lois and Hannah had gone to school to retrieve the ship from the plant. Lex had been there but had made no move to prevent their entry, just watching them from the temporary office as they walked through the plant to find Level Three. Part of him felt sorry for Lex, who had virtually been abandoned by his entire family, but Jonathan gently reminded him of the things Lex had done.

At night, Clark would lay in his new bed in the loft, staring up at the disc in his hand, trying to work up the courage to insert it in the octagonal indentation, wondering what the symbols meant. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know the truth about his origins. He also still wondered why Lionel and Lex had never used it. Or perhaps they had but the ship had never worked for them. That was probably a good thing, Clark thought, considering what they could do with the technology.

Clark was sitting at the desk, flipping the disc over and over in his hand, when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He looked up and smiled.

“Hi,” he said softly.

Lois smiled back uncertainly. Clark knew he’d been a little distant with her the past few days, but he had still been getting used to the new life.

“You okay?” she asked, moving to stand beside him and comb her fingers gently through his hair.

He nodded. “I’m fine.”

“Everyone keeps asking when you’re coming back to school. We have finals coming up.”

“I know. I’ll be back next week,” he assured her.

“Tess and Lucas have been asking about you. They said it’s like a tomb at the mansion. They miss you.”

Clark missed them too. They’d decided to stay at the mansion until high school was over, then they would look at getting an apartment in the city, although Clark was sure they were avoiding Lex as much as possible. As tough as Lucas talked, he was just a kid who needed the reassurance that he belonged somewhere. That people cared about him. Lex and Lionel had certainly done them no favours with their distance.

“Clark, I ...”

“Hey you two,” Jonathan called up the stairs. “Dinner will be on the table in five minutes.”

“We’ll be right down,” Clark called back. He looked at Lois. “We should go in to dinner.”

Lois looked disappointed and Clark didn’t know what it was she had been expecting. He sighed as he watched her turn away. He hadn’t meant to be so distant with her. She needed to understand that this was a big change for him as well. It was difficult, learning to accept a new family. Even if he had chosen this it still wasn’t easy.

Dinner was awkward. Jonathan tried to strike up a conversation by asking the girls how school had gone and what they were going to do now that summer was so close. Lois’ father had written telling her that he was transferring back to the States in August, although he wasn’t coming back to Kansas.

Lois had already got her acceptance from Metropolis University, although she hadn’t yet decided on a major. Chloe was also going; she was planning on majoring in English hoping to use it to get into newspaper reporting. It wasn’t going to be that easy, since the newspaper industry still favoured men in the top jobs but if anyone could do it, Chloe could, Clark thought.

Chloe came over shortly after dinner with Lana in tow. The three girls had decided to get together for a study session. Clark went out to help Jonathan with the chores.

“Everything okay, son?” the blonde farmer asked.

“Yeah, it’s just ... it’s hard, you know?”

Jonathan placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Clark, I know you’re used to a different life, but ....”

“It’s not that,” he insisted. “I love it here. This place, it feels more like home than the mansion ever did. It’s just ... I miss Lucas and Tess. More than I thought I would.”

“No one expects you to forget them, Clark. You were raised with them as their brother.”

“It’s not wrong?”

“No, Clark. They’re still your family. Just as we are.” Jonathan leaned on the fence post he’d been fixing, looking at Clark. “Everything okay with you and Lois?”

“I’d be lying if I said things were fine. I know she’s worried about how distant I’ve been with her. It’s just ... I worry sometimes. I mean, she says she knows about the experiments and about my abilities, but I haven’t told her everything. I mean I don’t even know everything. I just ... I don’t know if she’ll ever accept me for what I am. I mean, how can I ask her to carry that burden? Especially after all the things Lionel did to me. She’s too good for me.”

“I admit, it’s a lot to ask of anyone, but if anyone can carry the burden, it’s Lois.” Jonathan frowned at him. “You haven’t tried to open the ship?”

“I’ve been afraid to,” Clark said. “I don’t know what the symbols mean or what the ship might do.”

“Clark, if you need me to, I can go with you.”

“Thank you, but I think this is something I need to do myself.”

The farmer nodded his understanding.

“Help me with this rail, son,” he said, indicating the item on the ground.


Lois watched the blonde man bend down to pick up the rail. She hesitated. Martha had sent her out to see if the two workers wanted coffee and she had overheard the last of their conversation.

Ship? she thought, slowly putting the pieces together. The disc they’d found obviously belonged to some sort of spaceship, which meant Clark really was an honest-to-goodness alien, as she’d surmised from the documents she’d read. How could he think that she would never accept him? Didn’t he know that she loved him? When you loved someone, you accepted them for who they were, flaws and all. Not that being a super-powered being was a flaw. Clark was still Clark, whether his last name was Luthor or Kent or a not-so-little green man. The mere fact that he had given up all the privileges of being a Luthor to become a Kent had just made her love him more.

“Hey Smallville,” she said finally speaking up.

Clark turned and looked at her, raising an eyebrow. Lois grinned.

“What? You’re still Smallville, Smallville.”

“Funny, Lois.”

“I try. Martha’s making coffee if you want some.”

“Tell her we’ll be right in,” Jonathan smiled.

Lois turned her smile on the older man and nodded, then went back to the house. Lana and Chloe looked up from their books.

“Everything okay?” Lana asked.

Lois bit her lip. “Not really, but I know a way it could be,” she said.

Her cousin frowned at her. “What do you mean?”

