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The Truth About Men and Women 53/74

Author: Phoenixnz
Fandom: Smallville
Genre: Romcom,Drama, movie knock-off, AU
Rating: R (for innuendo, although there may be smut later)
Pairing: Clark Luthor/Lois Lane
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, not even the AU ones, or the movie this one is based on. Some situations from the movie The Ugly Truth are borrowed for effect, but with a Smallville spin on them.
Feedback: Yes please
Art: dream_infinity0

Summary: Lois Lane is a dedicated journalist. So dedicated in fact that she has trouble with relationships. She is mortified when cable show host and womaniser Clark Luthor joins the Daily Planet as a columnist and he begins teaching her the truth about male/female relationships. From his angle anyway.

a/n: I just discovered I never posted chapter 53, so you will get double the treat today.


Chapter Fifty-Three

The girls were squealing with excitement, jumping up and down. Lois wanted to tell them to calm down, but she couldn’t help feeling excited too. There was just one small thing.

“Where’s the ring?” she asked teasingly.

He smirked at her. “Yeah, how did I know you’d be holding out for that Lane?”

“I like my bling,” she told him. “So where is it?”

“Be right back,” he told her, going back up to the bedroom. Lois waited, wondering why he had gone at normal speed, but she supposed he just wanted to savour the moment. He was back in less than a minute.

“You remember that errand I had to run last week?” he asked.

“You mean the one that took you over an hour?” she said, remembering John Jones telling her how Clark had stopped someone stealing evidence.

He nodded. “That one. Well, I finished doing what I needed to do and I was walking past the jewellers when I saw this.”

Lois looked down at the little box in his hand. He opened the clasp and showed her the ring inside. It was a small princess cut diamond ring inlaid with tiny diamonds dotted around the white gold band. It wasn’t too flashy, but clearly cost more than she made in three months.

“Let me see, let me see, aunt Lois,” Lena said, quickly crowding her.

Maddie grinned at the younger girl. “Don’t crowd squirt.”

“Clark, it’s beautiful,” Lois told him, holding out her hand so he could gently place the ring on her finger. The ring fit perfectly and they stared at it, entranced.

“A perfect fit,” Lois breathed softly. Just like they were, she thought. Just like they had been since the moment they’d met. Or since the moment she’d taken the time to see past the arrogance.

There was a knock on the door and Lena ran to answer it. Lois barely registered the sound of Lena greeting her father enthusiastically, chattering away to him. All Lois could see and feel was Clark’s hand still holding hers.

“Well, I see congratulations are in order,” Lex said. “If I’d had more warning, I could have brought champagne.”

“It’s nine o’clock in the morning,” Clark told him, turning to look at his brother.

Lois turned and looked at Lex, who was grinning broadly.

“I notice you didn’t wait to get my approval on the column,” the older man teased his brother.

“It’s my column,” Clark said with a shrug. “And Perry approved it.”

“Well, all I can say is, where’s the rock?”

Lois chuckled as Lex fooled around, taking her hand and peering down at the ring.

“Where is it?” he said, squinting his eyes. “I can’t see it.”

“Stop it,” Lois said. “It’s beautiful.”

“What is it, two carats at the most? So unbecoming a Luthor,” Lex replied. “You know what the old man would say to that. You have to think of your status, son,” he added in what was a passable imitation of the elder Luthor, or what Lois had heard of him. “The gaudier the better.”

“Cute, Lex,” Clark said. “The old man would never have said that.”

“Yes he would,” Lex returned. “So, you picked a date yet? Or are you two just gonna elope or something tomorrow?”

“Very funny, Lex,” Lois retorted.

Lex just smirked. “Well, come on, you two have been together what ... three ... four weeks, tops.”

“Well, you know, when something feels right,” Clark told him.

“This from the inveterate womaniser,” Lex snorted.

“Lois reformed me,” Clark smiled.

Lex clapped his brother on the shoulder. “I’ll say this baby brother. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.”

“Hey!” Lois said in protest. Okay, so she could be a handful but she didn’t have to like it being pointed out to her.

