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Kryptonian Consort 48/?

Kryptonian Consort
Genre: Drama, romance, old school Clois, AU
Rating: NC17 (overall)
Pairing: Clark/Lois, Kal-El/Lois
Spoilers: Season Four on
Feedback: Would make my day
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, or the scripts which are used liberally here, but if I did, oh boy would I have some fun!
Art: ctbn60

Summary: Clark returns from the matrix where he has spent his summer only to meet the girl he decides is his destiny. And nobody better get in his way.


a/n: This chapter is going to depart from canon in a big way. I'll still try to keep to the spirit of the episodes of season five, but there will be quite a few differences.

Chapter Forty-Eight

Lois ran back to the car once she was sure the meteor shower was over and got in, putting the car in gear and reversing as quickly as she was able. She had no idea what had happened to Chloe, or Clark and given what the Kents had told her about the last meteor shower, she was nauseous with anxiety.

Her gaze flicked from side to side as she kept an eye out for anyone she knew. Some vehicles were scattered along the road, having been abandoned by their owners. Lois felt ill as she saw people lying in the ditches, their bodies broken and bleeding. As much as she wanted to help them, she knew there was very little she could do. She just wasn’t equipped to help that many people.

“Miss? Please?” a man called out.

Lois exhaled. “Look, the army guys will be here any minute,” she said, spying the convoy over the hill. “I need to get to my family.”

God, it hurt, knowing that something that had been part of the man she loved could have caused such destruction. It wasn’t Clark’s fault, despite what he had feared. There was no way he could have foreseen this. Okay, so Jor-El had been at him for months about finding the stones, but if he’d explained the dangers then maybe Clark wouldn’t have dawdled over it.

The problem was, Clark had just wanted a ‘normal’ life. Lois knew that wasn’t possible for someone like him with his abilities, but that was what she was there for. To give him that balance between a normal life and his so-called destiny.

Lois’ tyres skidded in the gravel as she turned into the gateway and drove fast down the driveway of the Kent Farm. There was debris beside the fence, just past the barn. It was still burning and Lois quickly stepped over it, blocking her nose against the smoke, feeling suddenly dizzy. As she passed, several small pieces of meteor began to glow a sickly green.

Shelby barked at her, but she shushed him, staring in shock at the farmhouse. More than half the upper floor appeared to have collapsed, the wood blackened and still smoking. The truck was parked right beside the gate, which made it clear the Kents had never got out.

She gasped, hurrying to the house. Water was spraying from a broken pipe and it seemed that nothing had escaped the devastation.

“Oh my god,” she said as she stared at the wreckage.


She heard Jonathan turning over some debris, crying out desperately for his wife. She stepped over some debris, beginning to search. Jonathan looked up, then nodded at her.

“Martha,” she called, turning over what looked like had once been the kitchen table. It was a shame, since they’d only just got a new one not so long ago after Shelby had managed to demolish the last one. “What about Clark?” she asked, wondering why Jonathan had only been looking for his wife.

“Clark was at the cave,” Jonathan said. “At least, I hope he was.”

“The cave?” So Clark had gone to the caves. He had obviously been home and gone again.

“He said Jor-El told him he had to find the stones so he could stop this.”

Lois frowned, but said nothing. She continued looking for her mother-in-law. For a moment, she thought she had found her when she uncovered a body, but quickly realised it was Jason Teague. She knelt and checked his pulse. He was dead.


“Jason,” Jonathan said, coming over to look. “He attacked Martha and I, wanting to know where the stones were.”

“God,” Lois said.

She stepped over to the other side of what had once been the parlour and began pulling aside more debris. Then she spotted a hand.

“Here! She’s here!” she said, frantically pulling at pieces of the china cabinet.

Jonathan hurried over, helping to pull the debris off. Her head was caked in dirt and blood and she was unconscious.

“Sweetheart, I’m gonna get you out of here.”

Lois quickly checked Martha’s pulse. It was thready and her breathing was shallow.

“She’s barely breathing,” she said, hating the thought that she might lose the only mother figure she knew. She looked up at her father-in-law. Jonathan was also covered in blood and dirt, although they were mostly small cuts. He appeared worried, yet he looked hopeful.