“It’s Clark ... I mean, it’s nothing bad. Not really. It’s just ... I think he’s got this idea in his head that I’m kind of ... pure. You know? That maybe I’m not strong enough to accept him for who he is. For all his differences. I want to show him that I’m not the good little girl everyone thinks I’m supposed to be.”

Lana frowned. “No one thinks that,” she said.

“You did. When we first met.”

The dark-haired girl bit her lip, looking thoughtful.

“You’re right. I really misjudged you. I’m sorry.”

“Anyway, I just want a way to show Clark that I’m not just a pretty arm ornament. I mean, I was raised by a general.”

Chloe seemed to be thinking about something.

“I think I know a way. It’ll have to wait until the graduation carnival though. Can you wait that long?”

Lois brightened and nodded. “Yeah. Let’s get finals out of the way first.”


Clark curled his fist around the disc in his hand and took a deep breath. He knew he couldn’t keep putting this off. He hadn’t been able to sleep for two nights worrying about what might happen. It was time he learned the truth about himself and his origins, he thought.

The farmhouse was dark as he stepped quietly over to the storm cellar. He didn’t want to wake the household, although Jonathan would no doubt be up in about three or four hours to get started on the milking.

The door creaked as he opened it and he stepped through the opening, taking care not to miss any steps in the darkness.

Feet finally planted on the firm ground he waited until his eyes adjusted. There was a little bit of moonlight seeping in from above, giving him just enough illumination to see the dark shape in the corner. Heart pounding with trepidation, Clark clutched the disc, but it suddenly seemed to take on a mind of its own. His hand tingled as if the disc had all at once been electrically charged. Then it flew out of his hand and spun in the air toward the ship, dropping into the octagonal void.

There was a loud hum and the ship lit up. Clark stared, breathless as a panel slid back.


He frowned, wondering where the voice was coming from.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I am the construct of Jor-El. Your father.”

“Who am I?”

“Your name is Kal-El. You were named for your ancestor on Krypton.”

“Krypton?” His frown grew deeper.

“This is where you were born, Kal-El.”

“How did I end up here?”

“When the planet faced imminent destruction, your mother Lara and I constructed a ship to send you far across the galaxy, to Earth.”

Clark’s mind was reeling. Krypton? Destruction? Still worried about what the ship might do, he sank to the ground.

“Tell me more.”

He listened as the construct told him briefly how he came to be on Earth and how the Kents had been chosen to raise him. He learned that the key used to activate the ship and the recording was linked only to his genetic material. It was no wonder then, that Lex and Lionel had never been able to get the disc to work, since it needed his touch. He had wondered in the past few days why Lex had been arrogant enough to keep the key in the cabinet, but since Clark had never visited the office, except to save Lex and Lionel that one time, Lex had obviously been confident Clark would never find it.

He listened long into the night as the construct inside the ship told him of his destiny. Jor-El had sent him to Earth in the hope that he could guide its inhabitants and help them to become a better people. Jor-El’s greatest fear was that Earth would eventually follow the same path as Krypton.

“That’s why I have sent them you. My only son. They are a good people. They wish to be. They only lack the light to show them the way.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“You must go on a journey, my son. To seek out three stones which, once reunited, will form a vast library of knowledge of the inhabitants of the twenty-eight known galaxies.”

“I can’t just leave,” he said. “There’s Lois.”

“Who is this Lois?” Jor-El asked.

“She ... she’s everything. She’s amazing. Beautiful, sweet, intelligent.”

“She is your mate.”

“My mate?” Clark echoed. “Oh. Yes. I guess she is.”

“I once met a young woman who, like your mate was strong and beautiful and the only female who could ever match me in wit and intelligence. She promised to keep me from becoming too arrogant, too sure of my own superior intellect.”

“What happened to her?” Clark asked.

“She was your mother, Lara.”

“Tell me more about her.”

“We met through the Kryptonian Council when my father decided it was time for me to find a match.”

Clark settled down to listen as he heard stories of his mother, who would often pull Jor-El up if she thought he was getting too arrogant. He enjoyed hearing of the woman who had given him life. Who had continued to stand by her husband’s side, even in the face of imminent destruction. Supporting him, loving him. Despite the impassive tone from the construct, he could tell that Jor-El had loved her deeply.

“Your mother was extremely overjoyed to learn she was going to have you, our son,” Jor-El said proudly, or as proudly as a machine could sound. “We had tried for many years to have a child and I was unable to bear the sadness in your mother’s eyes when our attempts failed time and time again. She called you our miracle baby.”

Jor-El asked to know more about Lois and Clark found himself telling him about the girl he loved.

Clark fell silent once more.

“You seem troubled, my son.”

“How can I expect her to carry the burden? To stand by me when I ...”

“From what you have told me, Lois Lane sounds like a young woman who knows her own mind. Like your mother, I do not believe she would consider this a burden. You are the one she needs, Kal-El, just as she is the one you will need. There will be times when you may lose hope. Trust her to give you that hope.”



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Apr. 27th, 2013 09:47 am (UTC)
AWESOME new chapter sweetie!

I'm loving this story so much so far!
Apr. 27th, 2013 09:47 am (UTC)
Thank you honey. Getting close to the end now.
Apr. 27th, 2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
Aw I loved this both times Clark is a miracle baby! Great chapter honey!
Apr. 27th, 2013 07:38 pm (UTC)
Yep, he's a miracle in more ways than one. I'm glad you loved this chapter hon. Only one more left, then the epilogue.
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