Lex grinned at her. “Kidding, Lois. Really, I’m very happy for you two.”

“Thanks Lex. We were just about to have breakfast. You want?”

“I already ate, but I wouldn’t say no to coffee ...”

Lois grinned and went to grab another cup from the cupboard, pouring the coffee, listening as Clark asked his brother about his date with Mayson.

“How did it go?”

“Very well, actually. Mayson is an interesting woman.”

It sounded like things were going very well between Lex and the assistant DA. It was no wonder Lex was in such a good mood. Mind you, Lois thought, he deserves all the happiness he can get.

She thought about when she had first heard the Luthors had taken over the Daily Planet. She hadn’t had the highest opinion of Lex back then, thinking he would be exactly like Lionel, who cared only about one thing: profit. Yes, Lex cared about profit but he also understood that a good working environment made for happier employees. Morale had gone up at the paper since Lex had taken over and that had certainly helped Lois revise her opinion of him.

Lois took out the coffee, handing Lex it to Lex. Her fiancé, and just the use of that word gave her a tiny thrill, smiled down at her and kissed her briefly before sitting down at the table. Lois sat beside him, watching as Lex picked up the newspaper.

“I have to admit, Clark, your proposal is certainly unique. How did you come up with that idea?”

“Oh, I’d been thinking about it for a while,” Clark told his brother.

Lena and Maddie, having finished their breakfasts, asked if they could go and watch television.

“Keep it down,” Lois told them quietly.

Lena grinned at her and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m glad you and Uncle Clark are gonna get married,” she whispered. “I really love you Aunt Lois.”

“Aww, I love you too, sweetie,” Lois told her, giving her an answering hug.

Maddie grinned at her. “I only have one question,” she said.

“Shoot,” Lois grinned back, getting an inkling of what it might be.

“Do I get to be bridesmaid?”

“Go watch cartoons,” Lois mock growled at her. The teen laughed, going off with Lena to watch television. Lois turned back to the brothers, who had been quietly talking. Lex glanced at her but didn’t say what he was thinking.

“I really appreciate you looking after Lena last night,” he said. “At least I didn’t have to leave Mayson last night to call the babysitter.”

“Lex, you know we love Lena,” Clark assured his brother.

Lois guessed that was one thing Lex worried about more than ever these days. It wasn’t just the fact that Lena had been kidnapped by his own brother, or anything else that had happened. She supposed he had always worried about his daughter. It was the one thing that set him apart from Lionel. He had turned his back on what it meant to be a Luthor to protect his daughter.

She smiled at him warmly. “Clark is right. Looking after Lena isn’t a chore. Sure, she can be mischievous, but she’s a good girl and all credit to you for how you’ve raised her.

Lex smiled back, acknowledging the compliment.

“I still wonder if I should be out there dating someone.”

“Lex, you deserve to be happy too. Lena wouldn’t expect you to sacrifice your life for her. And she likes Mayson.”

Lois nodded her agreement. Lena had talked non-stop about the pretty DA at dinner the night before. Lois hadn’t detected any bitterness or jealousy, but then Lena was old enough to understand her father’s need for companionship.

“What would you have done, Lois? If you had been around Lena’s age and your father had suddenly brought home a potential step-mother?”

Lois blushed. There had been someone, about a year or so after her mother had died. The general had begun spending time with the woman. Time that Lois, in her jealousy, had felt was better spent with her and Lucy. But then, it had been a totally different situation.

“Lex, I know what you’re asking and the truth is, when my dad did meet someone, I acted like a total brat. But you have to remember that we didn’t have the best relationship to start with. I mean, he’s a general, so he treated us like little soldiers rather than daughters. So we’d have done anything to get his attention. And we did. Let’s just say that both Lucy and I outdid ourselves in acts of naughtiness. We pretty much resented anyone who took his attention away from us and any woman he dated was an interloper.”

“Do you think ...” Lex frowned.