“She’s gonna be fine,” he said, with perhaps more reassurance than he himself felt, brushing his wife’s hair from her face. He sniffed audibly, clearly trying not to burst into tears. Lois said nothing, but she wanted to reach out and try to provide at least some comfort. She saw the depth of his love for his wife as they struggled to move her.

“Wait, stop,” she said, realising from the way the bone was sticking out of Martha’s leg that she had a compound fracture. “I don’t think we should move her. We need to get the paramedics out here.”

“I think they’re going to be a little busy, Lois,” Jonathan said.

“Well, what else can we do? I only know rudimentary first aid. I have no idea how to splint a broken leg.”

“It can’t be that hard,” he said. “Find some flat pieces of wood and something to use as a bandage.” He took off his shirt. “Use that.”

“We still don’t know if she has a back injury,” she said, trying to remember everything she had been taught. “Look, why don’t I just call emergency services and see if they can get out here. I’d rather not take the risk if I can help it.”

He nodded. “All right. You’re right, Lois.”

She let him wait by Martha as she went outside to make a call. Maybe she had been far too busy trying to find Martha, but she was now beginning to notice the way her skin seemed to be crawling. Her stomach was churning and for a moment she thought she was going to throw up.

“911 emergency.”

“Hello, my name is Lois Lane. I’m at the Kent Farm on Hickory Lane. Martha Kent has been badly injured and I think she has a compound fracture in her leg.”

“Wait, slow down.”

“I’m at the Kent Farm,” she said, slowing her speech down. “Hickory Lane in Smallville. Martha Kent has been badly injured.”

“All right. We have a unit close by. Is she conscious?”

“No, and she’s not breathing too well either.”

“Is anyone else injured?”

“Yes, my father-in-law, Jonathan Kent, but it mostly looks superficial. Maybe a concussion I don’t know. Oh, there was someone else here when the meteors hit. He’s dead.”

“I’ll make sure the sheriff is notified,” the operator told her. “The paramedics are about five minutes away. I would suggest you do not move Mrs Kent in case she has spinal injuries.”

“Yeah, okay.”

She listened as the operator gave her more instructions and went back into the house. Jonathan had ripped up his shirt and was using it to staunch the flow of blood from Martha’s head wound.

“They said not to move her until the paramedics can get here and assess her condition,” she told Jonathan.

The older man nodded. “It’s good that you have such a level head,” he smiled wanly at her.

“Don’t believe it,” she told him. “I’ve been known to panic with the best of ‘em.”

They sat together, doing their best to keep calm. Lois could tell Jonathan was quietly praying for his wife and she put a hand on his. It was a long five minutes.


Clark continued looking around the structure. The crystals appeared to be made of ice. He imagined they were deep into the Arctic, or else there was a danger the structure might be picked up by satellites. It had to be at least forty feet high and Clark was overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of it.

“I thought Krypton was destroyed,” he called out to his birth father, or at least the artificial representation of him.

“It was,” Jor-El answered. “But here in your Fortress of Solitude, the geography of our planet has been replicated for your training.”

Clark felt the wind rise as he spun in a circle, still wanting to see all of the fortress.

“I know there’s a lot I can learn from you, but I have to get home. That’s where I’m needed.”

“The meteor shower is only the precursor. A dark force from Krypton has been awakened, Kal-El, and its sights are set on Earth.”

Clark had to wonder where this dark force had come from and why it had suddenly decided to come to Earth.

“I sense you have questions, Kal-El.”

“How could this dark force suddenly be here? Why didn’t it come to Earth when Krypton was destroyed?”

“For the simple reason that I imprisoned them in the ship.”

“What do you mean, imprisoned them?”

“You will learn this much later.”

“I must know now.”

