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Obsession 11/31

Obsession Genre: Sequel, drama
Characters: Lois, Clark, Chloe, Bart, Lex, Oliver, Justice League, Batman
Fandoms: Smallville, Batman Begins, Dark Knight
Spoilers: Season Seven - From Episodes Traveller and On
Disclaimer: The characters belong to the producers of Smallville and the writers of DC Comics etc, etc, etc
Feedback: Please, or evil Lex will be knocking on my door

Summary: A sequel to On Impulse where Lex has somehow managed to dodge the criminal conviction and now has his sights set on not only Chloe, who has some amazing new abilities, but also Clark.

The prequel is hiding behind here trembling at Lex's evil power.

Chapter Nine is here, biting its nails waiting to find out what's happened to Chloe.

Chapter Ten

Chloe awoke to a world of white. She’d been dumped on the floor of a small room. The walls were painted a stark white, with the effect of making it feel more claustrophobic. Chloe shivered as she started to sit up, looking around her.

Blinding pain in her chest made her remember the shock treatment she’d received. The room seemed to sway dizzily before her as she started to struggle to her feet. She stumbled across the room, searching out one of the walls for balance.

“Ahh,” she cried out. It felt almost as if she had been shocked again. She looked down at her hand. The veins were pulsing, turning green. “Kryptonite,” she said softly.

So, not only had she taken on some of Clark’s abilities, she’d taken on his weakness as well. It wasn’t making her sick to be close to it, but touching it obviously set off some kind of allergic reaction.

Dejected, Chloe went to sit in the middle of the room again. She decided there was only one way to deal with this right now. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, breathing deeply.

She’d just managed to centre herself when the door opened and Regan came in. He smirked at her.

“How do you like your new accommodations?” he said.

Chloe kept her eyes closed. “Would you mind? I’m trying to get a tan here.”

Regan frowned. He clearly thought she’d lost the plot.

Chloe opened one eye and scowled at him. “I’m imagining myself on a sunny beach in Hawaii. Then I wouldn’t have to look at your ugly face.”

“Manners, Miss Sullivan. It’s talk like that that will keep you locked up longer.” Chloe laughed up at him, still refusing to stand.

“Whereas you have the manners of a pig,” she returned.

“I’ve been authorised to offer you a deal. You come to work for Lex and we’ll leave your little band of terrorists alone. Refuse and it’s open warfare.”

“What about Clark?”

Regan smirked. “The alien stays put,” he said with a nasty smile. “You really think we’d allow a thing like him out?”

“So it’s a Faustian deal, is it? Sell my soul to the devil, and lose everything. Why this now when last time Lex wanted me dead.”

“Things change.”

Chloe stared up at him. “Right. Things change. Or maybe you told Lex about my new abilities and he figures if he can’t get them for himself, he’ll use someone who does have them. That about cover it?”

“I’ll let you think on it,” Regan told her, turning and walking toward the door.

“I don’t need to think about it. You tell that bald sociopath that he can go to hell.”

Regan ignored her, closing the door behind him. He didn’t see the guard standing in the corridor, watching. He just kept on walking.

As soon as he was gone, the guard’s face began to change. Morphing into the chiselled visage of Brainiac. He glanced toward the end of the corridor, then back again to the small alcove where he had been watching. As he walked toward the room where Chloe Sullivan was being held, the feet of the dead guard he had taken the form of could be seen.


Bart sat at the table.

“How could this happen? How could you let him take her?”

“It wasn’t a question of letting,” Bruce said. “We were ambushed.”

Lois looked at him. “Doesn’t happen to you very often, does it?”

He turned to look at her. “What?”

“That someone gets the better of you.”

“If I recall, Ms Lane, it was your idea to bring Regan here.”

Lois glared at him.

“Oh, so we’re playing the blame game, are we?”

“Cool it, Batbrains,” Oliver said before Bruce could get in a retort. “You went along with it. You even thought it was a good idea.”

“And now look where we are!” Bruce turned on Oliver.

Suddenly it was like a free-for-all between the team-mates. They continued to argue back and forth, blaming each other for everything that had happened. It quickly escalated to a shouting match, with Oliver and Bruce sniping at each other and Bart getting his two cents worth in, while Dinah and Lois glared daggers at each other.