“No, Lex. For one thing, Lena doesn’t have to be naughty to get your attention. Sure, you can be a workaholic sometimes, but you still know when she needs you and you’re fully prepared to drop everything to see to those needs. I’m not saying my dad was a bad father. He was just making the best of things. Just as you are. No parent is perfect, okay? But the best ones are those who learn from their mistakes.”

Lex smiled, then leaned back in his chair and looked thoughtfully at the two of them.

“I should get going,” he said with a little sigh. “But I was just thinking. I imagine the two of you would like some time alone to, uh, celebrate your engagement. How about I take Maddie out for the day? I promised Lena we’d do something together. Maybe we’ll even go visit the Kents.”

“You read my mind,” Clark grinned.

Lex got up. “Lena, go get Minnie’s carrier,” he told his daughter. “Maddie, how would you like to spend the day with Lena and I?”

Maddie glanced at Lois and Clark, her eyes missing nothing. She nodded.

“Okay, but I get to call shotgun.”

Lena pouted. “Not fair!”

“Sorry squirt,” Maddie grinned. “Snooze, you lose.”

The two girls began squabbling good-naturedly while the adults laughed. Lex mock growled at them to hurry up and they left a few minutes later. Clark grinned at Lois, getting up to go to the kitchen as if to prepare breakfast for them. Lois got up to follow.

“So what are you in the mood for?” he asked.

“Oh I’m in the mood,” she told him, glancing at him coyly under her lashes. “Just not for breakfast.”

She turned away from him, her long hair flying, the robe she was wearing slipping down her arm a little, giving him a glimpse of her creamy skin. His eyes appeared to glaze over as he looked at her with lust in his expression. Lois paused in the doorway, licking her lips as she looked at him, daring him.

Clark took the bait, beside her in the blink of an eye, capturing her mouth with his as he pushed her up against the hall door. Lois laughed, a little breathless as his hands slid up underneath the robe to cope the cheeks of her ass.

“I swear you have more than two hands,” she told him.

Clark made a rumbling noise in the back of his throat as he kissed her again. Lois wrapped her arms around him, letting him take control as he lifted her in his arms, pushing her even harder against the door. Lois squeaked in surprise as the door opened behind her and it was only Clark’s quick reflexes that stopped them from falling.

She found herself in the bedroom, being lowered to the bed. Clark left her briefly to take off his robe and pants. Lois held out her arms for him and the bed dipped as he joined her. She giggled as he began to suck on the skin of her clavicle.

“That tickles,” she said, feeling the slight rasp of his stubble.

Clark lifted his head briefly to grin at her as he slowly began to pull of her robe, then just as slowly slid the strap of her bra down her arm. His mouth began moving lower and Lois lost herself in waves of pleasure as she felt his mouth everywhere. She moaned, twisting her fingers in his hair as Clark’s mouth closed over her breast. Heat spread like a forest fire through her body, her sex aching with the need for his intimate touch.

Clark rolled over in the bed so she was now on top and Lois looked down at him as she rocked her pelvis against him, feeling his hardness beneath her. The heat of his hands was almost scorching her skin, even beneath the barrier of her panties. The scent of their arousal hung in the air.

“Clark!” she moaned as she felt him slide her panties down. At least he hadn’t ripped them this time, she thought with a grin. He’d done that the weekend before when she’d stayed Friday night. Of course, he’d made up for it by buying her sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, and Lois didn’t want to know how he’d actually managed to walk into the store and buy the underwear for her. It certainly wasn’t something she would wear to work. Not unless she wanted Clark to jump her the minute his x-ray vision showed him what she was wearing.

Lois sat up, undulating her hips, eliciting a grunt from Clark as she ground against him. She could feel his shaft beneath her, causing a light spasm as her body demanded completion. His green eyes were wide as he gazed at her, reminding her a little of the lake where they had gone for a picnic just a few weeks earlier. Lois grinned at him as his hands reached for her, trying to pull her down to him. She slid back a little, her hand moving to grasp him, guide him inside.