“Very well, my son. There was a dark time on Krypton when some of our people chose to follow a man in the pursuit of power. After many years of war, he was caught and placed on trial, but two of his followers managed to escape detection, pretending to be agents for good. By the time their deception was discovered, they had escaped in a ship on its way to Earth and Krypton was nearing destruction. In an attempt to prevent the same thing occurring on Earth, I was able to create a signal which stopped the ship and placed both followers in a state of suspended animation. When your lifepod was activated three years ago, it was able to detect the presence of the ship and determine what had happened to it. Radioactive debris from Krypton had attached to the ship, which drifted in space. Until the signal was disrupted by the blood on the Crystal of Air, awakening the ship.”

“And this ship is now on Earth,” Clark stated flatly.

“Yes, my son.”

“That’s why I need to get home. I need to stop them before they do anything to hurt my family. My consort, she ...”

“Yes, I am well aware of your consort’s condition. She carries the first of the new bloodline. The followers of Zod are not the only threat, however.”


“Kal-El, you must begin your training. It is essential if you are to defeat Nam-Ek and Aethyr.”

“What about my family? I can’t just ...”

“Only with your training can you hope to save the planet.”

Nodding, Clark realised he was right. He found himself surrounded by a bright light and Kryptonian symbols appeared in front of him. The knowledge that had been downloaded into his brain over two years earlier helped him decipher the symbols.

He didn’t know how long he was locked in the training module but the sound of someone calling for help began to penetrate the fog in his brain.

“Clark. Can you hear me?”

Chloe? Breaking his concentration, Clark looked around to see Chloe collapsed on the ground, her body half-frozen. Icicles had formed in her hair.


He ran to her, pulling her into his arms.

“Kal-El, you must continue your education. You cannot stop.”

“She’s my friend. She needs help!”

Jor-El was unmoved.

“Your destiny is far greater than saving one human life.”

“I won’t let her die!” Clark told his birth father.

“Each time you let your emotions guide you, the fate of the entire planet is at risk. That is your weakness, Kal-El.”

He was wrong. Sure, Clark made emotional decisions, but it was better than coldly deciding the fate of one person over another. He wasn’t about to let someone die, especially not Chloe. She wasn’t just his best friend, she was family. She ...

Coolly, Clark looked up at where he believed the source of the AI was.

“Would you really expect me to allow the blood relative of my child to die?”

“Kal-El ...”

“She’s Lois’ cousin. Chloe’s mother is Lois’ mom’s sister,” he said.

Jor-El seemed to consider this.

“Very well. You may transport her to safety, and do what you must to ensure your bloodline is not harmed, but I urge you to return by the Kansas sunset.”

“I’ll be back. I promise.”

“Do not fail me, Kal-El, for the consequences will be grave.”

Jor-El didn’t need to tell him twice. He lifted Chloe in his arms and ran at super speed, making it to a hospital in the Yukon in less than two minutes. Chloe shivered as he let her down.

“Clark, you know I love you, but I’d really rather not go at the speed of a locomotive in future.”

“C’mon,” he said with a smile. “Let’s get you inside. You probably have hypothermia,” he added, noting the way her teeth chattered.

He was surprised that she hadn’t frozen in an instant while outside the fortress. The temperature had probably been below freezing and she had only been wearing a light jacket and jeans. He quickly found a nurse.

“Uh, my friend has hypothermia, I think,” he said.

The nurse followed him to where he’d left Chloe, who was still shivering, hugging herself to keep warm.

“How on Earth did this happen?” she asked.

“We were exploring the river and we probably ventured out a little too far,” Clark told the nurse lamely, knowing she would never buy his excuse. “She slipped and fell in the water.”

God, where was Lois when he needed her, he thought. She would probably have come up with a humdinger of an excuse with all the right embellishments to make it believable.

The nurse helped Chloe into a room, quickly getting her into a gown and applied heating pads to her torso. Clark was let in after a few minutes.

“Don’t you think you should get back to Smallville?” Chloe asked. “Look, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. It’s Lois and your parents you should be worried about.” She frowned as if something had just occurred to her.

“Uh, maybe I shouldn’t be bringing this up, and maybe it was just the ice freezing my brain, but did I hear you say something about your child?”

Clark bit his lip, looking squarely at his friend. “Uh ...”

“You know, don’t you?”

“I found the test,” he said sheepishly.

“God, Clark. I mean, Lois barely even knows. How does Jor-El ...”