Victor looked from one to the other, unsure which way the fight was going to go. He didn’t notice the tall man standing in the doorway.

“Enough!” the man said sharply. “Is this how you humans settle things?”

Lois turned, startled. “Well, it’s about time you showed up, Mr Manhunter. Where the hell have you been when we needed you?”

“I have been occupied pursuing more leads on phantoms, Miss Lane, as you will be well aware. But I gather there have been some problems here.”

“You’re damn right there have,” Oliver told him, getting up to glare at the man, who could pass for an African-American in his forties. “Kara and AC are missing. Clark’s been kidnapped by Lex’s people. They’re probably dissecting him as we speak. And now Chloe’s missing too.”

“There is another problem,” J’onzz told the assembled group. “Jor-El has sent me warning that Brainiac is active once more.”

“We know,” Lois told him. “He put Lana in a coma somehow.”

“Where is Miss Lang now?”

“She’s in the hospital,” Bruce told him. “And who the hell are you?”

“My identity is not the priority here,” he told Bruce, who just glared, not liking to be left out of the loop. “I will return shortly.”

“But ...” Lois began, but J’onzz had already taken off, leaving her staring at the empty doorway.

“What was that all about?” Oliver asked her.

“I’ve no idea,” she said. “But he seems more interested in chasing Brainiac than in saving Clark.”

Bruce frowned. “I don’t know. Since we know that this Brainiac has already been talking to Lex, we can assume that he is either out to use Clark or hurt him.”

“You have a knack for stating the obvious,” Lois said. “But Clark told me that Brainiac is interested in making Earth a utopia for Kryptonians. Yet they’re all supposed to have died out when the planet exploded. Unless Brainiac knows something we don’t.”

“That would be a given,” Victor spoke up. “Since he’s supposed to be some kind of artificial intelligence.”

“But he did us a favour at least,” Dinah suggested. “I mean, we’d probably still be arguing if he hadn’t shown up.”

“And that’s exactly what Lex wants, isn’t it?” Lois mused. “It’s a standard rule of war. Get the enemy to fight amongst themselves.”

“Divide and conquer?” Bruce suggested.

“Classic military strategy,” Lois answered.

“You know, you’re right,” Oliver told her.

“I’m always right,” she smiled, but her face fell when she thought what Clark would say to that. Except when you’re wrong, only you would never admit it.

God, she missed him. All she wanted was to feel his arms around her. Sighing, she got up, deciding that she needed to do something to keep herself occupied. To stop herself from thinking about what Clark was going through right now. Dinah got up to help her and they began working together to put together a meal for the rest of them.


Clark kept his mind on one thing. His girl. The love of his life. His humanity. He knew if he could just focus on that, then he could cope with whatever Lex’s people threw at him. It wasn’t easy. His worst fears, once he’d known what he was, what he really was, were that he would be dissected. Well, it had finally happened. Strapped down, helpless, Clark had been forced to endure the researcher taking samples of every one of his organs. They hadn’t gone so far as to harvest them to see if they would grow back, but he wondered if it was only a matter of time.

He’d been poked, prodded, then practically put on display. Naked. Part of him wanted to hate Lex. But he knew if he let himself do that, then he would be no better than Lex.

His former friend had killed to get what he wanted. If Clark let himself hate, let it consume him, then he would become Lex. And that was the last thing he was going to do.


Lex, meanwhile, had made it to Zurich. He had no idea what to expect once he opened the safety deposit box, but now he had the contents in his hands, he wasn’t sure what it was all about. As he sat in the plane on the way back to the States, he stared at the cryptograph. He might be a genius, but he knew very little about codes.

When he landed, he had his driver take him straight to the underground complex where he was keeping Clark. As he entered the main part of the complex, Regan approached him.

“Did you get what you needed sir?” Regan asked quietly.

Lex shook his head. “Find me an expert on antiquities,” he said.

“Yes sir.” Regan turned as if to go, then looked back at Lex. “Uh, sir, we have Chloe Sullivan.”

“Good,” Lex smirked. “This should be interesting.”

As Regan left to find the expert, Lex went to the cell where Chloe was being kept. But as he opened the door and looked in he saw Chloe lying on the floor in what appeared to be a catatonic state, her eyes a milky white.

“What the fuck?” he asked.

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