Clark pulled her down to him, but Lois didn’t mind as it just added to the intimacy of the contact. They rocked against each other, groaning in their mutual passion, urging each other on harder and faster until their bodies shook in simultaneous climax.

Lois woke a little later, curled up against Clark. Her stomach rumbled and she grinned. If she was hungry then she had no doubt Clark would be just as hungry. Getting up, Lois started to pick up the robe from where it had been tossed, but decided to leave it where it lay, going to the closet. She glanced at the bed but her fiancé was still sleeping soundly. Lois began to search quietly through the shirts hanging on the rail.

There was the silk shirt Clark had worn the first day they’d been partnered up. Lois smiled, stroking the fabric. She remembered Perry and Lex telling her she had no choice in the matter, but even Clark had looked aghast at the prospect. That was the day she had worn the tight jeans which had been so thin in the ass they were practically see-through.

That had also been the day of the infamous bet. What had they been arguing about? Oh, right, she thought, she had decided to go shopping for something else to wear, since the jeans had not been a professional look and had derided his shirt. Well, with the way it fit his muscular body, not to mention the way the fabric shone in the light, it did make him look sexier. Lois grinned again. That was when Clark had bet her she would never be able to ask a guy out on a date.

She sighed softly, touching the rest of his shirts, her gaze falling on the perfect shirt. Lex often kidded his brother about his laidback manner. Clark really had travelled the world and seen a far different side to it than Lex. Then again, Lex had had a lot more responsibilities, trying to run the European subsidiaries of Luthorcorp while raising his daughter, whereas Clark could afford to flit here, there and everywhere. He might have acted like the playboy everyone had expected him to be but deep down she knew Clark had craved a sense of normality – a break, as it were, from the reality of his incredible abilities.

Decision made, Lois took the shirt off its hanger, putting it on, loving the softness of the fabric on her skin. She left the bedroom, glancing again at Clark, who still seemed to be asleep. Poor baby, she thought. He’d probably been up half the night worrying about her, especially with the concussion. Or he’d been worried about her reaction to the column.

She had to admit it had not only been a very romantic way to propose, but also very imaginative. She’d heard of guys hiring planes and writing their proposal in the sky, or taking their girlfriends on romantic getaways or to exotic locations. Lois had never really thought about something like that.

When she’d thought about Clark proposing, she had expected him to do something that was either outrageously expensive or completely out of left field. She knew he wanted to marry her – that had never been in question from the moment he had told her he loved her. But she had never expected such a unique proposal.

Stomach rumbling again, Lois mentally admonished herself.

“Come on, Lane, this isn’t getting you some food.”

She padded quietly into the kitchen, going to the refrigerator to peruse the contents. Let’s see, she thought. Strawberries, honeydew melon, kiwifruit, pineapple ...

Arms snaked around her waist and Lois jumped.

“Been raiding my closet, Lane?” a voice said softly in her ear.

“Mmmaybe,” she said, her head back to receive his kiss. “You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that.”

“You were making such an effort to be quiet, I was wondering if you were up to something,” Clark murmured.

“Nope, just hungry.”

“Making a fruit salad?” he asked, eyeing the fruit in her arms.

“Mm. Since you did get all my favourites.”

She put all the fruit on the counter and found the knife in the drawer. Clark stood behind her, pressing his body against her as she began to cut the tops off the strawberries.

“You make me cut myself and I’ll ...”

“You’ll what?” he asked, nibbling on her earlobe.


“Here,” he said, taking the knife from her and beginning to cut the fruit into smaller pieces. Lois stood in the circle of his arms, leaning back against him, watching as he worked. For once, he didn’t use his superspeed.

Lois grabbed a plate and placed all the fruit on it. She took it all into the living room and put it on the coffee table next to the couch. Clark followed her, his eyes dancing.

“What are you up to?” he asked.

Lois glanced at him, realising he’d put on his pyjama pants. She snickered. She’d been half expecting Clark to have walked out of the bedroom naked, but since Maddie had come to live with him, he’d been a lot more cautious about dressing before leaving the bedroom.

