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The Women of Smallville 9/?

Women of Smallville</a>
Fandom: Smallville
Genre: Historical fic/book/movie adaptation, AU
Pairing: Clark/Lois, Lex/Lana, Oliver/Chloe, Lucy/Jimmy
Rating: PG13 (at most)
Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville, or the characters, or even the novel this is based on. If I did, I'd be as filthy rich as Lex.
Feedback: Silly question
Cover by: ctbn60

Summary: The girls of Smallville grow up as sisters, adopted by the Kents in 1860s Kansas. Their lives become entertwined with the Luthors and their friends.


Chapter Nine: Lana

Lois had been busy making the rounds as she always had with Martha and she had had no time to visit Alicia Baker and her mother. Alicia’s father had been fatally wounded in one of the first major skirmishes in the war and her mother had often been bed-ridden with chronic sickness. She had asked Chloe to go in her place when she heard that Alicia had become ill with scarlet fever and her mother had been unable to take care of her. Both she and Chloe had had it when they were children.

She entered the farmhouse with a bundle of items one of Martha’s friends had collected for the girls, dropping them immediately when she saw Lana on the floor looking so pale and ill.

“Lana?” she said, crouching down beside her.

Lana looked up at her, eyes glassy.

“I feel so strange,” she whispered.

“Lana, what ...”

“Alicia died,” the other girl said, her voice shaky. “Her aunt visited today. Told me.”

“Lana did you ...?”

“Yesterday, Chloe was out in the barn trying to look after one of the horses. Mrs Thompson came over. She couldn’t go; she’s never had scarlet fever and she didn’t want to expose the children.”

“But Lana, neither have you,” Lois said.

“I know, but I thought it would be all right. My stomach hurts,” she moaned. “I ache all over.”

Lois lay a hand on her forehead. Lana was feverish. Lois quickly gathered herself, helping the younger girl to stand.

“Up to bed.”

She guided Lana up the stairs and helped her undress and get into bed. But she was worried. Lana was burning up.

As soon as the other girl was settled, she ran back downstairs. Chloe had come in with Lucy. They both saw her panicked look.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Lana’s sick. I think it might be scarlet fever.”

Chloe looked horrified. “Oh no! I was supposed to go to the Baker’s, but one of the horses was sick and I couldn’t leave him.”

“Chloe, it’s all right. But we need to call a doctor.” She turned and gasped. Lucy had started up the stairs.


Her sister turned and looked at her, puzzled. “But, I ...”

“No, Lucy. If Lana does have scarlet fever, you could get sick too.” She turned back to Chloe. “I’ll pack some things for Lucy, then I want you to go with her to the Luthor mansion. I know Clark will take care of her.”

“Of course,” Chloe nodded.

Lois gathered some things together and took them downstairs. Lucy and Chloe were waiting for her. Lucy looked upset.

“What if, she ...”

Lois put a hand on her sister’s shoulders.

“Lana will be all right. She’s strong.”


Clark was reading in the drawing room when the manservant came in. He looked up.

“What is it?”

“You have visitors, master Clark. Miss Chloe and Miss Lucy.”

Clark frowned. Usually one or the other of them would come to the mansion if they were running errands. Not both.

“Let them in, please.”

He waited anxiously, wondering what was wrong. He became even more concerned when he saw the girls’ stricken faces.


“It’s Lana. She’s sick. She was helping at the Baker house when Alicia got sick with scarlet fever.”

Clark frowned again. He’d heard Alicia had died. This did not sound good.

“Did Lois send you?”

Chloe nodded. “I’ve had scarlet fever and so has Lois. Lucy hasn’t. Lois thought she could stay here.”

“She was right. I’ll make sure a room is ready for her.”

Lucy looked as if she was going to cry. Clark put a comforting arm around her shoulders.

“Lucy, Lana will be all right. I’ll fetch our personal physician.”

“I don’t want Lana to die,” she whispered.

He squeezed her gently, mindful of his strength.

“Come on,” he said kindly. “Let’s get you settled.” He looked at Chloe. “Tell Lois I’ll send for the doctor.”

“Thank you,” Chloe replied softly.

As soon as Lucy was settled in a guest room, Clark had one of the servants take food up to her. But Lucy wasn’t hungry. She was too worried about Lana.

He sat on the bed.

“Listen to me,” he said, “Lana will be all right. I promise.”

“But Alicia died,” Lucy sniffed.

“Alicia was not as strong as Lana,” he told her, which was the truth. Alicia had been delicate as a child, from what he’d heard from the servants.

“I’m afraid,” Lucy whispered.

Clark put his arms around her, rubbing her back, knowing there was little else he could do.

“I’m going to the farm,” he told her quietly. “The doctor will be there by now. I want you to stay here. You can take some of the books from the library. All right?”

Lucy nodded. “All right, Clark.”

As soon as he was clear of the grounds, Clark sped to the farm. Without Lex around to advise against it, Clark felt free to use his extraordinary abilities, and he took advantage of every opportunity. He still didn’t know where those abilities had come from, but he was not about to question them.

Clark arrived at the farm to find Chloe downstairs. She looked at him.

“Lois is upstairs with the doctor.”

Clark nodded. “I’ll go up, shall I?” he asked. He went up the stairs to the room Lana and Lucy shared. Lois sounded distraught as she talked to the doctor.

“What else can we do?” she was saying.

“All you can do is try to get her fever down. If you have vinegar, use it to wash her down. That may help draw it from her head.”

Clark looked in the room. Lana was lying in the bed, her skin glistening with the fever. The doctor saw him.

“Mr Luthor,” he said.

Lois gasped and whirled, running to his arms. “Oh, Clark!” she wailed.

It seemed so unfair that the family should face more troubles so soon after thinking that their troubles were over. And all Clark could do was hold her tight and whisper words of comfort in her ear. He could not bear to see the girl he loved so hurt and so lost.

“Best to send for Mrs Kent,” the doctor said.

“Forgive me,” Clark said, “but I have already done so. I had one of the servants send a telegram.”

It was two days before Martha was able to return. Clark met her at the station with the carriage and accompanied her back to the farm.

“How are my girls?” she asked.

“Worried. Lana is still very ill.”

“My poor babies,” Martha sighed.

Clark had more news for her. Alicia’s illness had caused a relapse in her mother’s own ill health and Mrs Baker had passed away the day before.

“How is Mr Kent?” he asked quietly.

“He is doing quite well. The doctors think he will soon be recovered well enough to return home, although he will be unable to do much for many months. Lex stayed to help take care of him. He wanted me to tell you he is very proud of the way you have taken care of the girls.”

“It is no chore, believe me,” he said.

Not when one of the sisters was the girl he planned to marry one day. Martha looked at him steadily and for a moment he wondered if she was reading his mind.

“I know you have great affection for Lois. But I must ask you to wait until she is ready.”

“I will, I promise,” he told her.

As soon as Martha arrived at the farm and had kissed Lois and Chloe, she went to see to Lana. Clark returned to the mansion, knowing that with Martha home things had to get better.



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Mar. 27th, 2012 04:53 pm (UTC)
Lovely new chapter sweetums!
Mar. 27th, 2012 05:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you hon.
Mar. 27th, 2012 07:50 pm (UTC)
Moer excitement and death comes to smallville. Fantastic chapter honey
Mar. 28th, 2012 05:13 am (UTC)
Yup, never a dull moment :)
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