Clark shrugged. “Same way he knew about the meteor shower I guess.”

Chloe sighed. “Clark, you really need to get back. I mean, if Lois is in trouble ...”

Clark smiled and leaned forward, kissing her on the forehead.

“Okay. I’ll be back for you.”

“No, you won’t. You’re gonna go to that gigantic igloo and do your training, like you promised. Like I said, don’t worry about me. I can always call Uncle Sam to come and get me. I mean, he’s probably had to put off the trip to Germany anyway, with everything that’s happened.”

“Yeah. Okay, well ...”

“Will you get out of here?” she growled.

Grinning, Clark sped out, using all his energy reserves to make it back to Smallville in less than a quarter hour.


Lois had been busy talking to the sheriff’s deputies, telling them about finding Jason Teague’s body in the house.

“We’d really like to talk to Mr Kent,” one deputy said.

“He’s in the room with Martha,” she said.

“How’s she doing?” the other deputy asked gently.

“She’s hanging in there. Gave us both a pretty good scare, but the doctors say she’s sleeping.”

“What about Clark? Have you heard from him?”

Lois touched a hand to her belly briefly. “Uh, no,” she said. “I haven’t heard from him.”

“I thought you two were engaged?”

“Yeah, we are, it’s just ... he’s probably busy out helping. You know how he is. Actually, I’m getting kind of worried about him; I mean, I know he can take care of himself, but ...”

“I hear ya. Look, we’ll let you get back to your family, but tell Mr Kent we’d like to talk to him when he’s able.”


She left the deputies to their work and walked back along the corridor, quietly opening the door to the room, not knowing if Martha would be awake. She was relieved to see her mother-in-law awake and talking.

“Martha,” she said happily. “I’m so glad to see you awake.”

Martha reached out a free hand to her. Jonathan was clutching her other hand tightly.

“Hi sweetheart. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Lois said. “Worried about Clark, but I’m sure everything’s gonna be fine.”

“Of course it is,” Martha said.

Suddenly the corridor outside was shaken by an explosion. Glass from the window shattered and Jonathan threw himself across Martha to protect her as the debris rained down on them. As soon as it was clear, he ran out of the room, looking down the corridor. Lois followed, frowning at the man and woman.

“Where is Kal-El?” the man asked.

“Who are you?”

The woman peered at him. “You know where he is.”

Jonathan looked at her like she was nuts. “Lady, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The woman wrapped a hand around his neck, cutting off his air, then lifting him up. Lois wondered if she should try to defuse the situation.

“Okay, everyone needs to calm down and count to ten,” she said. She looked at the woman. “Put the nice man down.”

They were clearly Kryptonian, she thought as the woman threw Jonathan ten feet down the hallway, making him crash into a cart and fall to the floor. Lois glared at her. No one hurt someone she cared about.

“Look, super freak, you wanna find your Kal-El buddy, you need to start working on your communication skills.”

Bad idea, she thought, as the female Kryptonian grabbed her by the throat. She peered curiously at her as Lois began to choke, then frowned.

“You know Kal-El,” she said.

“What?” Lois gasped out.

“You have the mark. You carry the child of a Kryptonian.”

Lois was on the verge of passing out. Her mind was greying out but she remained conscious long enough to hear Lana telling the Kryptonians she knew where to find Kal-El. Lois dropped to the floor suddenly, coughing, calling out weakly to Lana as she limped away down the corridor.

Jonathan had struggled to his feet and was limping back toward her.

“Did I hear something about a child?” he asked.



Meanwhile, Clark had arrived at the house to total devastation. The truck was still parked on the gravel driveway.

“Mom! Dad?” he said, x-raying through the debris.

“They’re not here.” Clark turned and looked at Lex. “Clark, thank god you’re okay.”

“Where are they, Lex?”

“The hospital. Your mom has a broken leg and a bad concussion but I’ve just learned she’s out of danger.”

Clark frowned. “What about Lois?”

“She’s there with them, but she wasn’t hurt.”

Well, that was a relief. “I really need to get to the hospital,” he said, moving to pass his friend.