“Do I have to be up to something?” she asked, waiting until he sat down on the couch, then sat astride his lap, her fingers stroking his pecs. Her engagement ring shone brightly in the sunlight pouring in from the huge plate glass windows and she looked at it for a long moment. It really was a beautiful ring, she thought.

“I know you, Lane,” he replied, stroking her back.

Lois reached for the plate on the table and placed it on the couch beside her, picking up a piece of strawberry.

“Open up,” she told him.

Clark’s eyes glittered but he opened his mouth, taking the strawberry. Lois picked out her own piece and popped it in her mouth. The juice practically exploded on her tastebuds as she chewed.

It was Clark’s turn to grab a piece of fruit and he picked up a big slice of melon. Lois opened her mouth expectantly, taking a bite. Clark grinned as some of the juice dripped down her chin and onto the exposed skin above her breasts. He leaned forward and licked up some of the juice, then looked at her.

“I see what your plan is,” he said. “Very sneaky.”

Lois just grinned slyly, watching as he took his own bite of the juicy melon.

It wasn’t long before they were each a sticky mess. Feeling mischievous, Lois had taken some of the strawberries and kiwifruit and mashed it against Clark’s chest before slowly licking it up. In retaliation, Clark had stripped the flannel shirt from her and made her lie on her back on the couch before mashing pieces of melon in his hands then rubbing the juicy pulp all over her breasts. Lois had clung to him as he licked up the mess he’d made.

Once the fruit was gone, Clark had picked her up in his arms, carrying her to the bathroom where he’d proceeded to take her against the wall of the shower while the water cascaded down around them, muffling their cries.

They spent the rest of the day in bed making love and talking about their future. Lois lay curled in his arms, looking down at the ring.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked softly.

“How perfect it was,” she said. “The proposal, I mean. It was simple, but ... it was romantic.”

She rolled over and looked at him.

“How long were you really thinking about it?” she asked.

“From the moment I realised I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you,” he said.

“When did you know?”

Clark smiled. “Well, I could say about five minutes after I met you ... in the flesh, anyway, but ...”

Lois slapped his shoulder. “Liar! All you were thinking about then was how to get me to go to bed with you.”

“Okay, okay, you’re right. I was thinking about that. But then I saw you in your office and you were writing up your resignation. It made me realise that you were a woman of integrity who would rather give up something she loved than compromise that integrity. You were really upset about Lex taking over the Planet and you spoke your mind.”

“I was wrong. About Lex. I was just thinking about that this morning. I mean, people are a lot happier now that he’s in charge. I guess maybe because there’s more job security now. And he is a good boss. He really does care about his employees.”

“What about me?” Clark asked.

“Do you want me to tell you that I was wrong about you?” she asked. “In the beginning, I don’t think I was. I mean, maybe I might have been a little judgmental, but that’s because you never let me see the real you. Not back then.”

“You’re right,” he said. “I think we both put up a lot of barriers. I never did get why you had so many.”

“Well, part of it was my dad, I guess. I don’t know. When all you want is attention from the person you love the most, when you don’t get it, it hurts and maybe it’s just better not to let people in so you don’t have to risk getting hurt.”

“That’s true,” Clark nodded.

The conversation turned to their getting married.

“Have you thought about what you’d like?” Clark asked.

“Well, a big society wedding isn’t really my thing. Just, you know, a simple ceremony. You, me, Lex, Ollie, Chloe, the Kents ...”

“Bruce. Don’t forget him.”

Lois noticed Clark’s grimace.

“I thought you guys were getting along better?” she asked.

“We are, I guess. I don’t know. There are times when I think Bruce still doubts my intentions.”

“Honey, it’s nothing personal. It’s just Bruce. He isn’t really all that close to a lot of people. Chloe and his butler are probably the exception. He’ll come around. You’ll see.”

“You’re right,” Clark said, kissing her.



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Glad to see this one again honey!
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Thank you Carol, it was good to get back into it.
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I just love this one; its my fave of your fics! *on to the next chap* :)
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Thank you, it's one of my faves too *g*
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