“Where’s Chloe?” Lex said, grabbing his arm.

“What do you mean?” Clark asked.

“She was down in the caves with me when the meteors hit. I was knocked out and when I came to, she was gone.”

“She must have left when you were unconscious, probably went to get help.”

“Or someone helped her out.”

As Lex looked at him, Clark couldn’t help but notice the wound on his neck.

“Lex, what happened?” he asked, touching the cut.

“It’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t look like nothing. It looks almost like ...”

“What?” Lex asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m glad you’re okay.”

“It’s the oddest thing, though Clark. Right before I passed out, there was a light brighter than anything I’ve ever seen and I could have sworn I saw you standing right in its epicentre.”

Clark shook his head, hoping the lie would be believable.

“Lex I was nowhere near the caves when the meteors hit.”

Well, it was mostly true. He hadn’t been in the caves when the first wave hit, since he’d been out rescuing a small boy from being killed. Then, of course, he’d been teleported to the Arctic.

“If you weren’t with your parents or Lois when the meteors hit, where were you?”

“Mom and Dad insisted I get a head start. Lois and Chloe were supposed to be heading for Metropolis, to my Grandad’s home.”

Lex still looked sceptical.

“Why do I get this nagging feeling that you’re being less than honest with me?”

“I have no idea, Lex. Look, I really need to get to the hospital, make sure my family’s okay.”

Lex looked as if he wanted to argue, but seemed to let it slide. Clark watched as his friend picked his way out of the demolished house and waited long enough to see Lex drive away. Then he sped toward the hospital.


Lois didn’t want to face her in-laws. Not just yet. At least, not until she’d had a test. She stood in front of the coffee machine, staring at the buttons. The smell of coffee had lately not been sitting well in her stomach.


She looked around and ran to her fiancé.

“Clark. God, are you a sight for sore eyes.”

“Where are Mom and Dad?” he asked, hugging her.

“They’re fine. Well, not fine fine, but they’ll be okay. Clark, we gotta talk.”

“I already know,” he said. She frowned at him, wondering exactly what he knew.

He peered at her, seeing the bruise around her neck. “Lois, what happened?”

“Uh, Mr and Mrs Universe kind of didn’t get my sense of humour.”

“Nam-Ek and Aethyr were here,” he said.

“You know them?” she asked incredulously.

“Well, no, not really. Listen, where did they go?”

“Lana showed up. Took them to the Luthor mansion. I mean, talk about nick of time.”

Clark hugged her again. “I’m glad you’re okay. Listen, we have a lot to talk about but I don’t have a lot of time. I’ll be back, I promise.”

She tried to grab his sleeve as he turned away.

“Clark ...”

He shook his head. “I have to go, Lois. I’m sorry.”

She frowned. He just better be back soon, she thought.


Clark hated the idea of leaving her, but at least in the hospital she was fairly safe. He ran to the mansion, conscious of the time. It was about an hour before sundown.

He arrived just in time to see Lana thrown across the room into a glass display stand and fall unconscious to the floor. He faced the Kryptonians.

“I heard you were looking for me. I’m Kal-El.”

“At last,” Nam-Ek said.

“Who are you?” Clark asked, even though he knew very well who they were.

“The last survivors of Krypton,” Aethyr told him.

“What do you want?”

“We want you to join us, Kal-El, and help us make this savage land our Utopia.”

“After what you did at the hospital, I don’t think so.”

Nam-Ek shrugged. “The few must be sacrificed for the sake of the many.”

“I’m not going to let you kill anyone else.”

“You would sacrifice yourself for these humans?” Aethyr scoffed. “And what of your offspring? I saw the mark on the female. She is yours, is she not? She carries your heir.”

“You stay away from my consort,” he growled possessively.

“You can’t stop us, Kal-El,” Nam-Ek said.

Clark prepared for a fight, but he wasn’t prepared for Aethyr throwing what appeared to be a bracelet on her wrist. Suddenly a portal opened up. The couple used short spurts of heat vision to push him off his feet, propelling him toward the portal. Clark desperately punched a hole in the floor and grabbed a rebar, hoping it was strong enough to hold him.

The two Kryptonians turned away, thinking they had already won. Clark reached out, with what remaining strength he had, grabbing Aethyr by the shoulder and pulling her into the portal. It gave him enough momentum to allow him to move out of the portal’s range and push Nam-Ek into the portal before it closed.

He watched as they appeared to be encased in some sort of disk, which spun in the air and flew, crashing through one of the glass panels, out into the sky.

Turning, he picked Lana up from the floor and carried her back to the hospital, handing her off to a nurse, then went to look for Lois.

She was sitting on a chair in the corridor, clearly waiting for him. He had the feeling she was pissed.


“Don’t worry, they’re gone,” he said. “I brought Lana here and she’s getting treatment.”

“We have to talk.”

“Yes, we do. I know about the baby,” he said.

Lois scowled. She had clearly been examining herself very closely as she showed him the mark on her shoulder. It was very faint, but clearly similar to the El family sigil.

“Thanks to you, I now have to sport what looks like a tattoo on my shoulder. Do you know what my dad’s going to do if he sees it? You are going to have some serious explaining to do.”

Clark bit his lip

“Uh, Lo ... I can’t go with you to Germany to help you look for Lucy. I can’t stay.”

“What do you mean you can’t stay?”

“I promised Jor-El I’d go for my training.”

Lois’ eyes were brimming with tears. “For how long?”

“I don’t know. He didn’t exactly say.”

“You can’t leave. Not now. What am I supposed to do about this?” she said, pointing to the mark. “I can’t have a baby. I’d be a terrible mother.”

Clark frowned at her. “Are you saying you don’t want this?”

“Jesus Clark, I’m nineteen fricking years old! I’m too young to be thinking about kids.”

He was torn. He wanted to be with her, to help her through this, but he had made his birth father a promise. He needed to know more about the threat facing Earth if he was ever going to protect his family, especially his consort and his unborn child.

“Look, I really wish we had more time to discuss this, but the sun will be setting in about twenty minutes and I really do have to go.”

Lois reached for him.

“What do you mean you have to go? No, Clark, you will stay here and we will talk about this.”

“Lo, I can’t. If I don’t go, Jor-El told me there’ll be consequences. Something bad will happen if I don’t do the training he wants me to do.”

“Don’t you dare, Smallville! Don’t you leave me!”

“I’m sorry consort,” he said, giving her a quick kiss. “Please tell my parents, I ... Just tell them I love them okay? I love you, Lois.”


Lois burst into tears as he sped away. She was still sobbing when Jonathan came out.

“Lois? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

She looked up at him, her vision blurred with her tears.

“Your idiot son, that’s what’s wrong!”

Jonathan frowned. “What do you mean? Where is he?”

“He’s gone. He’s gone to Jor-El for his training. I don’t even know for how long.”

Jonathan hugged her gingerly, still badly bruised from the way he’d been thrown by Aethyr.

“It’ll be all right, Lois.”

“No, it won’t. He’s gone,” she sobbed. “He left me.”

Jonathan kept an arm around her in a half hug. “We will get through this,” he said softly. “Clark loves you and you know he wouldn’t have left you if he felt he didn’t have any other choice.”

“What am I supposed to do?” she wailed, feeling as if her heart had broken into a billion pieces.

“We’ll take care of you,” Jonathan promised. “You and the baby.”

Lois bit her lip, then nodded, letting her father-in-law lead her into Martha’s hospital room. She would have to make the best of things, but at least she wouldn’t be doing it alone.



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Feb. 5th, 2013 06:17 pm (UTC)
absolutely AWESOME new chapter Queen of Stories!!!

Well done sweetie!
Feb. 5th, 2013 06:51 pm (UTC)
Seems I've added a new nickname to my slowly growing list *g* Thanks hon.
Feb. 6th, 2013 12:49 am (UTC)
Aw Poor Lois. Well at least clark went back this time! Can't wait to see what happens!
Feb. 6th, 2013 12:52 am (UTC)
Clark realises he has more at stake in this version which is why he goes back. There'll be a few differences as I want to correct a few things that happened in the series.
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